(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am the one known as Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, the Creator of us all. It is, as always, my privilege to be with you, especially at this time, for I speak to those at a special time. We do not wish to make occasions where there are no occasions. Yet we say to you this is, within each of your experiences, a time of dedication. You may call it a rededication. Yet within this small group, my friends, there is a dedication that is not always found. Therefore, we say, “Greetings” in a special sense, from those of us who are privileged to be with you at this time.

My brothers, you have heard many of our words, and it is as though we appear to you as tailors, measuring and cutting and detailing and analyzing, and attempting to tailor for you the spiritual path, using our tools and laying it all together in a measured way. And this, of course, is because we have used these channels and we have used words. In reality, we are not tailors, and there is no measure. In reality, our message is infinite, and there is no set pattern for progress. And that which we truly have to give you lies within the silence. We find that each of you is aware of this, and yet the words are comforting, and so we are very happy to speak with you.

You must know that in many ways, you are no longer dependent upon these words, for you carry within you the ability to receive thoughts. Each of you does not need the channel any longer. Yet, what one needs for survival and what one needs to be at his peak are two different things. And that is why it is a very, very good thing that you are still meeting to hear us, as well as to meditate. There is within each of you that which desires always to let go for a moment and simply be taught, be led. This is proper. And so we welcome the opportunity to speak.

Tonight, we would like to give you a few thoughts on the nature of innocence. We want you to think of your own nature, and of what you consider to be your sins, your errors, your mistakes. You who try, sometimes very hard, to be upon the spiritual path, often are very hard upon yourselves because you have erred, made a mistake. You have manifested that which was not positive. And you say, “Why have I done this? Why did I make this error? I did not mean that! Why did I do it?” And you concentrate on the error. And this does not seem to prevent you from making an error the next time.

My friends, we have said to you many times, “We greet you in love and in light.” We greet you in infinite perfection. We greet perfect beings who are totally innocent. We would like to suggest to you that instead of concentrating upon your mistakes, you ask yourself how much time you have spent this day investigating that portion of your unique person which is totally perfect. How much awareness have you had this day of the love and the light of the Creator you have within you? How aware have you been of your own innocence?

When you concentrate upon your mistakes, you dwell within the world of mistakes. And mistakes will occur again and again. If your consciousness is dwelling at a higher [resonance] within the realm where you know that you are a creation of the Father, you know that you can manifest His love. Then the opportunity for you to make a mistake and manifest that which is not love will be that much farther from you. Meditation is not upon your mistakes; is not upon the past. It is upon the eternal present, and upon your innocence. You are a child of love.

We emphasize this at this time because you are attempting to dedicate yourself in a far deeper way than you have previously attempted to do. And the key to the deeper dedication is to be able to focus yourself not upon the world of mistakes, but upon the world in which that spirit within you which is the Creator, which you may find it desirable to call the Christ spirit within you, will manifest.

My friends, it is written in your holy works that you do not know when this spirit will come. He may come in the morning. Or He may come in the evening. Or He may come at midnight. And if your lamp is lit, all will be well. And if it is not lit, you will miss Him. To dwell in the state of awareness that you are watching for the One Who is All: this is the source of the inspiration that will affect the kind of service that you wish to give, the kind of life that you wish to dedicate yourself to. You cannot analyze your own motives, your own acts or other people’s motives and acts. They will tangle you all up, my friends. Only dedicate yourself, not just now, but in all the nows, to the Father. Watch and wait, for you do not know when He will come.

Within the innocence of your soul, that which is perfect will always be coming into you. So concentrate on that. It is especially difficult within your peoples’ lives at this time to make this change in emphasis, for people more and more have become each other’s watchdog, and this is accepted within your culture, as you may call it. And those who attempt not to concentrate upon the negative are often considered unaware, or even stupid. Yet we assure you that the will that you create by your continued innocence of heart will be a light within this world, this world of yours which is dark at this time.

My friends, it is as though the world were deep, deep asleep, and a few of you are attempting to remain awake. For you, my friends, love may yet light up the sky. For those who sleep, it may be a long night.

Other people’s reality will remain real for them. Yours will also remain real for you, no matter how, shall we say, difficult the times may get for those about you. It is truly written that to those which are innocent in heart, those things which are needed will come.

I am so happy to be able to speak with you, and I will tell you it is close to my heart that each of you within this room has the ability to speak our thoughts. It is hoped that each of you will be able to help others.

At this time. I would like to leave you so that, my brother, Laitos, may speak through another channel. I leave you, my friends, in the love and light of the infinite Creator. I am known as Hatonn. I am you. Adonai.

(B channeling)

I am Laitos. I also, my friends, greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It has been some time since I have been able to use this instrument…

[The rest of the tape is inaudible.]