December 28, 1975

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It is written in the words of your most recent master, the one known as Jesus: “Not as the world gives, give I unto you.” And as I offer you my peace, may I say, this is so. It is not peace as the world would give, of which I speak, but a truer peace. I am a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. I come across galaxies, countless, through a dimensionless gateway, and into your so-called reality, into your special place, into your universe, where you exist. My brothers and I come because you have called us. Because within this universe, the cry goes out from those who are in need, who wish to know reality.

December 21, 1975

First meditation

Hatonn: My friends, man upon planet Earth presently stands upon the threshold of unlimited knowledge, unlimited love. Unlimited, my friends, infinite, never ending. It is your birthright to know these truths. Yet there is only one way to truly comprehend and to truly be enlightened. And as you may well be aware, that way is through the practice of meditation.

December 21, 1975

Second meditation

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument, and for a brief time I will speak using this instrument. We speak to you once again because there are things which we wish to say to you that do not apply to all those who are in the larger group. For always, my friends, there are various peoples at various levels of understanding. And we do not speak beyond the ears of those who hear, for that only breeds confusion. To you we speak of shepherds. For truly, you may look upon your little world as being made up of those who need care, and those who may do the caring. We speak to you of the compassion of the shepherd. Where does the compassion come from? What will inspire you to the compassion of the shepherd with his sheep?

December 7, 1975

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: I wish to briefly acquaint myself and my brothers and our purpose with the new member. I have stated my identity as that of Hatonn. I wish to stress that my identity is the same as that of all the inhabitants of what you would consider to be our planet. We of the planet Hatonn have grown through our evolution to a point of unification of consciousness. We have gone beyond the need for extreme self-identification such as is desired by the inhabitants of your planet.

November 30, 1975

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight, we would like to give you a few thoughts on the nature of innocence. We want you to think of your own nature, and of what you consider to be your sins, your errors, your mistakes. You who try, sometimes very hard, to be upon the spiritual path, often are very hard upon yourselves because you have erred, made a mistake. You have manifested that which was not positive. And you say, “Why have I done this? Why did I make this error? I did not mean that! Why did I do it?” And you concentrate on the error. And this does not seem to prevent you from making an error the next time.

November 23, 1975

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Oneness, my friends, is indeed not limited. Oneness is all things. Within one, all things are found. Within yourself, my friends, the true identity of the concept of one has been implanted by our Creator. Within each being on your planet and throughout the creation there is the concept of one, there is its knowledge and understanding. Within you lie the answers to all problems. Within you lie the experiences of all other beings, for once you realize and are totally aware of the oneness of the entire universe then you cannot separate the experiences of your brothers from the experience of yourselves.

November 2, 1975

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We identify ourselves as the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. Yet in truth, my friends, we are one with you, in spirit. For in spirit all things reside. And from one spirit comes the source for all experiences. And from one spirit shall all things become known.

January 31, 1975

Friday meditation

Hatonn: I am with you, my friends. I am here in this room. I am using this instrument to communicate with you. I realize that this form of communication is a little strange, I will say, to some of you. But, my friends, if you will truly reflect upon what you would call your environment, you will find that it is in truth beyond your understanding, so why should this communication, as I have called it, be any more strange than that which you find about you? I will not try to prove to you, my friends, that I am, as you have said, a being from another planet. I will not try to prove to you that these words that you hear are my thoughts rather than the thoughts of this instrument. I will simply state to you what we, your friends from space, have come to give to you. This is our purpose, my friends. Not to offer you proof, but simply to possibly stimulate your thinking. For this reason we choose to communicate with you in what you might term odd ways. But I can assure you that there is good reason for this form of communication.