Voices of the Confederation

18 December, 1973

Tuesday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Father are with you, my friends, and you are with us, in a single effort. Our effort, as I have said before, is to awaken the people of this planet to truth. This has been tried many, many times. They are sleeping very, very soundly. Yes, my friends, they are asleep, dreaming a dream that is fantastic. It is beyond the belief of those who know truth that such a dream could be a dream, but this is the case. Many of your people have dormant within them the memory of truth. Many others have a less accurate memory. And a few have no memory at all. The truth, however, is within them, for it is within all men, in all places.

1 August, 1973

Sunday meditation

[overview] Hatonn: I am aware of your problem. It is an understanding of time. I will attempt to instruct you as to the nature of time. It is not very simple to you, I am sure, but it is very simple to us. simply because we are aware of time in a different way than you are aware of time. Time, my friends, is in your mind. There is only now, and there is only here. The reason that there appears to be a reciprocal nature between space and time in your world is because your world is, shall we say, designed to produce this illusion. It is an illusion necessary for certain catalytic actions that you enjoy in your present state for the purpose of your continued spiritual growth and evolution.