23 December, 2001

Sunday meditation

The question today comes from B and S. B was wondering if a social memory complex possesses a kind of consciousness that can engage in the exchange of energy with its members, either consciously or unconsciously, or if it is simply the sum of its members? We were assuming (in our conversation previous to this meditation) that a social memory complex could indeed engage in conversation of a very intimate and continuous nature with all of its members. If that is true, could you expand upon that, and could you let us know? And as S asks: As we are beginning to form a social memory complex, is there anything that we can do to prime the pump towards positivity in service-to-others acts, attitudes of mind, meditations, rituals, anything at all?

9 December, 2001

Sunday meditation

Our question today is from B: It is my understanding that the formation of a social memory complex is crucial to fourth-density existence, and that the human race, due to factors already cited in The Ra Material, has been unable to even begin to form a social memory complex. My question is: What would be the areas of study, and the mental and spiritual disciplines required, of a dedicated group of people who wish to form a social memory complex in preparation for harvest? I assume detailed communication between complex members is a necessity, with direct person-to-person communication being the most efficient, allowing communication to take place at multiple levels, but is physical proximity necessary to initiate the formation of a new social memory complex? Can a social memory complex be formed through a tool such as our Internet or electronic mail? And how much a portion of this preparation for a social memory complex might be accomplished by seekers of truth simply seeking the truth and living a life? Is there something specific that we need to do?

18 November, 2001

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with why human beings in the third density, especially here on Earth, seem to be so war-like. In this particular system we have had the experience of Mars, which was apparently so war-like that they destroyed their atmosphere. Maldek exploded its planet. Earth has had thousands of years of war. We are wondering what it is about the third density that seems to lend itself to entities in it moving in the direction of war-like actions. Is it the nature of our consciousness interacting in social groups? Is it our free will choice? Is it our opposable thumb? Our ability to make and use tools and, therefore, weapons? We would appreciate anything Q’uo could tell us about what it is that gives us this propensity for war and what it is we need to do as individuals, groups and nations to move in the direction of cooperation and working together instead of against each other?

4 November, 2001

Sunday meditation

The question today, once again, is focused around the events of September 11th. We are wondering if you could give us some information about [whether] the people who were directly involved and who gave their lives in this event might have been the catalyst for all of us to become what you might call a “nation of priests,” people who are desirous of being of service to others and following the way of the peaceful warrior, of discovering love in the life, in the heart and sharing it with others. Could you elaborate on how this kind of catalyst can work in all of our lives and how we can become a “nation of priests”?

21 October, 2001

Sunday meditation

Our question today has to do with fear. Before September 11th, everybody had the normal fears of having enough money, food, friendships, harmonious work relationships, and so forth. Now there seems to be a general tenor for many people of a foreboding, a fear, that there might be more attacks, that we are not safe, that we are losing our freedoms, that something is going to get us. We are wondering if Q’uo could give us some information concerning how we can handle our fears? How can fear best be handled by the sincere spiritual seeker? Is there a way of changing our attitudes, our behavior, our thinking? We would appreciate whatever Q’uo has to say.

7 October, 2001

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with the healing meditations that you recommended a couple of weeks ago in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11 and various other places on the planet which are full of anger and war and hatred, famine, poverty, disease and so forth. We would like to know a couple of more ways that a person could use to send love and light to all the areas, the people, the places that need it.

23 September, 2001

Homecoming meditation

The question today has to do with the concept of the “light-bringer,” the knowledge-bringer, whether this is Lucifer that was the knowledge-bringer or the light-bringer, or Eve who gave Adam the apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, we are wondering if Q’uo could give us some information about the nature of these entities, or these qualities that bring knowledge. Are these entities themselves either good or evil? How does the concept that they deliver to us give us the ability to pursue that which is good or evil, service-to-self or service-to-others? Last week Q’uo gave us some information concerning the Lightning Struck Tower which is also a concept or an image that shows light in its sudden and fiery form causing what seems to be destruction. We are wondering if there is other fruit from this destruction? Can something positive come out of the Lightning Struck [Tower] and, literally, the towers in New York City that were destroyed?

16 September, 2001

Sunday meditation

The question today, Q’uo, as I am sure that you already know, concerns the recent acts of terrorism that have come to the United States. Many people have died, and much property has been destroyed and there is a lot of talk about retribution, about war, and a lot of fear and anger, a lot of confusion. And we are wondering what this situation looks like from Q’uo’s point of view. We are told that this world is an illusion. It is a place where we come to learn to love. From our point of view, right here, right now, it is a very difficult place to learn to love. We are wondering what Q’uo can add to our knowledge of just exactly what has occurred, what does it mean to us in the spiritual sense, and what can we as individuals do to help the situation?

2 September, 2001

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with the situation concerning our planet and all of us who inhabit it. We would like for Q’uo to give us some information concerning the quality of consciousness on our planet when you consider the various wars, diseases, famines and crises that occur on a daily basis as each of us as individuals go about our daily lives, dealing with the various levels of stress of family, work, community and so forth. We are wondering how we as individuals find a centering point, the joy in the moment? How can we really be of service to each other and to ourselves?

29 August, 2001

Special meditation

Question from R: This first question concerns [a] pattern in my life that has to do with feelings about my work. My criticism of myself is that my work should be more service-to-others oriented. I then proceed to find a different type of work or employment that has energy in it that grabs me and that I start working with it but that passion or that energy dissipates quickly once that new work begins. I am looking for suggestions or different points of view that would help me get deeper into this pattern that I am seeing.