We are taking pot luck today.

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of the principle of Q’uo, and we thank you for calling us to your circle. As always, we consider this a signal blessing, an opportunity to share with companions on the way whom we have come to care deeply for. It is a blessing to be here and we in turn offer blessing to each. As we share our humble opinions we ask, as always, that each seeker use her own powers of discrimination, selecting carefully those tools and resources which shall give good service and leave the rest behind.

We find within this circle this day no set query. That being the case, we shall simply share through this instrument those thoughts and musings which we bring to this time and place, this moment of shared joy.

We find that each of you has come to this day, this hour, and this meeting, hungering and thirsting for the truth, for that ineffable verity which each of you senses and feels must exist providing the solid foundation on which the cycles and wheels of the universe turn upon. And we can add to your thoughts our own hopes that this mystery that so defies the unraveling yet does have in it a ground of being that is unified and that moves from the finite to the infinite and from the time bound to the eternal. Truly, we do find an ever unfolding, ever more detailed concept of the intricate harmonies of consciousness. The illusion which you now enjoy within incarnation at once seduces and teases, and we are aware that each has pondered where truth lies, where this ground of being is.

We encourage each in this questioning. We encourage each to work upon the relationship with deity as you would any other relationship, for to engage the Creator in deep conversation is a practice most beneficial and productive of clarity. The Creator does not flinch at those who express anger. Indeed, the Creator welcomes the strong emotions, both positive and negative, that each self develops while wrestling with the angels of life and death, good and evil, the road taken and the road not taken. The more visceral and muscular that wrestling with deity, the more deeply the subconscious mind becomes alerted to the needs of the personality shell which float above the threshold of consciousness, for each is, in addition to that self that the world sees, a substantial and complex personality that bears the fruit of many, many incarnations.

In this instrument’s mind we find a continuing concern for those of her spiritual family not present, and we find to some extent that same concern from each within your circle of seeking. We would address this concern by asking each to take a journey with us in the mind. Imagine the self dwelling within your ocean. The characteristics of the water create the necessity for constant motion. When one embarks upon the life of one seriously seeking the Creator, it is as though one were to climb aboard a vessel of uncertain strength and efficiency. There is no way to alight once more upon that shore which was left the day the spirit awakened to its identity, nor is there a compass to tell the sailor what direction he may be headed. Nor are there maps of this trackless deep. Each seeker is a voyager upon eternal waters. Within the life pattern there is that feeling of setting out with all of the excitement and optimism of one who has enjoyed the champagne of the bon voyage party.

Gradually, the ship sails until there is no land to be seen. The seeker finds herself completely lost. This is the precise position from which the life of faith is lived. Faith is not that which is connected to reason. The apostle known as Thomas was one who did not believe the disciples who had seen the one known as Jesus returning in resurrection glory. Thusly, Thomas the Doubter has become a character with which many may find a common identity: that desire for proof, that craving to put the finger in the wounds of wrist and foot and the great wound upon the side of the Creator’s Son, so-called, into which he would wish to place a hand simply to be sure that he was not wrong in placing his faith. And the one known as Jesus blessed and welcomed Thomas the Doubter, and yet he also said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”

There is a persistent lack of seeing, a continual lack of proof, in the worldview of the seeker, for those who move by reason, deduction and proof there are many things to control, to plan and to order. For the one who has set off upon that sea that is the path of the spiritual seeker these conveniences are forbidden. To offer proof would be to take away from the seeker the opportunity to live by faith alone.

We would suggest to each that there is a constant and marvelous opportunity within incarnation to express to the self the complete lack of knowledge and the complete lack of need for knowledge. If one has no compass, no way to navigate, and no port or any dry land of any kind to look forward to, then ultimately one becomes a citizen of the infinite and the eternal, even while in incarnation. Indeed, for some the experience of first realizing that not only is there no compass, there is no need for a compass—the reaction can be giddy and much laughter can fill the air when the seeker first sees the self in its true state; that is, in the middle of everything, directly upon all that there is. Time and space telescope and disappear for the one who has at last grasped the situation.

