Beginning in 1955 when Don Elkins launched his research efforts and extending to the present day, L/L Research has experienced triumph and tragedy, joy and sorrow, and many milestones between in an unwavering commitment to spiritual seeking and service. If you’re interested in learning more about our origins, history, and journey—from biographical information to interesting artifacts to the brown-colored notebook that introduced Don to Confederation channeling—we maintain an archive here.

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Much of L/L Research’s service is a fruit of labor-of-love gifts. From our old and new archive websites, to our community website, to transcription, translation, and the channeling service itself, the volunteer efforts of bright and beaming hearts have been integral to our mission from its inception.

We have a steady stream of projects whose needs exceed the capacity of our in-house staff. If your heart finds resonance with this mission, and if you would like to lend us your time and talent, or if you have a proposal of your own in mind, please contact by clicking on the link to the right. Thank you for your consideration!

L/L Research is registered as a tax-exempt non-profit organization with the IRS, classified as a public charity. Our primary sources of income include public donations, book and retail sales, and a restricted endowment. All donations and contributions to us are deductable. We are eternally grateful for all support we receive, from financial contributions to expressions of appreciation.