20 December, 1981

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: In this season, many do feel a new kindling of the warmth that begins to glow within as they stop the rushing, their selfishness, and begin to look about them and see needs of others, the needs of themselves as they take stock of what and how they acted, reacted during your year. Too often your peoples think that the giving to others of material things in this your Christmas season is an adequate way of expressing what many mistake for love. Many feel that giving in this way will bring them closer to what you call God, but we say that although for some the giving material things is a loving gesture, we say to you that the opening of oneself to the needs of others, be they spiritual, material, mental, as you would term it, is much more important.

13 December, 1981

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Your streets are crowded. We feel within your group the tensions and the expectations of this season which you call Christmas. We sink into gray evenings, the crowded parking lots, crowded schedules, many concerns. We find, my friends, that you are not alone, but that your people as a whole seem to have a great overdose, shall we say, of civilization. To the simple joys of a season in which the trees are bare and the roots rest deep, so much has been added that it almost seems that it is a gaudier season than the bright colors of June.

11 December, 1981

Friday meditation

Hatonn: As we mentioned previously, we are most honored to join our vibrations, and lend out inspiration to those who seek in this manner. We again remind each new instrument that this does not mean that the seeking shall be clarified beyond a shadow of a doubt. There will always be the necessity for continued seeking and clarification [of] that which is felt from within for each entity on your planet does channel information from the sources from which are [quite] beyond the small self, yet each entity needs to keep foremost in the mind the need for renewed seeking, for never resting upon any information whether it be felt of great inspirational nature or simply that found upon, shall we say, your bubblegum wrapper.

8 December, 1981

Intensive meditation

Laitos: How high the snow is in the winter. How blue the cerulean sky. One lone eagle stalks far above, watching. His cohort, the eagle’s mate, watches. The air is crisp, the day is long. The eagle is patient. There is a rush, a sudden emptiness where once the eagle soared. The eagle has found its food. The beauty of the sky, the whiteness of the mountain and crispness of the air do not disturb the hunter, for its seeking is quite specific. In this fair creation of the infinite Creator which you call Earth are not only difficulties but many pleasant distractions, many lovely things. Find then within your being room for the eagle that seeks, keen-eyed and patient for the bread of heaven. Those things which will aid you will not come to you in a moment until that moment comes. Keep awake.

6 December, 1981

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Your walk upon this plane of existence is merely one lesson in a vast universe of endless classes and experiences. You on Earth are fortunate in that you are now culminating what you might call one of your major courses in spiritual growth. You are here to learn the meaning of love, without prejudice or prejudgment. You are here to learn to accept one another. You are here to learn to become an inhabitant of the Creator’s entire creation.

3 December, 1981

Intensive meditation

Laitos: You seek the invisible and do not find the visible satisfactory or sufficient. You seek the idea and do not find practicality a reasonable excuse for action. You seek service and do not accept the philosophy that to be self-sufficient is service enough. You are, in fact, those in the minority among your peoples, those who consciously and deeply seek something beyond the petty, mundane round of existence that can be seen and heard and felt and experienced.

29 November, 1981

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight, we of Hatonn wish to share with you a small story concerning a child who was able to fly. Perhaps this may seem a rather preposterous beginning, yet we will continue with our story, for there is a purpose in our sharing it with you.

22 November, 1981

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We see that you are within your illusion about to enter into a time of your year which is reserved for the worship of the one known as Jesus, this time that you have chosen to celebrate the birth of the one who walked the Earth and became an example that many of your peoples have chosen to use in their seeking for the knowledge of what you term as God, which we would more aptly call love and light.

15 November, 1981

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Healing, basically, is a function of the one to be healed desiring to be healed. Those who wish to aid in this process may do so in a number of manners.

12 November, 1981

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: When you seek service as an instrument—a vocal channel for the one Creator—you’re attempting to condense or crystallize the experience, knowledge, beingness of the one Creator into what your peoples understand as words which form concepts upon the written page, more easily understood at one level when read ...