(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is as always a pleasure and indeed a privilege to be allowed these few moments with you.

I wish to briefly acquaint myself and my brothers and our purpose with the new member. I have stated my identity as that of Hatonn. I wish to stress that my identity is the same as that of all the inhabitants of what you would consider to be our planet. We of the planet Hatonn have grown through our evolution to a point of unification of consciousness. We have gone beyond the need for extreme self-identification such as is desired by the inhabitants of your planet.

And for this purpose, we simply state ourselves as inhabitants of Hatonn. There are others within what we call our Confederation who would identify themselves by other names, and this method of identification which they use is the same which I have explained to you that we have chosen to use.

All the members of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator have reached this unification of consciousness and desire. This brings us to our purpose. Our purpose is the same as our desires and our desire is to share our love and knowledge with the inhabitants of planet Earth, and with all others who would request it. We of the Confederation claim not to be beings of a supreme nature. We are not infallible in our judgment or knowledge.

Yet through our experience, we do feel that we have attained a greater understanding of the universe than those upon the planet Earth. Some upon your planet may find this statement offensive. Yet we must stress that this is truth, as we understand it. We do not wish to convey to anyone who would not choose, our thoughts. We only wish to share what we have with those who also wish to share with us. By this, we mean that we shall not force anyone to accept what we have to offer.

Our purpose is simple, as is our desire. We of the Confederation wish to serve the people upon planet Earth, and nothing else. We have no motive other than to increase your own knowledge and understanding by sharing with you our knowledge and understanding.

For in service to another, inevitably you are serving yourself. For as many philosophies upon your planet have stated, the universe and all that is in it are one being, and no more, with each being and each particle within it being exactly that: one particle within a whole, all united within consciousness and spirit. And through this unification comes about the undeniable fact that service to one is service to all, and to oneself. You, my friends, are the creator and the gods which are spoken of in the scriptures, as is everyone and everything within this universe. Accept separations within your consciousness, and they shall exist temporarily for you. But deny them, my friends, and the ones which you have been accepting for so long shall begin to fade from your awareness. And you shall begin to awaken to the true concept of oneness. And you shall begin to know the truth: that there are no separations.

We of the Confederation are beings as yourself, with no greater capabilities than what you possess. The only difference between ourselves and those within this room is that we, through our own efforts, and mostly through the use of meditation, have broadened our awareness and experience beyond that which you have done.

We dwell in a dimension, if you wish to call it that, which does not contain physical reality as you know it. In our domain, spirituality and spiritual awareness overwhelm all existence. If you are not within the harmony of the laws of creation, then you are not able to exist within our domain. Within our domain, there is not that which you consider to be negative. All that there is is love and light, love being the physical manifestation of all things.

Love is all things. The Creator is love, and He resides within you. Each time that you express your love, you have created. And each time you pass up a chance to show love, you have also passed up your chance to develop your birthright of being a creator.

My friends, what you do not understand is that you are not limited. You have been taught that there is a supreme Being, but you have been taught to accept this Being as one Who is not within you. You have been taught to accept this Being as being, in actuality, a physical being of supreme nature. This is a fallacy, in a sense, for all beings are physical beings of a supreme nature, for from the supreme Being we have come, and within Him shall we reside, and within us also shall He reside.

If you could but only once see with your eyes the creation as it truly is meant to be, as it truly is, you would see nothing, my friends, but light. You would not see entities or objects. You would only see particles of light, dashing in front of you. For this is reality is all existence. We are the particles which constitute and create the Creator. And in turn, we have been created by the Creator. Without you, without each individual, the Creator could not exist. And without the Creator, all things could not exist. All things are interdependent, and all things are one supreme Being.

I shall transfer this contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn.

As many times as we have gone over these concepts, we find that it is not clear within any of your minds just what the relationship is between you and the Creator. Somehow, it seems to your conscious mind that to say that you are the Creator, the Creator cannot get along without you, you are Gods, etc., is somewhat laughable and even, shall we say, egocentric. And, my friends, if we were saying these things to you at the level at which these words unfortunately speak, indeed it would be terribly incorrect information. We ask that you attempt to relax your mind. Remove yourself from the tightness of your everyday thinking. And begin to see that you are very close to yourself, and very far from the nearest star, so that you seem to be much larger than the star. It is a matter of perspective. In reality, the star is a majestic, magnificent, enormous entity, compared to you. And if you are one with the star, then the star is one with you, and neither complete without the other. It is no more than the understanding which is recorded in your holy works, where it is written that sparrows, which are two for a penny, never fall without the Creator knowing that they have fallen. All things, large and small, lie within the Creator, for they lie within the creation.

We do not know what the Creator is. We do not know His nature. We do not know His actions, His purposes, His intentions. The Creator is infinite, invisible. This we know, for this He has shown to us again and again: that He created us in a vibration of pure love, and that He considers all of us as Himself. And so we tell you this, not knowing the ultimate reason, only knowing that reason enough for our infinite existence as entities within a loving creation exist and may be told to all.

We come to give you a message of love. We come to tell you that you are gods, not because you are so wonderful, but because the Creator is wonderful.

And the Creator is within you. Stand away from your personality and see if you can find that faraway sun within you, that star shining in the darkness and depths of your soul. There shines the Creator: in some cases terribly distant, yet always there, and always shining. All you need do, my friends, is look up. Within yourself, begin to seek for that star. The Creator is within you, and the Creator will work through you.

And so you may say, my friends, the Creator is you. For all practical purposes, my friends, you may cause your life to become a channel through which the Creator may live and move. In many cases, it may seem as though this human personality of yours may never get, shall we say the hang of showing the Creator’s love to others. It may seem that the possibilities of the situations which you are in are very, very limited for showing love. But I say to you: that it is truly written that the place whereon you are standing is holy ground. You do not need to put yourself into a situation which may seem outwardly spiritual in order to be in a spiritual situation. For, my friends, the universe is a spiritual universe, and what you are going through is an illusion called the physical existence.

Spirituality, as it is called, may often seem to be a joke. One cannot be spiritual in a church and walk away from the church and become nonspiritual. This, may I say, my friends, makes no sense at all. For one is spirit and one carries the spirit within the temple of his body, into and out of church. Into and out of every situation. When the situation seems difficult, wait for a moment for the realization to come to you that in you is a spirit, and within that spirit is enough love to carry you through that situation so that you may show the love of the Creator.

I will close through another channel. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. I would at this time like to say just a few words more. My friends, in order to take advantage of the creation which, as I have stated, is within each of you, it is not something that is always available to you, unless practiced. You will find, my friends that when used continuously through your existence, it is always available. But, my friends, you also know, due to the illusion which is now taking place, it is hard to see at times.

Continue with your meditations. And never give up hope. For, my friends, you are part of the Creator. This you will realize more each day. And it is true, my friends. In the creation there can be no sorrow.

I will leave you at this time. I am Hatonn. Adonai.