8 May, 1974

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: First, we would like to speak of the technique for dealing with the physical illusion, which is called meditation. We have spoken of this many times, and yet there is always another facet ...

5 May, 1974

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: If you consider the source of your thoughts producing the messages that are said to be from the Confederation is within yourself, then you are correct. However, you are also correct if you consider the source of these messages to be Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. There is confusion among those of the people of your planet who act as channels for that which we bring to the people of your planet. We are real, as real as yourselves. Our methods of communicating with the people of your planet are varied. In some instances, there are thoughts that are given to you from us. However, these thoughts are then your thoughts for they were given to you to keep. And they were given to you by yourself, for we are you and you are we. There is only one consciousness. There is no separation.

2 May, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we have come to a place in dealing with the information which we give to your group where we are aware that there are a certain intensification of difficulties. There is a reason for this time of difficulty. You must have thought to yourself lately that a slight intensification of difficulty seems to be occurring among those who are seeking within the group. The reason for this, my friends, is very simple. The whole mission that we of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator have here is simply the alerting of those of you upon the planet’s surface who wish this alerting of the knowledge of the true pathway of spiritual seeking. Once you have been alerted, my friends, to the fact that your physical existence is the environment that you have chosen in order to learn, you will after that begin to experience a certain cycle of testing. As you learn more about the spiritual path you will find a way to either demonstrate that knowledge or to refrain from demonstrating that knowledge.

1 May, 1974

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we would like to speak with you this evening on the subject of the physical illusion. This illusion is very difficult to comprehend from within the illusion for like a dream it often defies identification from within itself. However, when one wakes up from a dream, one is aware that one has dreamed. And when this segment of your infinite and eternal journey has been completed you will be aware of that which is known as life. You will be aware that this life is an illusion, the illusion of the physical.

30 April, 1974

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: We are aware that there is a question and we will attempt to give you a few thoughts on the subject of service. Service, my friends, is a concept which is very difficult to express to the people of your planet for it is a spiritual concept of such a nature that it baffles the intellect. However, we will attempt to speak of it in such a way that you may more readily understand what service is. The most difficult thing to accept about service is the fact that you cannot give service. There is no way to give service. Service, my friends, must be taken.

29 April, 1974

Monday meditation

Hatonn: I am aware of certain questions that I will attempt to answer at this time. I am at this time going to speak of a phenomenon known to you as channeling. Channeling, my friends, is something that is available to all but not sought by all. It is necessary that an individual truly desire to become a vocal channel in order to do so. This, my friends, is the most important of all of the factors involved in channeling: that the individual who is to be a channel desire to be one. This desire also governs the ability of a channel to channel different types of messages and different contacts.

27 April, 1974

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: At the present time there exists a condition of confusion among your people. This creates a great opportunity for those who desire to serve their brothers.

26 April, 1974

Friday meditation

Hatonn: We would like to say a few words to you about this seeking, my friends, and this is, as we have said many times before, our only concern is to help you with your spiritual seeking. A great deal of activity has already taken place upon the surface of your planet and within its atmosphere by way of interaction between those of us in the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator and those who dwell upon the surface of your planet. Each confrontation of whatever nature was intended in some respect or another to turn those people involved toward an attitude of seeking. In many cases, my friends, we would say the majority of cases, this attempt worked, in that whatever anomalistic phenomenon—as this instrument would put it—occurred created the alerting mechanism in that entity’s mind which it was intended to create.

25 April, 1974

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: We would like to give you this one thought this evening and that is that our only aid to you is to give you a concept of understanding. What you are seeking is understanding. The fire and the energy with which you seek it is drawn from within the very marrow of your eternal reality. Your true desire is to seek this understanding. This understanding, in turn, my friends, that we are attempting to aid you in becoming aware of is very, very simple. It is, in fact, unitary. There is only one. This unity within which the entire Creation resides is whole, complete, unbreakable and transcendent of all illusion. There, my friends, it is the most impossible thing to conceive of within the boundaries of your intellect and your consciousness with the physical.

24 April, 1974

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we wish only to speak to you very briefly this evening. We are shepherds of your flock and we see the needs of the flock. Our only desire is to aid those of the flock who seek our aid. The aid you seek, my friends, has become very much focused upon true seeking than that of most of the sheep of the flock. Therefore, what can we say to you intellectually is more and more lacking in complete satisfaction. It is for this reason, my friends, that we stress to you, even as you are gaining advancement, the continued need for more and more meditation. For, my friends, what we can give you through use of the intellect and language is a very small percentage only of what we are able to give you by direct contact—mind to mind.