So much of the machinery of self stemming from the biological intellect is concerned with control—controlling the environment for survival, food, reproduction, shelter, breath and the necessities of life. There comes a continuing urge to take control, to understand to the end, to look at all the variables and to make arrangements and patterns so that the philosophy of living might be reduced to a finite code. And certainly these terrestrial patterns of organization are what create the possibility of living in an orderly and comfortable social setting. But, you see, the Earthly intellect is only a small portion of the self which thinks and expresses through your being. For every iota that dwells within incarnation expressive of self there are hundreds and thousands of iotas of self which did not and do not fit within the container of self and the limits of intellect, and yet all of these portions of self lie within the deep mind. It is simply that they are not available in words. This instrument has often mused upon the seemingly higher truth of emotion compared to the truth of intellect and logic. Each has experienced those hauntingly beautiful songs and melodies, symphonies, motets and all of the creations of sound, and each of you is as one in a great orchestral chorus. The self on dry land finds great difficulty in harmonizing the self minute by minute and day by day, whereas that portion of self which is created, that consciousness that knows no boundaries, has as its nature the ability to swim in and enjoy the infinite waters of consciousness.

We are not suggesting that each entity forbid the self to think, or to reason, or to order the chores and duties of the day. Rather, we encourage each to allow the self to become more and more open to the experience of living in two worlds at once. That life upon dry land is the life that retrieves the salary in order to feed the self, that keeps the self covered and fed and housed. Yet this self does [not] deny but rather is completed by that unmanifest and always mysterious self that is too large for words or concepts, for each of you is an immense and many-storied citizen of eternity.

As each entity opens to that dual existence and finds it easier and easier to slip between the two back and forth, each will find the experience of living more rhythmic and more able to flow. There are many, many ways to see the spiritual path. Almost always it is envisioned as a circular journey and we might even suggest that it is the journey of no movement whatsoever, for if all things are one where is there to go, for one is always within the creation, and the creation is kept like a precious gem within the heart of each which seeks the ways of love. So we encourage each to be able to flow through the water, to dive deep, to enjoy the ocean and to find ways new every day, for this is very true: that each moment is unique and each is born new through each sleeping and awakening again.

Rest, for though the boat is frail, yet it shall endure. Rest, and watch the stars.

We would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument as we leave it in love and in light. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet each once again in love and in light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which those present may have for us. Is there another query at this time?

I would like to ask for a few words of inspiration for P. You were probably listening to us talk before the meeting and know that she is depressed and under stress. She would appreciate whatever you could tell her.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your request, my sister. When we observe those of your peoples in difficulty, feeling lost and depressed and without immediate hope for the rescue, we observe those within the depths of darkness living within this illusion and without the guiding star, shall we say. Each entity who enters this illusion does so in the hope that there will be, as a fruit of this effort, a movement along the line of serving others and of realizing the Creator in all that there is. As this is an infinite journey, it is not surprising that there are for many, indeed, at some point for each, a portion of the journey which moves into those kind of difficulties that can sap the spiritual strength of even the strongest seeker of truth. In such times it is well that friends such as are gathered here today remember the entity in need and hold this entity each in his and her heart as each here has done for the one known as P.

The sending of love, whether by phone or by heart, is felt and does its work, for there is nothing in your illusion but love. The one known as P could at this time testify that this love has many disguises and there are a multitude of the forms of love that offer the challenge to the spiritual seeker. When one is challenged as is the one known as P and can find no easy or obvious remedy or way out of the difficulty, then it is that the inner strength is tested. Then it is that the earth within one’s being is being plowed, shall we say, being made ready for a seeding that will, in its time, produce the flowers, the weeds, and the grasses that are being produced now by your springtime weather and the turning of this planet on its axis.

So, too, must each seeker who finds itself in travail begin to turn the inner self so that this inner self is able to see some light once again, is able to see hope on its path that the journey might proceed with more ease and with more harmony. The inner strength and the seeking for the light within are the rod and the staff which comfort the seeker as the seeker walks in that valley wherein lies many shadows and much darkness—danger it would seem, and confusion it is certain.

The one known as P is a seeker who has a strong inner compass and a great desire to know the Creator’s will for it that it might do what it can to serve the Creator. When all seems to be crumbling in and the ground even gives way under the feet we encourage each seeker in this situation to remain, to continue seeking, not just for the momentary remedy, but for the part or piece of the puzzle that represents the overall plan for this entity. In each struggle and difficulty there is a pointer, a reminder, a milestone that will illumine a portion of the darkness for the eye that is ever aware, and watching and waiting. There is much to be said of the difficult times within your illusion, for these are those times in which great strides are made inwardly, metaphysically, though there is little that will show to the outer eye. The seed there planted, nourished by hope, given strength by faith, will crack the hard shell that protects the treasures inside and the seedling will send out roots, will send out leaves. There will be a growth that comes from this difficulty that will be able to provide for the seeker the sense of purpose and certainty that each feels the need for. There will be a progress where the feet will continue moving upon the path though the mind seems confused. At such times it is well to continue those routines that give one strength: the readings of inspirational material, the singing, the dancing, the poetry, all those means by which an entity can reinvent itself, nourish itself, inspire itself, and keep the faith that all is one and all is well.

