Ra says in The Law of One series, “The function of the spirit is to integrate the up reaching yearning of the mind/body energy with the down pouring and streaming of infinite intelligence.” 1

I would like to present an understanding of faith that derives from Ra’s brief description of spirit’s function. Faith, I would offer, is a process that can be described as a disengaging and a resting.

On one side of the coin, faith is a disengaging from what in Eastern teaching is referred to as “the ten thousand things;” a dis-identifying from form; a deliberate disregarding of the energies of panic, defense, fear and contraction of the, for lack of a better term, “lower self,” energies generated as an inadvertent consequence of, what Ra calls the mind/body’s up-reaching.

On the other side of the coin, faith is a resting, without effort, in spirit. As the entity rests in the awareness of the spirit complex, an activity I am calling faith, the entity can lovingly and peacefully look upon and into the darkness, chaos and pain of the mind/body’s up-reaching and know that all is well. It is this resting, this faithful attitude, that opens the door to what Ra calls the down-pouring and streaming of infinite intelligence.

In other words, faith is how spirit is activated. Faith opens the perception of spirit, and faith is the means by which spirit integrates the up-reaching yearning of the mind/body with the down-pouring and streaming of infinite intelligence. Would you comment please?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in whose service we come to you this evening. Thank you for asking us to be a part of your meditation this evening and to share our humble thoughts on the very interesting topic of faith.

Before we begin, as always, we would request that each of you use your discrimination as you listen to what we have to say. Keep those things that interest and resonate to you. Leave behind those things which do not. Your process is fine-tuned and integrated and your discrimination will tell you what is helpful for that process at this time and what is not. We thank you for using your discrimination, for that enables us to feel confident that we may share our opinion without interfering with your free will.

Faith is a word which, like love, has many layers of meaning. The effort to be quite clear concerning the workings and the essence of such things as love and faith are always imperfect. The words themselves are efforts to name the unnamable and describe the indescribable.

If one takes a beaker of water and pours it into a measuring cup, no matter how many times it is poured, the measure remains the same.

In the world of words, the ear that hears, the voice that speaks, and something intangible, even more so than either the ear or the mouth, create an unique meaning each time the word is said. We do not wish to speak of semantics but only to point out that as we speak of faith, there is a necessity to hear or at least to attempt to be aware of the energies that are part of the utterance of that word which enrich and enhance the word, so that it becomes more than a word; so that it becomes a living entity. Only then can we speak of faith and know that we have used that word with full respect and honor.

The supposition that faith is the climate or environment which enables the seeker to call forth the energies that come from beyond the gateway to intelligent infinity is lacking in completeness while retaining a certain amount of truth. Consequently, we would speak not only of faith but also of will and desire as well as intention.

As the quotation from those of Ra expresses, the upward spiraling energy of the one infinite Creator moves ceaselessly and infinitely through the [physical] mind/body and the mind/body of the energy body as well. The will of the seeker is the energy which activates that process by which what this instrument would call the kundalini is activated.

An entity may rest in faith for a whole life long knowing, as the one known as G has said, that all is well, without ever leaving the sanctity of the open heart. Indeed it is not necessary to work with the gateway to intelligent infinity in order for a seeker to live a life of highly polarized service to others and to graduate into fourth density when the time comes.

The heart and its energy center hold the key to moving forward with the evolution of mind, body and spirit, in that the heart is that sanctuary in which the immediate presence of the one infinite Creator is always available. Indeed, it is the nature of the green-ray energy center to be sanctified and utterly positive, resounding with the vibrations of unconditional love.

It is the choice of many seekers to reach for more than the open heart, for the open heart is a place of being and the nature of that being is love. When a seeker desires more than that resting and tabernacling with love, it forms an intention according to its deepest desires. Whether impulsively or as a result of long thought and contemplation, a seeker desires to move into a place of even greater freedom. And so it sets itself to desire to reach higher.

When the desire of the seeker has been self-understood and honed to a focus that is lucid and coherent, it is able to use its will, that powerful faculty that moves all of the creation, to reach for that which may come through the gateway of intelligent infinity, further to enlighten, inform or inspire. That intention, honed through desire to will, moves first into the blue-ray chakra, the chakra of communication and understanding, and thence onward to the indigo-ray chakra, the chakra of faith.

In the environment of faith, driven in a certain vector by will, the gateway to intelligent infinity is then opened. And the energy of the Infinite, personified and shaped into specificity by the nature of the will and desire of the seeker, comes rushing down into the indigo-ray chakra through the violet-ray chakra, there to meet the upward-spiraling energy that is the constant environment of the energy body.

The locus wherein that energy rests after being called through the gateway is quite dependent upon the nature of the desire that has been shaped into a very active willing. In the case of a healer, the resting locus of that inspiration from above would be the green-ray chakra. For it is from that environment of utter compassion that a seeker may become a channel transparent to the energies of healing.

