21 September, 1981

Monday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We would speak a few words this evening upon the subject of harmony, for the vibration and condition of harmony is one which is not frequently found upon your planet, as is evidenced by the condition of your world situation at the present.

20 September, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: This evening, my friends, we would speak to you upon the subject of the love which you may manifest towards yourself and your fellow beings. This is a difficult subject. It is easy to speak of meditation and of the love that created you but as those upon a path of seeking begin to enter the domain of the meditative life, each seeker finds the daily practice, which this meditation engenders, to be the greatest challenge.

13 September, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: This evening we would like to share with you a small story. It is the story of a person who was seeking. This person was seeking, not for food, nor for labor, nor for rest, nor for companionship, for this young man was weary of the ways of the world and sought only one thing—the knowledge of the Creator. He spoke to many, for many are the teachers among your peoples and many are the opinions that they hold. From one great teacher he would hear that the Creator is that which is within a great vastness apart from this little life, which is called heaven. From another great teacher he heard that the Creator lurked in the running water and was in fact a state of nothingness. He continued seeking. Another great teacher—and a very convincing one—sought to teach the Creator is honor, righteousness and a graceful way of life. This seemed to make more sense to the young man and yet, the young man was not satisfied.

6 September, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We would like tonight to share with you a small story. There was once a very steep mountain. So precipitous were its heights that clouds formed across the face of the cliffs so that the valley never saw the sky and those who lived upon the heights never saw the valley. Those who lived in the valley were very jealous of the land and of the possessions, one of the other. Their methods of sharing experiences with each other was harsh in the extreme and disharmony reigned under the clouds.

30 August, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: Tonight we would like to present to you a small story concerning a young child in a wilderness. The child, as the story goes, found himself abandoned in a wilderness in which the very milieu within which he found himself was antagonistic toward his own growth and survival, but being a child he was not aware of the circumstances surrounding him, for a child is much more aware of those circumstances which he wishes to see and to encounter and this being the actuality of his perceptions, he was unaffected by his surroundings and quite happily and successfully grew and learned in his hostile environment.

23 August, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We of Hatonn long have sought the love of the infinite Creator. We are no different than any of your people except, perhaps, we have journeyed that path of seeking love a little longer than have most of the entities upon you planet. Because we have so journeyed, our seeking also has been rewarded. We of Hatonn have been blessed by the Creator that is within us all with a small understanding of the love of the one infinite Creator. Because it is this love that we are learning, it is also our honor and our duty to teach this love to those who seek this learning. Only because we are students of the vibration of love may we also serve as teachers to others who seek this knowledge.

16 August, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: Long have we sought to share our simple message with those people of your planet who call for our service. Many are there upon the surface of your planet who seek the experience of love. It is the lesson of your density which has escaped, shall we say, the notice of many of the students upon your planet, though everywhere is this lesson of love taught. You cannot walk your streets; you cannot recline in any seat; you cannot climb any mountain; you cannot experience any event upon your planet that does not contain within it one facet of the lesson of love, yet, so many upon your planet do not seem to be aware that it is this lesson they have chosen to learn at this time in your density.

9 August, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We would speak to you this evening of ships. You may see yourself, my friends, as one upon a ship. There are many different configurations in the sky and there is no land in sight. The ship is equipped with rudder and sail and the wind is keen and swift, yet there is much that needs to be done before you can set sail and move before the wind.

6 August, 1981

Intensive meditation

[overview] Laitos: I am Laitos. The question that you ask is somewhat complex. The relationship known among your peoples as marriage is a vehicle for service. The polarity between two entities draws them together and forms within each a bias to be of service. This is the basis of the relationship. This relationship is heavily laden with heavy difficulties inherent in the non-flexible structure which is lacking in the bias toward service.

2 August, 1981

Sunday meditation

[overview] Orcas: I am Orcas. I am told that in your race is a saying that, “God helps those who help themselves.” While it is indeed not necessary to become overwhelmed with attention to the physical future, it is also of a potential benefit to receive advice concerning the interaction between your physical vehicle and the realm within which it exists. The advice or information that I may provide at your request is not necessary, just as the information provided by other members of the Federation is not necessary. Does this answer your question?