27 December, 2008

Saturday meditation

The question this week, Q’uo, has to do with whether or not it is possible to learn from somebody else’s experience and wisdom through listening, or if real learning only takes place through experiencing what it is you are learning for yourself. Could you speak to this topic, please?

13 December, 2008

Saturday meditation

Ra says in The Law of One series, “The function of the spirit is to integrate the up reaching yearning of the mind/body energy with the down pouring and streaming of infinite intelligence.” I would like to present an understanding of faith that derives from Ra’s brief description of spirit’s function. Faith, I would offer, is a process that can be described as a disengaging and a resting.

22 November, 2008

Saturday meditation

Group Question: Q’uo, tonight we would like to ask what the difference is between two basic activities: channeling and becoming. To elaborate further, what is the difference between channeling energy—be that energy the magical personality, radiant awareness, healing energy, inspiration energy, communication energy or love energy—and becoming that energy, becoming the supreme choice of non-dual awareness in which the boundaries between subject and object dissolve so that there is nothing outside of the self to channel and all is seen again as one? Specifically, in terms of the structure of the personality, what is the difference between the channeling entity and the becoming entity? In terms of the movement of energy through the chakra system, what is the difference between the channeling entity and the becoming entity?

8 November, 2008

Saturday meditation

Question from G: Throughout the Law of One material, Ra speaks often of the entity as a single, indivisible unit. They speak of the entity evolving, the entity doing this thing or that, and the entity making this choice or that choice. Who is the entity that makes choices and is responsible within the incarnation? Is this the conscious self? The subconscious self? Or the undivided whole entity? I ask because the activities Ra says that the entity enjoys seem often to occur well below the threshold of consciousness awareness. How far into the spectrum of choice does the conscious self’s responsibilities extend? What exactly is the proper role of the conscious, waking self?

25 October, 2008

Saturday meditation

Q’uo, in the Law of One material Ra states that the “... initiation of the Queen’s Chamber has to do with abandoning of self to such desire to know the Creator in full.” ... According to what Ra says happens in the Queen’s Chamber, it would seem that at the threshold of the infinite the entity must cease to experience all things desired. Their instructions seem contradictory because in the Queen’s Chamber the entity must release completely and forever the desires of a lower nature in favor of the single desire to know and become the Creator. The entity, in other words, is no longer experiencing all things desired. Some desires are released. So, can you reconcile or build a conceptual bridge between these two seemingly divergent lines of thought?

11 October, 2008

Saturday meditation

“In the body complex we have a process whereby we ingest a variety of foodstuffs for the survival and growth of our body. Our body, however, does not use the majority of the food we give it. Instead, it separates the nutrients and other helpful materials from the food, absorbs those materials and eliminates the rest... Can you discuss how our minds distill our experience, with special focus on how we eliminate that which is not helpful for our growth”

27 September, 2008

Saturday meditation

This is a “pot-luck” session in which we ask a number of questions that have been sent in from readers around the world. G asks the questions on their behalf.

13 September, 2008

Saturday meditation

The question tonight is from G and it says, “In the Law of One Series Ra says that there is a distortion of the Law of One which indicates that the gateway to intelligent infinity is “a gateway at the end of a straight and narrow path, as you may call it.” The question is, why is the path to intelligent infinity called “straight and narrow” and what implications does this have for the seeker of intelligent infinity?

27 May, 2008

Special meditation

“There are two statements that caught my attention. First, Q’uo says, ‘Those who are willing to use a crutch in order to vault themselves upward into the light, whether the crutch be drugs or magical rituals or whatever other occult sciences may be used as a gadget, have literally pulled themselves up to a place for which they have not worked and for which they may not be ready.’

24 May, 2008

Saturday meditation

G: The question as we quote it is, “There is the phrase, ‘winning over the self,’ which is another way of saying, ‘knowing and accepting the self.’ Is there a similar process that occurs to that of the calling? Do those portions of the self that desire love gain power so that the more the call is made, the more the desire is made until [the] square of the resistance within the self is overcome?”