November 15, 1974

Friday meditation

Hatonn: I would simply like not to let the opportunity pass to remind you, my friends, of the unity of all things. Meditate, my friends, upon the complete unity of yourself and all that you see. Do this not once, and not simply in present circumstances, but at all times and especially in difficult circumstances. For, my friends, insofar as you love and feel at one with those things which are difficult for you, to that extent will those circumstances be alleviated. This is not due to any laws within our physical illusion, but is due to the law of love. For that body which is of spirit, which is interpenetrated with the physical body, is higher than your physical body. And those changes which you make by love upon your spiritual body, will, of necessity, reflect themselves within the physical illusion.

November 12, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: I would like at this time to answer a question which has not been asked consciously, yet is within this instrument and may help each of those present. That which is known upon your planet as illness is due to lack of understanding of the principle of living which is that there is only one, one place and one Being. The time is the present; the place is here; the Being is love. These things equal what is known in your intellectual framework.

November 10, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We are here to serve the peoples of your planet. We are here to bring to them exactly what they desire. We are here to bring to them the only thing that is of value. This, my friends, is understanding.

November 1, 1974

Friday meditation

Hatonn: I am here, my friends, that I may aid you. And yet I am here to sting you and to stimulate you, as a gadfly. I am not here to give you comfort, in that I do not wish to put you to sleep, but to awaken you. You, my friends of this group, are very close to your desire. You, my friends, are close to the opening. Going through this opening will unite you with your desire, and then, my friends, the progress you will make will be much accelerated. But we must wake you. We must help you to become aware not only of the beauty but of the freedom and of the terrible responsibility of freedom.

October 31, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: It is a very great privilege to do this, to give the service to those who desire it. It is very important, my friends, that you realize your true objective, and the means for fulfilling this objective while still within the physical illusion. The reason for the importance is as follows: man goes through many, many experiences; some of them physical, many more of a different nature than what you presently consider physical. Within the physical illusion, he is isolated, you might say, from much of his knowledge. He is left with an intellect that is the product of his experiences within only that single illusion, and emotional biases that are the products of all his experience.

October 13, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: There are millions surrounding your planet, surrounding it with one purpose in mind: to bring to you understanding. Friends, this is something that we can only offer. It is necessary for man on Earth to reach out and take it, for understanding must always come from within. We cannot bring it to you and force it into you as a food. We can only stimulate your seeking through suggestion, through teachings such as we are performing now so that you through your own understanding can once more find the light that is within all men throughout all this creation.

October 4, 1974

Friday meditation

Hatonn: We, the Confederation of Planets in the Service of our Infinite Creator, are here, as we have stated many times, to aid those of the people of Earth who would seek our aid. I am aware that many of the peoples of this planet are not inclined to seek our aid. Many of the peoples of this planet are not inclined to seek anything beyond the illusion that now fascinates them. Many of these peoples believe that they are experiencing the most real portion of their existence. They also believe that there is nothing to seek of any value beyond their present illusion. This is quite erroneous. They do not realize that they are presently experiencing the illusion in which they find themselves because of their desire to limit to this form their experience. They do not realize that they are experiencing an insignificantly small portion of that which they might experience.

September 22, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: When we say that we know those whom we wish to help and those whom we do not wish to help, we do not speak of knowledge in your sense, and therefore that which we say to you concerning your progress as channels is prone to misunderstanding and even error. And yet the fact remains that there is a [flock]. And those of you who have the calling must be shepherd to them. And it is true that there are those who wish to be of the flock, and that there are those who do not wish to be of the flock. And we say to each of you who is a channel, your inner eye is unclouded. It is only your outer eye which becomes confused and which sees mists and quicksand. Therefore, in your work which is a good service, use your inner eye, for that alone will serve you as you do the will of the Father.

September 21, 1974

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: I am aware that it sometimes seems that very little is accomplished in your seeking, but, my friends, this is far from true. Your seeking, my friends, is the most important activity in which you engage. There is nothing that you do, no thought that you make that is more important or necessary than the simple seeking for understanding, understanding the reality and the truth [of] the Creation of the Father.

August 6, 1974

First meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that within your thinking there are many shades of differences and that you are fascinated with the idea of the various steps you must take in order to proceed on the path. We are aware that you have a desire to understand the various categories of experience, the various densities, that you have a desire for naming that which you will begin to understand.

August 6, 1974

Second meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that within your thinking there are many shades of difference and that you are fascinated with the idea, with the various steps which you must take in order to proceed on the path. We are aware that you have a desire to understand the various categories of experience, the various densities that you have a desire for mainly that which you [now] [inaudible] begin to understand. We did not understand these things when we first came here. But we have become more sophisticated in the ways of your planet through the years that we have spent within this sector of time and space. We know your people better than we used to and we know of the desire of your people for their categories to be named.

July 30, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: There is, my friends, only one thing worth seeking. Nothing else is of any value. And that one thing, of course, is understanding; an understanding of your Creator’s Thought. My friends, this is the only thing that lasts. Anything else that you might seek will be transitory and will vanish with time. When man realizes that this is his true objective, then he has made that great turning point in his development. We are here to aid those who have turned the corner, so to speak, turned the corner toward their ultimate goal, that goal of reuniting with their Creator.

July 28, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: ...and gives both great beauty and sweet smell, so as you open to that primary Thought which created you, you blossom within. I come, shall we say, with a watering can. I come to encourage your growth in the spirit, my friends. I urge you through your meditation neither to add nor to subtract. It is very easy to make demands of yourself and to attempt to accomplish goals through meditation. It is also an extremely likely happening that you will at some time attempt to remove some part of that which you are through your meditation.

July 23, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, in truth, the only reason for the illusion that you now experience is to act as a catalyst, to act in such a way as to generate a condition which helps the individual to initiate a spiritual seeking.

July 14, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always with you. This seems strange to you that we would be at all times with you. But this, my friends, is the case. Your awareness of the illusion is such that you do not understand the real properties of that principle that you understand as time. You are that principle that you understand as space. My friends, it is possible for you to be in one place or all places at the same instance. For, my friends, in truth there is only one instance and that instance is the one that you are experiencing. There is an illusion of past and an illusion of future. However, my friends, you exist only in the present.