November 9, 1977

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we say to you that if you do not know yourself and of your abilities, then you shall remain in ignorance until you do so. You may attempt in many ways to gain intellectual knowledge. You can earn many degrees, as you would call it. You may be accepted by the greater peers of your society, you may be recognized as what you may term a genius, but yet we say, you remain in ignorance in spite of all these things if you know not yourself.

November 2, 1977

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: Let us talk to you about reality, my friends. It is important to talk about reality. We have talked with this group many times about love, many times about meditation. We wish to talk about reality. We are giving you the same truth but through a different filter. For it is this filter that you need at this time. There is in creation ...

October 27, 1977

Thursday meditation

Hatonn: We would tell you a little story about a young man. We shall call him John. John was a fine young man, intelligent and well-loved by all who knew him. He was successful in his work and he achieved all that he wished to achieved very easily. But there was one thing he could not achieve. He could not achieve wisdom; he could not achieve peace of mind; he could not achieve joy. In other words, my friends, he was not free. He was not in a state of love.

September 26, 1977

Monday meditation

Hatonn: Look not upon your brother as someone different then you. Look upon your brother as a reflection of a portion of yourself and of your Creator.

August 10, 1977

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: Your peoples, my friends, do not always have a good contact with us, or with any of those who attempt to help them to remember their true self. Why is it, my friends, that your peoples are often so unaware of the friends that they have?

April 13, 1977

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: Within your universe there is a local phenomenon which is known to you as time and a local set of conditions represented to you by mass and space and your so-called Euclidean geometry. And because of this we speak to you of cycles and of timing our campaign. We are dealing with a local set of parameters and it is in this way that we communicate with you that we bridge the gap between our way of thinking and your way of thinking. There is a level on which the talk of cycles and anything of campaigns is, if anything, only partially so for this is a level of which we are far more aware than you: that all things are truly one; that all cycles truly become circles; that all corners truly become rounded into one unending globe of unity—infinite, invisible, eternal and containing all that there is.