We encourage the one known as P to remain strong in heart, and dedicated to service, dedicated to learning, and to remember that even in the difficult times such as it now experiences there is much to learn, and much service to be offered. It is also well that each seeker in this position remember that it does indeed have friends which are both seen and unseen who walk with it on its journey. No seeker travels alone. All tears, all bruises, all difficulties are seen and shared and treasured, in fact, by those who walk with unseen feet. The time upon this planet may seem interminably long when difficulties are encountered. We can assure each that your time is but the blinking of an eye. Be sure to notice that situation in which you find yourself and to remember that you placed yourself there for a reason. Persevere. The reason is there. It remains. The joy can be found. The purpose is at the center of one’s heart and, all around, friends cheer you on. You are not alone. You shall walk again in sunshine.

Is there another query at this time?

I have a tendency to take your words and the words of other authorities and run with them. Everything is so subtle and related and I get blind-sided often by something from another front. Would you have any suggestions for me in my confusion?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are aware that you utilize the tools of persistence and faith to a great degree. It cannot be overemphasized to any seeker how persistent and yet how, shall we say, relaxed in that persistence it is necessary to be over the long run of the life experience, for as you have mentioned in your query, to run wholeheartedly with each idea can be wearing upon the vehicle—physical, mental and emotional—of the spiritual seeker. Thus, there is a kind of balance, as in all things, between the kind of persistence that needs to be exercised upon a continual basis and the attitude of mind that exercises this persistence without, shall we say, a wholeheartedly dedication to the outcome, an effort which is much like the one known as Jesus mentioned in the casting of the bread upon the water. That the effort is made to the best of one’s ability, and then one gives oneself permission to rest, to relax, to allow the fruits of this effort to manifest that they, in their own time, may be noticed.

We know that the illusion in which each entity moves upon this planet is difficult and confusing, full of what seem to be mistakes or misturns. And yet we would suggest to each that there are, indeed, no mistakes, even being over-dedicated to an outcome, being hard on oneself, failing to forgive oneself, all of these actions and efforts designed by oneself to move one forward do, in their own way, that very thing. However, each entity, being fully apprised of free will at each moment, is free to choose how to place the feet upon the path.

When we are asked for advice as we are this day, we give advice in a way which allows each seeker the freedom to accept or refuse that which we give, for we are well aware that the only true authority for any seeker resides within that seeker. What may be appropriate at one moment may not be so at another. This is the fluid nature of the experience that you have as conscious beings in a heavy chemical illusion. When we give advice, when you seek advice from a book, from a friend, from whatever source, we are aware that that élan vital, that energy of life within you, will take that advice and move with it in whatever manner is appropriate. If you in the moving decide that there is something that is yet to be realized in your choice of moving then we applaud you in your second choice, in your third, and your fourth, and so forth.

We do recommend that you move with those feelings that grow from within and that you move with them until you feel another feeling; that you continue in this fashion for as long as you feel the motivation to do so. Continue to gather information. Continue to seek from every source that which it has to offer. In this way you constantly reevaluate, reposition and take yet another step in the dance. When it is said that there are no mistakes it is truly said, for the dance you do is just for you, and you do it well, no matter what you think.

We hope that we have not confused you. Is there another query?

No, thank you.

Is there another query at this time?


I am Q’uo, and as it appears that we have exhausted the queries from those present we would take this opportunity to thank each again for inviting us to join your circle this day. We are aware that the season of spring indeed fills every portion of air. We hear through this instrument the wind that moves pollen through the air, the sound of the cutting of your new spring grass, the movement of entities to and fro in your world, and we are also aware that the seasons of your world greatly affect each entity upon your planet, and we hope that with this new season of growth that each will find within its heart a new spring bursting forth with love and joy in full bloom, for in your springtime there is much of joy that can be rekindled in every heart that feels any opening at all—just a crack will do.

There is inside of each of you a seed that will send forth its roots, and stem, and leaves, and flowers. Nourish that seed, my friends. It is the seed of love, the seed of hope and faith, the seed of unity, the seed of whatever quality you feel is highest and best in your experience at this time. We feel through each here a feeling of renewal, a feeling of rededication, of purpose and place, a centering within all that is. We encourage each to be the gardener: to pull the weeds, to water the seeds, to give praise and thanksgiving to the One who provides all that is necessary for this growth and movement through this illusion.

Remember, each, that you do have friends. They are here with you. They are always with you. They are legion. At this time we shall take our leave of this group. We leave each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.