(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is as always our privilege to be with you. And this evening it is pleasing to see so many. We of the Confederation attempt so often to communicate in many forms with your peoples, and time and time again, we find that our attempts are in somewhat what you would call, a fruitful [inaudible] and then there are other times when we find no ears to listen. And it joys us and it gladdens us to know that you wish to listen and to know that above that, you seek the truth, the truth upon [which] all things are founded. You seek the truth in order that you might understand not only your environment, but your own inner being. My friends, we say to you that if you do not know yourself and of your abilities, then you shall remain in ignorance until you do so. You may attempt in many ways to gain intellectual knowledge. You can earn many degrees, as you would call it. You may be accepted by the greater peers of your society, you may be recognized as what you may term a genius, but yet we say, you remain in ignorance in spite of all these things if you know not yourself.

We of the Confederation have attempted to tell your peoples throughout many, many of your years the importance of this simple knowledge of the inner being that sustains and ordains your existence. We of the Confederation have mentioned to our contacts, time and time again, the method which we feel most beneficial by which to gain this knowledge of self and of the universe. And as you are aware, that method is what we term as meditation.

Meditation, my friends, brings us the key to the universe. It is the key to the inner being that you are. It is the key to the door of the Creator’s house. It is the key to the door of all truth and understanding.

Meditation is the silence which is spoken of so often within the holy works that your peoples recognize upon this planet called Earth. My friends, the silence that you enter into is a silence which may at time seem to be vast and at other times to be very minute. And this is as it should be, my friends, for within the universe, all things are both infinitely small and infinitely large. For every expansion there is that opposite, contraction; for every thing there is balance. And balance, my friends, can only be achieved by the experience of both sides of what we may call the scale. The scale of positive or negative, if you so desire. Within your meditations you may find that balance. For it shall provide you with the understanding of your experiences, whether they be of the positive or negative nature. They are to be understood, for without the understanding of that which you experience, the lessons have been overlooked; the lessons have passed you by.

Very often, as man upon planet Earth proceeds through his daily chores and activities, he becomes, shall we say, unknowledgeable of that which occurs around him, for his attention is focused in one area and his closest sensitivities in order that he may concentrate upon the performance of his duties. We say that as you go through these duties of life, concentrate if you must, in order that you do the best that you may do; but allow your sensitivities to remain in complete function, so that you may absorb the entire experience that you encounter. And as you absorb these experiences they shall register within your memory banks, there to be held in order that you may learn to understand and call upon that understanding in what you would call your future.

Man upon planet Earth is what you would consider to be the highest form of intelligence within the universe, if only he would recognize this ability. We of the Confederation have lived through your experiences. We have grown through similar experiences. And through our growth we have learned the simplicity and the magnificence of your race. For we, too, are of your race. There are some basic differences, for we have progressed the same as you and we have possessed the same forms as you.

Man upon planet Earth is residing upon a testing ground of spiritual awareness; testing grounds in which he may grow and gain all of the knowledge necessary in order to expand into the universe and spread the love and the light, the truth and the understanding of our Creator. It is indeed, shall we say, your opportunity and obligation as inhabitants of planet Earth to become the teachers and the servants of your fellow beings within this area of space in which you reside. There is around and about you, throughout your system, intelligent life; some with greater understanding than what you possess on planet Earth and some with less understanding. But in no other civilization, within your confines of space, is there the magnitude of possibility for progression that you may experience on the planet Earth. You have not been chosen idly to abide upon this planet. You have progressed throughout the evolutionary scales, throughout thousands and thousands of what you would call years and you have earned the opportunity to reside upon this particular planet, to fulfill your own particular purpose in this creation.

If man upon planet Earth was truly aware of the number of individuals, as you would consider them, throughout the universe, that would desire inhabitation upon this planet then he would begin to realize in greater detail the importance of his existence, and the special importance of this period of time and experience upon this particular planet. There is throughout the universe a structure, which we will simply call a hierarchy. They oversee your activities, they evaluate your progression, and they do many things for you to enable you to obtain the experiences that you have earned and are necessary for your growth.

You are constantly, what you might call, monitored by this hierarchy. They pass not judgment on you, but they watch with great concerns your activities. For they are aware of your purpose, and they are awaiting its fulfillment with great patience and compassion for their fellow beings upon planet Earth. They in turn send forth to you emissaries of truth and knowledge and understanding and love. We, my friends, are those emissaries. Yet, we claim not to be of any greater value than man upon planet Earth. For, my friends, we could not bring these truths to you if it were not for your presence. We could not serve you if you did not inhabit this place—in time. So we are grateful that you have come to listen. For expressing your desire to listen to our words, you have given us the only means of fulfillment of our purpose at this point in time in this universe.

We are always grateful to you, we shall always love and respect each and everyone of you, and we shall always be here to help. Whenever it is desired, this is our purpose, to assist you in the awakening of your inner self. Once this awakening has been achieved, then no longer shall you need our assistance. For you shall be with us, perhaps not in physical form but in what you would term “spiritual essence.”

Earth, my friends, is the training grounds for what your mythology has termed as “gods.” This has been expressed through other instruments, and it is indeed the truth. Be not discouraged if your society seems to be against you, or go against your code of morality. Do not be discouraged, my friends, because it is your opportunity to grow. It is your opportunity to learn and to understand your own power of creativity.

