December 29, 1997

Monday meditation

We would like to have a look at the information, if possible, today about the earth changes that may be occurring in the next few years, what form they might take, and what impact they might have upon our lives as spiritual seekers.

November 19, 1997

Wednesday meditation

The question this evening has to do with individual or group efforts to make energy or technological advances available for humanity. The Confederation of Planets had this problem in pre-World War Two when they were giving information to the Manhattan Project scientists who then developed the bomb. Is humanity ready for further technological such as free energy, or if we wish to be of service to... [inaudible].

November 16, 1997

Sunday meditation

Our question has to do with the harvest and the positive and negative entities who are here with a chance to graduate, so we are seeing a lot of both positive and negative activities and a lot of confusion. Would Q’uo comment on this situation and how we may respond as spiritual seekers, living as though we might die at any moment, living as spiritual warriors, so that each day could be our last day?

August 3, 1997

Special meditation

May 25, 1997

Sunday meditation

No group question. Potluck today.

May 18, 1997

Sunday meditation

Could you tell us about The Choice, how much we make consciously and how much subconsciously, what we discover as we go through our lives as we consider being of service to others. What about giving over one’s identity in serving another in what are called co-dependent relationships? How does that differ from true service? What really are we doing when we make any choice?

April 26, 1997

Special meditation

The question this evening has to do with a phrase from the Ra contact which said that the price of each action of a positively oriented nature was in direct proportion to the purity of the action; and we would like some information upon this price that we seem to pay with each desire we have to be of service. And the situation that it puts us within presents us with challenges, difficulties, confusions and so forth, and these seem to be part of this price. We would like to have any information that you could give us as to the price that we pay, how we pay the price and what it is that we’ve bought with this price.

April 20, 1997

Sunday meditation

Today we would like some information on the personality shell, the identity we form in this illusion. What is its purpose, and how does it work in our evolution?

April 13, 1997

Sunday meditation

We would like to know what you can tell us about spiritual community, how one can be formed and how we can partake in a spiritual community.

April 6, 1997

Sunday meditation

We are taking pot luck today.

March 30, 1997

Sunday meditation

Today we are taking pot luck.

March 23, 1997

Sunday meditation

Concerning seeking and searching. We often have things happening inside of us that are quite intense and we don’t know how to work with them. How can we work with these situations? Grab hold of them and try to understand them or let them go and develop on their own?

March 16, 1997

Sunday meditation

We are asking about service today. First, we seem to need a sense of self in order to know what it is we have as resource to serve with, and secondly, we would ask if it is even appropriate to concentrate on serving others in our daily round of activities, or is it more a part of our beingness to serve in a less directed effort? What is the true nature of teaching when it comes to serving others?

February 23, 1997

Sunday meditation

We would like to know what the function and effect of ritual is upon the seeker of truth.

February 9, 1997

Sunday meditation

Today we are taking pot luck for our general question.