(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the love of our infinite Creator. It is once more a great privilege to speak to you. As always, we of the Confederation are privileged to be of service to those who seek our service. We are here in great numbers and yet at this time our service is sought but very little. This somewhat saddens us, for we had hoped that more of those of your planet would have initiated a seeking outside of their illusion. It will soon be time, my friends, for them to experience a catalyst which may in some instances [inaudible] their seeking.

My friends, in truth, the only reason for the illusion that you now experience is to act as a catalyst, to act in such a way as to generate a condition which helps the individual to initiate a spiritual seeking. It might seem strange that you should go through such an unusual experience only for the purpose of stimulating your spiritual seeking. However, this, in fact, is true. Each of you in his daily experience is acted upon in many ways. The actions and experiences that you feel cause changes in your attitude, cause reactions which you interpret and identify as emotion. All of this, my friends, is for a specific purpose and you have chosen to experience your present illusion in order to achieve this purpose. The purpose, my friends, is the evolution of your spirit. You dwell within a [inaudible]. This is a [inaudible] an illusory culture [inaudible] identified by the very few.

Yes, my friends, as you know, only the very few of those who now dwell upon your planet are now aware of the purpose of their existence. They have not reached in their conscious evolution that salient point of transition, from that point which causes a great, great acceleration in their evolution in the spiritual sense. That point at which they become consciously aware and then upon becoming consciously aware of their existence in its [inaudible] begin to utilize the conscious manner for those experiences that are to teach them, use that [inaudible] in an efficient manner in order to accelerate and stimulate, by their own efforts, their spiritual [inaudible].

I ask each of you here tonight to question yourselves, for this you desire. The individual shall ask this [inaudible] transition, from blind reaction to the catalytic nature of mind [inaudible] to conscious and full utilization of such lessons, or, “Am I yet in that period of transition?” My friends, each of you will draw your own conclusion. It is very difficult living within a society such as yours. [Inaudible] primarily to the gratification of the physical within the illusion, to separate this thinking from such folly and to seek that which is not transient.

My friends, I am with this instrument this evening to help you realize the importance of first totally understanding yourself, and then generating the discipline itself that is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the experiences that are now creating the pathway of your spiritual [inaudible]. We have spoken to you many times about the nature of this [bridge,] about the total unity that permeates all men and all things that is the Creator, that is the Creator. Of this you are consciously aware. But, my friends, this knowledge must be constantly put to use within this [inaudible]. In order to do this it is necessary to spend time each day in meditation. It is necessary to be aware of your reaction, to be aware of your emotions. My friends, it is necessary for you to be aware. To be aware, my friends, is to know yourself. To first know yourself, this is the initiation of awareness. With this knowledge you then can begin your climb for those things which are the expressions of our [inaudible]. Only then, my friends, can you effectively apply this knowledge. It is harder to do this, my friends. It is very necessary that you spend time in meditation.


I am sorry. The instrument was analyzing the communication. He will have left at this time clearly his mind. I shall attempt to continue. Please be patient.

As I was saying, self-awareness is of the utmost importance. My friends, each action, each thought, each… each word that you say is of utmost importance, for this, my friends, is what is you in expression. And what is you in expression to those about you… is of very great importance, for, my friends, this is the reason for experiencing the illusion.

Many of the people of your planet have experienced that illusion that you now experience many, many times, and yet they are experiencing and will experience it again and again. And they learn, but they learn by the blind action from the experiences that befall them. And this then changes their attitude, holds their consciousness, evolves their spirit, but this evolution is not accompanied by being conscious, [and living a] purposeful life but the action of the illusion. They simply evolve. They do not stimulate the true knowledge [that] this evolves.

Become aware of what is happening. Become aware of how you are growing, growing and understanding. And then with this awareness, know your thoughts. Know your thoughts by [inaudible]. Accelerate your evolution in the direction that you desire. This, my friends is the great turning point. This, my friends is a place long awaited. Mark it well. Utilize this information. Discipline your thinking. Create your own evolution. This is the difference, my friends, between mastership and simple growth of spirit. And what creates this difference? No matter how you may express it, there is one, and only one, thing that will allow you to totally and completely know your own [inaudible], to totally and completely make this transition from emotional reaction, from a blind and stumbling reaction to your environment to a controlled and sincere seeking path.