If the desire is for communication, then the energy through the gateway shall meet and mate with the upward spiraling love/light of the infinite One in the blue-ray chakra. For instance, it is within the blue-ray chakra that the contact between our principle and the ability of this instrument to apprehend our thoughts lies. That environment of understanding and open communication is that environment which is the native neighborhood and locus of enhanced communication such as this instrument’s channeling as well as communication that is inspired by those portions of the infinite Creator which may flow through the gateway of intelligent infinity and into the mind and awareness of a communicator that take part, not in communication with entities, but rather connection with or union with essences that may be called angelic.

Perhaps you have known of inspired speakers who are able to infect you with hope and trust and excitement with that which they offer. Often, such speakers have formed the ability to use the gateway to bring essences into their communication that enhance those words which are said with the energies of the essences which are pulled through. Whether those essences are wisdom, beauty, love, purity or concentration, the words have wings when such speakers offer their thoughts.

When a seeker desires to move into a higher state of being which refrains from or has no use for action but rather wishes to rest in radiance of being, the energy through the gateway shall meet the personal energy of the seeker in the indigo-ray chakra and remain there, resting in that chakra whose very essence is faith.

Consequently, we may say, my brother, that while faith is indeed a part of the spirit’s rise to connect with higher energies, it is a relatively impersonal part of the process by which faith and will mate together to form the movement which pulls the upward-spiraling energy into a solid connection with the downward-spiraling information and inspiration from above.

The observations which the one known as G made concerning faith are quite apt. We would agree that faith is both the releasing of all concerns for the world, as this instrument would say, and the turning of the self to gnosis, that knowing that is on a completely different level from the knowledge of the world; that knowledge which sees that water poured into a cup will remain measured the same at all times.

The knowing of faith is a three-dimensional living awareness. It is an awareness that there is a divine plan. It is an awareness that, although the human part of the seeker may find the divine plan as it is playing out in his life very opaque, this makes no difference. Faith is that which allows the seeker to know that there is a plan and that the plan is working perfectly. Faith is that which enables an entity to contemplate limitation, lack and even the death of the physical vehicle with equanimity.

Yet faith is not that which is used. Faith is an environment which is reached, first, in a naïve and nevertheless perfect way in the heart. And then, for the seeker whose will is equal to the task, in a way which turns green ray and the home of the soul within the body into indigo ray, where the soul’s home becomes the universe.

It is a movement from locality to non-locality, from personhood to non-personhood or impersonal living. There is a freedom to dwelling in faith in the indigo ray that is infinite. And living from that awareness, bringing the remembrance of that awareness of faith into the everyday life, creates of the everyday life a dazzling adventure.

We would ask the one known as G if he has a follow-up query to this first question? We are those of Q’uo.

No, Q’uo. Thank you. No follow-up to the first question.

We thank you, my brother. May we ask, then, if there is another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

Q’uo, as you know, this past year we at L/L Research have hosted a series of Channeling Intensives 2 designed to teach a group of dedicated students to channel Confederation sources. One of those students, T, is interested in increasing the frequency of these workshops for the more intensive learning of the art of channeling than is provided in the current arrangement of three workshops per year.

Because of the nearly insurmountable limitations of geography and budget that the students of these workshops face, T was wondering if a Channeling Intensive could be created which would allow the physically distant students to connect using current means of technology, through either video or phone, rather than coming together in the flesh.

I asked the instrument about this possibility earlier today but as this is an entirely novel situation which moves into completely unknown territory, she was uncertain as to whether she could protect a geographically scattered circle.

My question is: using video or phone technology, would it be possible to form a safe and stable Channeling Circle to receive your contact? Also, would the instrument be able both to challenge the contact and to protect the circle as she currently does?

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. That which is proposed is, mechanically speaking, possible. For it is the connection with each others’ energies rather than each others’ physicality that creates a Channeling Circle. A group of entities which are geographically distant but which are connected by your technology, video or audio, contains the energies of each and from that standpoint it is possible to form a channeling circle without the circle being geographically in one physical locality.

The quite substantial challenge which each within that circle faces is the creation of a safe, cloistered environment, by which we mean an environment which is proof against distraction from outside noises, voices or other disturbances which might distract an entity who is attempting to remain in a tuned and focused form and create the inability of the seeker to remain tuned and to remain focused.

When all of the Channeling Circle are present in one physical locality, with careful forethought the environment of that one locality can be, if not guaranteed to remain safe, at least highly inclined to remain safe because of the safeguards that have been put in place by the producers of the Channeling Circle.

For instance, as the one known as G is fully aware, a great deal of thought goes into creating the proper physical environment for a Channeling Intensive. The telephone is turned off and the circle meets in a fairly secluded location where there are few noises and no distractions, in the sense that there are no other entities allowed into the environment.

