18 December, 1988

Sunday meditation

13 November, 1988

Sunday meditation

[overview] Concerns the concept of the chosen, or the elect, mentioned in the Bible by Jesus, when he said that the elect would see the Kingdom of Heaven, mentioned by the Jehovah’s witnesses when they talk about the 144 thousand, and in the new age, when the chosen people are mentioned as “those that are going to be lifted off the planet by the UFOs when they land.” So, we’re looking for comments upon the elect, the chosen. Is this a valid concept, or is this a distortion of something else?

30 October, 1988

Sunday meditation

[overview] Is there any value to the seeker in studying, in reading, in trying to apply everything that’s been learned consciously day-to-day in the daily life, or can you get just as far in spiritual illusion by being a “nice guy” and living an ordinary life?

17 October, 1988

Monday meditation

[overview] Who are the entities that speak through our instruments that allows them to come in the name of Jesus the Christ? What is the nature of their makeup that allows them to do this?

9 October, 1988

Sunday meditation

[overview] “Q’uo: We have been asked to speak to you this evening about hatred.”

18 September, 1988

Sunday meditation

[overview] Asking for general information on the subject of selfishness.

4 September, 1988

Sunday meditation

[overview] How does the seeker balance the various polar opposites such as passion in the seeking and yet discrimination in the seeking? Love and giving and wisdom and how to do this? The unconscious and the conscious mind? The female nature being receptive and the male nature being active? All of these polar opposites are part of following the path. How does the seeker balance them?

31 August, 1988

Wednesday meditation

[overview] Has to do with lying. How does the concept of lying, deliberately and willfully misrepresenting a position or information, get introduced into our creation? From the beginning of the creation when that which is created is created out of that which is uncreated.

14 August, 1988

Sunday meditation

[overview] Concerns the changes on the Earth in relation to the greenhouse effect. There’s been a lot of talking recently with our hot, hazy and humid weather as the cause, and we’re wondering what kind of shape the Earth is in? Has the greenhouse effect been responsible for the changes that we’ve seen in the weather patterns? And just in general, what kind of shape is the Earth in?

4 August, 1988

Intensive meditation