(Unknown channeling)

[I am Hatonn.]… and gives both great beauty and sweet smell, so as you open to that primary Thought which created you, you blossom within. I come, shall we say, with a watering can. I come to encourage your growth in the spirit, my friends. I urge you through your meditation neither to add nor to subtract. It is very easy to make demands of yourself and to attempt to accomplish goals through meditation. It is also an extremely likely happening that you will at some time attempt to remove some part of that which you are through your meditation.

We do not speak against these practices. They are simply outside of our interest. They are among the many, many choices which you have within your physical illusion, but there is one choice which is outside of the illusion and that choice, my friends, is the choice to seek your Creator. This is the choice that ultimately transcends illusion. And within this choice there is neither addition nor subtraction, but an opening precisely as you are now accomplishing, not even really aware that this is the heart of your seeking.

In your daily meditations, both in groups and alone, sit in meditation without thought of what you wish to accomplish. Only open in the direction of that which you are seeking. Imagine that this mortal physical body is a door which you may go through. Each of you will go through this door. It is not difficult to imagine this. It is called upon your planet, death. There is a certain joy connected for those who understand these things, with the idea of going through the door of the physical death. My friends, within you there are many such doors. They are opened and you transcend each shell when the experience for which it is provided is no longer necessary. If you truly seek to open yourself to the innermost core of all of these shells, your journey will be immeasurably quickened, so that you may at last become one with that which you seek.

That which you seek, my friends, is unimaginable. We can call it a thought, we can call it an impulse. You have the word consciousness in your language. In some dim way this concept of consciousness is correct. The source of all consciousness is the Creator. We are all a part of this consciousness. This consciousness is infinite. And in its infinity it yet remains a gloriously illuminating source of light, perfect light and love within each of the Creator’s children.

That which you seek, then, rests within yourselves. The separation is within yourselves. This separation is not evil. This separation is functional. Your consciousness has been given you by all consciousness so that you may individually seek and find the beauty and the understanding which is the Creator. And all that is necessary, my friends, is that you do so. Open yourself and allow yourself to unfold inwardly so that you may blossom, not as you would at some particularly difficult time. Choose that as your higher self would choose. We speak to you on this subject at this time because we are aware of your questions.

This instrument is having a certain amount of difficulty maintaining contact as she is not aware of this information.


We will continue.

We simply wish to emphasize that in our experience it has been found that the attempt to decide what to do, even at the most spiritual level, will become a negative experience, although it requires additional amounts of patience. This is precisely the reason why these difficult situations arise. Patience is necessary in order to maintain the ability to keep contact through meditation with one’s higher self. Circumstances which require the application of patience are designed to instruct one in patience. The answers that you are seeking will evolve with a naturalness which may be sudden but which will be able to be experienced without the negative effects of having imposed an arbitrary decision upon your higher self.

Mankind lives on this little ball, multiplies, and his kind are many. Upon his planet he considers himself a highly unusual being and master of all he surveys. Man is indeed master of all he surveys, if he is master of himself. This, my friends, has been in many cases misunderstood. To be master of yourself does not mean the ability to control, according to arbitrary decisions, that which you think and do. To be master of oneself is to know one’s reality. This mastery is given, my friends, from within, through the gentle and passionless unfolding. And yet, my friends, there is no greater passion than the blazing desire which fills the heart of those who seek to know, to really know, the presence, the love, and the light of the Father.

I give you a paradox, my friends. There is nothing else to give you while I am speaking any language. But at this time I will maintain silence for a period while I condition each of you who desires it. After this period of conditioning, I will attempt to contact another instrument. I am Hatonn.


(Unknown channeling)

I am Laitos. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the One Who is All. I am very privileged to be with you. I am here to aid the brothers of Hatonn. It is my special privilege to be of service to those who desire to become instruments and join the service of the Creator in this way. I will be attempting to condition the one known as B1. I will also condition the one known as S, the one known as B2, the one known as M. I will attempt to make you aware of my presence in this room.

My blessings to each of you. I will be with you at any moment that you desire my presence, for this is my chosen specialty. If you take five minutes and you call for me, I will be there. At any time you can go into a light enough meditation so that you may call for this contact. I will, if you wish, attempt to bring you a conditioning wave. There are many ways of feeling this conditioning wave. However, the one thing that is common is that each of you will doubt. Accept this, my friends. Go right ahead and doubt. But if you wish to serve as an instrument, simply continue availing yourself, and it will not be long before you are able to register our contact and relay our thoughts to those who would wish to know them. It is indeed my privilege to be with you. I thank you for allowing me to speak.

I leave you, but only the sound of my voice is leaving you. Any five minutes that you wish to speak with me, I promise you I will be there. It does not take a great solemn meditation to begin to become a channel, for we are most eager to speak with you. And it is your seeking, more than any other characteristic, which creates the correct vibration for us to able to make contact.

I am Laitos. I leave you in love and in light. Adonai, my friends.

[Tape ends.]