For we say that what you experience is the manifestation of your own thought patterns. Whether they be of a conscious or subconscious projection, they are indeed the manifestation of your own [inner] thoughts, [feelings,] emotions and understanding. So is it not logical that in order to truly know your universe and all about it, that you must first know yourself?

If the law of creation which we have given to you is indeed true, so are the words that we speak. We demand in no way that you accept what we say. We only speak it for it is what we understand and what we experience. It is your choice, my friends, to either grasp on to this understanding and to refine it or to search for another one. But we assure you that in due time, whether it be within this life experience or not, all of the peoples upon planet Earth shall come to understand the simplicity of the truth that we speak.

We of the Confederation are aware of all of the great teachers now on your planet and all of the great teachers within your past. We recognize none as being greater than the other one, only some who were known better, who experienced greater success. And of these, the most successful was the one who you would call the Christ. The Christ, my friends, was the manifestation of the desires of your peoples for the truth and for an example. Follow the words that he spoke but above all live the life that he lived. Live the truth that you find that you may speak, as did this teacher and the universe shall lay at your feet and give praise unto you, for indeed you are the risen Christ. For each and every one of you is the risen Christ the moment that you understand yourself.

I would transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I and my brothers ask you to pause with us at this time to work on conditioning. We are privileged to work especially with those who desire to intensify their contact with the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. We will work on each of you at this time, and we ask you to relax. We ask you to envision the energy of love all about you. It permeates the air about you, my friends. You breathe it in with every breath and absorb it through the skin of your chemical body. Love is all about you. You breathe it in and you are a sentient being and you cause this love to have direction, my friends. And this love that you breathe in and absorb spirals up your energy centers—and we are aiding you and feeling this at this time—and the energy rises as smoothly as you have begun to open the doors of meditation. And as you become a purer channel, my friends, this energy rises more and more smoothly and becomes a pure love energy as you give it out as freely as it has come to you. And now this energy, my friends, leaps up like flames from each of you and becomes a beautiful white energy, and moves from one to another about the circle that you have made in your seeking this evening. We ask you to feel this energy, feel the unity of that movement of the love in the circle. Feel the potential building up. This unity of love my friends, is reality. You are experiencing love at this time. Now, relax and continue to feel the energy coming in, being directed by the wisdom of your being, being sent to the group as love energy, and feel the unity.


Very quickly, my friends, we will make contact with some of the newer instruments. We will not spend a great deal of time on this, but we wish to exercise the newer channels, if you will be patient. We would like to attempt to say just a couple of sentences through the one known as G, if she would relax. I am Laitos.


We would move now to make contact with the one known as J, if she would relax and speak freely.


We would move now to contact the instrument known as B and say a couple of sentences through him, if he desires to speak our thoughts. I am Laitos.


We would now touch on the instruments known as G and M, so that they may feel our presence.


I am Laitos. We are sorry we are not getting verbal contact, but we felt that it was important to let the whole group feel the energy of the group, so that those who had not previously had experience with contact could feel the energy going from place to place within the circle. This is also part of beginning to become familiar with our type of contact, our type of energy. We are aware that members of the group will be attempting to make contact in a new locality in the near future. And we wish to say to the one known as M, that we will be with you and that we will continue working with you—I, my brother Hatonn, and many others of the Confederation. Place, obviously, does not mean very much to us. And indeed, we become very, shall we say, confused about time. What we hear in any time and at any place is the desire of our brothers and sisters on planet Earth for the thoughts that we have to share.

My friends, we would ask you to become aware of the fact that you are real. It is indeed almost as though your peoples, my friends, think of themselves as one of your toys, a doll perhaps, or a stuffed animal that a child would pick up and play with, making pretend in various situations and then putting the doll aside. And so you treat yourselves, my friends, many times. And then you say, I will play the part of a wage earner, or I will play the part of a man about town, or an attractive woman, or I will play the part of a churchgoer, or I will play this or that role. And you do not believe yourselves, my friends. You do not understand the game at all.

You see, underneath the sawdust and the tinsel of everyday life, there is something in you that is real. And that reality is very precious and will outlast the tinsel and the chemical body itself. The things that happen to you daily are quite important to this real self. Not perhaps in the way they seem to be important, as you pretend to be this or that. The importance of these things comes to you in a funny way, shall we say. It comes to you depending on how you desire that it comes to you. It has been written in the holy works that you call the Holy Bible, “Seek and you shall find.” Just as you desire your experience to be, so it will show itself to you.

Most people, my friends, thinking of themselves as little more than a sawdust doll, do not desire deeply that they may discover the truth in their existence. Therefore, they do not discover the truth in their existence. But, my friends, if you truly desire that each moment may teach you its lessons, then you magnetize yourself, just as though you were walking through a vast beach and looking hopefully for precious metals. Sawdust, my friends, does not attract metal. But if you have magnetized yourself, ah, the metal comes to you through all of the useless sand and it attaches itself firmly to your understanding.

Desire. Do not be afraid of that word. What you desire is up to you. The intensity of your desire is very much up to you, my friends. Do not be afraid to really want to know the truth. Not just now, but all the time. When you are eating, my friends, when you are drinking, when you are speaking, when you are watching your television; you are in there, my friends, you are real, and you are here to learn the truth. It is a simple game and you play it by magnetizing yourself with the desire.

I will turn the message back now to my brother, Hatonn, and open the meeting to questions. I am Laitos, and I thank you very, very much for the privilege of speaking with you.

[Tape ends.]