29 December, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] The question this week has to do with being in the moment. We’re wondering if Q’uo could give us some information about some of the obstacles there are towards keeping us from being in the moment. Our daily lives seem to be full of things that keep us from being in the moment. Please offer some hints as to ways that we can access the moment and be in the moment. And please give us some ideas about what the benefits might be for the spiritual seeker of remaining in the moment and “being here now.”

15 December, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] The question we have today, Q’uo, is about the meaning of Christmas in our world. Please tell us about the spiritual principles involved in living a life that follows in the footsteps of Jesus; specifically, about living from the heart, living in love. And since this is a season of giving, also please mention the principles about giving with love or giving from the heart.

24 November, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] The question tonight, Q’uo, is what are the key barriers to and requirements for making contact with intelligent infinity?

10 November, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] (Read by Jim.) The question tonight is: Conspicuously absent in the philosophy of the Ra contact is any mention of the surrender of the conscious self to a guidance, intelligence or will greater than its own, be it the higher self, love and light, or the Creator. Where is there room for God’s grace and surrender in Ra’s philosophy? If surrender is suggested in Ra’s philosophy, to what does an entity surrender?

27 October, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] The question this evening, Q’uo, has to do with the indigo and violet rays. The instrument is about to embark upon writing a chapter in her Law of One 101 book concerning the indigo and violet rays. From the Ra contact we have a good deal of information that describes the various qualities of these rays and the instrument would like to ask you if there are any basic concepts or spiritual principles in relation to these indigo and violet rays about which you could speak that would give her additional insight into these rays as she writes about them.

13 October, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] Our question tonight, Q’uo, has to do with how we, as seekers, can deal with adversity. Our third-density illusion has the purpose, it seems, of providing us catalyst and by using this catalyst we hopefully can grow into greater understanding of our place in the universe and of how to be of service. Sometimes, though, the catalyst is either too much, or we feel like we’re getting burned out, or it’s boringly repetitive and we’re getting tired of doing the work, or for some reason, we just feel discouraged and could use some words of inspiration, something perhaps other than, “Well, remember that you’re all one,” or “Persevere, persevere.”

6 October, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] The question this week comes from our beginning discussion of Stonehenge and its original purpose, thinking that it has something to do with seasons. We were thinking about the seasons of the seeker. Are there seasons in seeking? Most people start out very much on fire and very excited about seeking and read a lot and meditate a lot and do all kinds of things and then it kind of reduces in intensity and the seeking becomes more of a normal kind of thing, a day by day thing.

22 September, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] The question tonight is: Ra says, “Know yourself. Accept yourself. Become the Creator.” We would like to know what is the difference between knowing yourself on the one hand and accepting yourself on the other. Could you define these? Is there any significance in the placement of self-knowledge before self-acceptance in this statement?

8 September, 2007

Saturday meditation

[overview] The question this week has to do with the role which personality plays in the spiritual development of the seeker. We’d like Q’uo to give us an idea of the best way for the seeker to look at the personality, to use it or not to use it, and how to use it. What role does the personality play in the work of the spiritual seeker?

7 September, 2007

Special meditation