My friends, the only thing that will allow you to do this is meditation. Daily meditation will create the foundation necessary and then, my friends, each of you will grow at such a fantastic rate that it will be beyond even your own [inaudible] that you [inaudible] attained beyond anything that you [inaudible]. Spiritual growth, my friends, is the function of the individual. It is not given to you. It is something that you must find. It is something that you have always had, but it must be uncovered. This must be done through your own activities, through your own understanding. We are able to provide only the guideposts, only the simple instructions, only a helping hand. It is you that must, through your own efforts and perseverance, uncover particle by particle that truth that permeates. By only yourselves in all of this creation may this be done at any rate that you desire. Your desire, my friends, is [inaudible].

We extend to you a helping hand. We implore you to take it. Develop your awareness. Know your own [inaudible] eliminate the personal biases which have been generated by experiences in your rather unusual illusion. We establish our… the single truth that is all things. This is the simple process followed by all of those who have attained the enlightenment that causes them to be known as masters. This is the simple process followed by the one known to you as Jesus. This simple process has [been] spelled out to you in many, many ways, many writings in your holy works, and in many other ways, and yet this simple process seems to be very difficult to acquire. My friends, the only thing that limits your application in this process is your desire to apply.

Meditate. Know the magnitude of your desire and then know yourself. Express the love and understanding of our infinite Creator. This can only be done if you first continue yourself. Continue yourself through self-knowledge. Continue yourself through this infinite love. Continue yourself through the meditation that is so necessary to [come] to the conscious state, totally one with the infinite Thought that is all things. When you do, my friends, you will know you have done for you will experience an ecstasy beyond, beyond anything that you have known.


At this time I will leave this instrument. I am Hatonn. It has been a great, great privilege to speak with this group this evening. This message this evening has been a slightly more personal message. It is hoped that it has been [inaudible] and instructed it is hoped that each of you will climb [inaudible] to be in your personal secret that has been [inaudible]. My friends, I will say once more, each of you has this desire. If you did not have this desire you would not have received this message. I shall leave this instrument at this time. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu [inaudible].

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I return to you very briefly because I wish to speak to one who questions. We wish to emphasize that that person who is attempting to give service to others need not worry as to recognizing the service that is to be performed. As we have stated earlier this evening it is necessary primarily to remove all doubt within yourself as to the identity of yourself. You must by some method realize that you are fragmenting your precious consciousness when you desire more than one thing. And, my friends, there are very few upon your planet who do not desire more than one thing. It is necessary only [to] desire to be in the presence of the Creator and to know His love. If that desire is perfect within you, you will be of enormous service. You cannot help being of enormous service if you are aware of your identity in seeking. Only seek to know the Father and you will pour forth the fruits of this knowledge as readily as the sun gives light.

Indeed, my friends, your problem in truth is and will be not what your service will be, but whether you are capable of accepting each service. Remember to yourself that the master known as Jesus had his chance to pass the terrible pain of death by, and after deliberation he chose to accept that heavy service. The service itself was quite obvious to him. He had a choice as to whether or not he should take it as he was quite aware of the service. So it always is with you, my friends, if you are aware of your spiritual seeking and are not fragmenting that consciousness which is your very identity by desiring various objects within the illusion.

Seek to know the Father and your service will follow very naturally. Service cannot be given by you, my friends. You will have nothing to do with any service that you give. You are a channel for the Father. It is necessary only to keep yourself open, and the love and the light that is needed by others will flow through you. You cannot adjust, interpenetrate or confuse the service of the Father. You can only channel it thorough your physical being. You can only let it shine out of your eyes and let it flow through your fingers. Each of you will find yourself very much placed before your service. You will know it and it will be your choice whether or not to accept it. Have no fear that you must do this or do that in order to be of service to know the Father. And those sheep which are in need of the light which you have will be drawn to you irresistibly. We can give you no dogma or creed for each person’s path is different, being the culmination of all that he has is known and remembered for many, many lifetimes. But each person’s path, my friends, has one single end and it is to that end that you may look through meditation to know the Father’s love and light and to prepare yourself always for the service that will be yours, and that is yours now.

Be aware, my friends, that you are already serving. Each of you in this room has served, is serving, and will serve. We are not talking at this time to those who are not of service already. We are speaking to those who are already seriously seeking. And so we give encouragement. We give you our support and our love and our light. We are with you always. Know this, my friends. Never doubt it. Call upon us and we will be there to bless each of you. I hope that this has also been a help to you who seek. I will leave you. I am the one known as Hatonn. Adonai.


(Unknown channeling)

I am with the instrument. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege to speak with you this evening. However, I will speak [inaudible].

My friends, this evening I have one thing, one thing of which to remind you.

[Tape ends.]