(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I identify myself to you by using the name Hatonn. I wish to emphasize, though, that this is only a means of identification which we have chosen to use through these communications. In reality, the name “Hatonn” would be considered the identity of what you would call the planet from which we come. Upon our planet, or shall I say, within our realm, the people, which number greatly, have united in consciousness and are desirous of one thing. And that one thing, my friends, is to know the Creator, and to be instruments of His love. And through this desire, we have come to serve the people on your planet.

So we of Hatonn, being of one mind, have heeded the cause of the peoples upon your planet, for there are many who are subconsciously pleading for assistance. We have come for this purpose, to assist in whatever way we may at this time.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service to the Infinite Creator consist of a large number of what you would call planets. We come from many areas of the universe, yet we are all united. We are all one, in reality. And in speaking of this oneness, we will emphasize also that you yourselves are as important to the concept of oneness as is, or shall I say, as are all of these. For, my friends, if you exclude but one member, but one unit within this vast creation, then you do not realize the concept of oneness. One, as you understand it, means a unit without any extension. But one as we understand it is a unit of infinity. My friends, as you understand infinity, there is no end or beginning. And if there are no ends, or no beginnings, to the concert of one, or infinity, what else could it be called but a unit, one unit of infinite experience, which contains all things, all knowledge, all beings within the universe.

Oneness, my friends, is indeed not limited. Oneness is all things. Within one, all things are found. Within yourself, my friends, the true identity of the concept of one has been implanted by our Creator. Within each being on your planet and throughout the creation there is the concept of one, there is its knowledge and understanding. Within you lie the answers to all problems. Within you lie the experiences of all other beings, for once you realize and are totally aware of the oneness of the entire universe then you cannot separate the experiences of your brothers from the experience of yourselves. You shall not realize self-identity as you do now. For self-identity, my friends is something which you have adopted for a short period of time while existing within the physical realm. It has been adopted by you so that you may learn. And within this physical realm, the lesson you must learn is love. And love is one, and love is all.

These words may seem contradictory, yet that is because you have taken these concepts and you have separated them within your physical illusion. My friends, realize that within the creation there are no separations. All things are indeed united and can never in any way be truly separate of each other. Your thoughts, as thoughts of all other beings, are emanated truly from one source of intelligence. And that intelligence, my friends, is the love of the Creator. And it is the Creator.

You are creators, as are all other beings. And all together, as we understand it, are the Creator. We do not know as a fact all realities or all truths, yet as close as we have been able to understand it, this is the truth: that all beings unite, all things take away the separations which we have implanted within them, unite to form the omnipotent being we call the Creator. We are but particles of His consciousness.

Yet within each particle are His abilities. We must learn to focus our consciousness on His love, which is readily available to all. And we must learn to utilize properly the abilities which have been implanted within us. For within us, my friends, is the ability to create, the infinite ability to create experience through all eternity. This should be thought of, for you should not take lightly your ability to create. For as you go through your day, you have many thoughts. Many thoughts are kind and loving. Yet within your world you are constantly bombarded by negative experiences and thoughts. Your thoughts, negative and positive, are in reality creations of experience within other realms than [this consensus] reality. Therefore, you must learn to control and utilize properly your ability to create.

I would transfer this contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)


[Tape ends.]