Consequently, while those within the channeling circle may vary in their ability to remain tuned and focused and able to function as an instrument, nevertheless it is far easier for a group meeting in one physical locality to have that inner sense that there is indeed a safe environment for this work.

In contrast, when those in a channeling circle are each in a different environment physically, each entity then must take full responsibility for creating that quietness and safety that promotes the channel’s ability to focus inwardly to the exclusion of the awareness of that which is going on around the entity.

As to whether this instrument, being the senior channel of the channeling circle at this time is able successfully to challenge and successfully guard the contact for the group, it is unknown to us as to what extent this is possible. We say that it is unknown to us because we have not experienced this particular entity working with non-local channeling.

There are some entities, we would suppose, who are completely capable of ignoring the lack of physical closeness and who would be able pick up on and work with the energies of each in the channeling circle which are not physically present. This ability will vary widely from channel to channel, based upon unknown dynamics within that instrument’s basic personality. We are not speaking of personality traits such as your psychologists would speak, but are speaking of those very subtle points of contact with a deeper reality which, in some, create a mesh of awareness with which the senior channel will work as the channeling moves around the circle.

This instrument would need to work with a non-local channeling circle before we could be aware in any sure way of what the situation is as regards this particular instrument. We may say that it is quite possible that this instrument would be unswayed by the lack of physicality and would be able to work with the energies as this instrument usually does when the group of channels is local. We simply do not know.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

You said you did not know the extent of the instrument’s capabilities in such a situation. So would you, then, caution against attempting it? Or would you find it an acceptable experiment to see if such a thing could happen successfully?

We are those of Q’uo, and we may say, my brother, that we neither recommend against it or for it, but merely attempt to describe for you the parameters of what you propose to attempt. We, as always, are willing to communicate through instruments such as this one and are always glad for the opportunity to develop the newer channels as well. We must leave it to the free-will choices of each of those involved in such a decision as to what you shall or shall not attempt to create.

[Side one of tape ends.]

[The gist of an unrecorded question was: “Then it is entirely up to our free-will choice?”]

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, is that not always the case? Whether the entities in the channeling circle are in one locality or connected through the ethers, we are greatly willing to respond to the request for our thoughts.

We attempted to describe some of the parameters which you may consider. The reason that we do not warn you against it is that were such a channeling circle to be ineffective, it, nevertheless, would not place those attempting to receive our transmissions in a difficult or dangerous place.

What we are saying is that there are factors that might hinder the experience from being satisfactory to those within the circle for various reasons, some of which we cannot predict.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

No, Q’uo, that’s sufficient. I’ll definitely have to read the transcript. Thank you for your time with us. Thank you for the instrument’s time. I have no further questions for the remainder of the session.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. It is certainly a creative approach to the situation of physical-ness and the limitations of the physical body in moving from one locality to another.

And we thank the one known as T, also, for his thoughts and his desire to serve. It is dear to us to feel the desire to serve which is the true beginning of service to others.

Is there a final query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

Not from me, Q’uo.

We find that there is a silence where there would be questions if those present had the desire to speak with us further. And so we shall draw this meeting to a conclusion. We would say through this instrument, as we leave, how precious each of you is to us. We find your gallantry and courage beautiful. For you dwell in the midst of a very thick illusion and often we are aware that the spiritual impulse within you is challenged greatly. You feel isolated and vulnerable and in some cases you are concerned that your spirits may have flagged, so that you are less sensitive to the movement of spirit.

There is within each of you, however, that faith of which the one known as G asked this evening, that knowledge that rises above knowledge to gnosis, that awareness that beyond all of the illusion of limitation and lack, all is well.

Before incarnation and outside of incarnation in general, it is easy to think of the struggle of Earth as something that is very easily seen through. Yet we are aware that it is not at all easy to dwell peacefully and serenely in the eye of the hurricane of life. We may assure you, however, that each effort that you make to remember the divine plan and, as this instrument would say, to stand in the cleft of the rock 3 and let the storm pass you by, is that which makes you ever more fully human, ever more fully yourself.

We applaud each effort that you make to know that all is well and that there is a sense that shall, when you see it after incarnation, amaze you with its completeness and its efficiency in bringing to you those things that you need to create of your life a glory and a beauty that speak eternally of love.

We are those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love, in the light, in the peace, and in the power of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai vasu.

  1. Ra, channeled through L/L Research on January 22, 1981, Session 4: “The magnet has two poles. One reaches up. The other goes down. The function of the spirit is to integrate the up-reaching yearning of the mind/body energy with the down-pouring and streaming of infinite intelligence.” 

  2. For those interested in attending a Channeling Intensive, you may write and ask to be put on the waiting list. When four or more people have indicated their desire to learn channeling, we will schedule another introductory training session. 

  3. Holy Bible, Exodus 1:33, “As my glorious presence passes by, I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed.”