(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is, as always, a great blessing and privilege to meditate with you and to engage with each channel in the study of being and the craftsmanship of listening and speaking with minimum distortion that which is heard.

As we gauge the energy level in this circle this evening, we find a malaise… a lack of passion. Do not think that we say these things to criticize you, but merely to hold up the mirror to the face. We know that each of you is deeply passionate, deeply caring, deeply wishing to serve. And so this evening we would speak with you about what this instrument would call passion, and what we would call the fusion of free will and purified emotion.

We shall transfer this channel to the one known as D. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We find that the instrument known as D has much concern within the mind which is creating difficulties for the channeling, and in this way becoming what this instrument would call a self-fulfilling prophesy. Therefore, we will use this instrument to speak for awhile about this all-important subject.

Most often we discuss the love and light of the infinite Creator. In fact, in every discussion which we are privileged to share with those who seek to hear our voice, we speak of that which is all that there is, love and light. Yet these, like any other words, are cold and damp. It is passion, imagination, creativity, hope and daring which invest love and light and life with the energy needed to accomplish.

Let us examine passion. As we have said, it is the enclosure of two very powerful forces, purified emotion and that free will within the entity which chooses to stand behind that purified emotion. The most basic passion and perhaps the one most clear in the mind of each here, is sexual, physical passion. Because the body cannot speak, it is most often true within your illusion that true passion is felt in this way rather than in an intellectual or spiritual manner. This is as it should be, for it is the cornerstone of your carefully contrived illusion that physical passion shall bring people together.

Now, each of you knows those who are passionate about certain activities, and each of you knows within the self that each is passionately devoted to pursuing the mysterious face of a beloved but invisible Creator. In third density, that which you enjoy now, you are learning to experience using time. In time, there is the capacity to either intensify what one thinks or to disperse what one thinks, to intensify a feeling or to disperse a feeling. In time there is the making of choices, the finding of one’s own passion, one’s own heart, one’s own true ground of reality. It’s not an easy task, for emotions must be purified to a certain extent and the will brought to bear upon the desired object. Those who wish to be channels for love and light, regardless of what their service to others is, need to feed the intensity of their love for the Creator, need to allow time to feel the intensity of the Creator’s love for each of Its creations.

The passionate affair that you experience with your Creator is an eternal passion, a holy and divine love, yet it is the free choice of any, no matter how well learned or seemingly advanced, to choose to intensify the life passion or to choose to relax and rest and let passion drift away upon a sea of detail and mundane activity.

There are exercises which hone the will and purify emotion. These exercises may vary from entity to entity. The most simply efficacious of them, of course, as we always suggest, is meditation. The will that drives one to a daily meditation is a free choice intensifying the emotion of love from the Creator, that a seeker pursues in the silence of meditation, in reading words of inspiration and contemplating them, or in prayer. Remember the saying of the master known as Jesus, “Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay,” and find within yourself in a daily and dedicated fashion to recommit yourself as if it were your first choice to living and expressing as much of the Creator as you can. Vocal channeling is one way. There are an infinitude of other ways to serve your fellow man, but without passion to stoke the fire within, the energies which are locked in eternity find great difficulty moving through the blocked channels of the electrical and physical body.

Thus, we would suggest to the new instrument, and to all who wish to live what this instrument would call a Godly and righteous life, to embrace the self and the nature of the self, to embrace the risk of attempting to be of service, to embrace that courage that causes the coward to speak up for that which it believes. Passion may come to you; however, if the instrument is not tuned, that is, if it does not grasp that food which it needs to be who it is, that passion will be distorted and will become petty.

Thusly, we wish to encourage each by saying, in your meditations focus upon the love that you feel and the love that you are receiving in the eternal and infinite process which is real life. We realize that this may not seem at first blush to hold the key to someone who is making a decision about how to be of service to others. However, once the self has worked for some time upon developing an inner intensity, a fiery and creative love, and an awareness of the infinity of love and power and wisdom which come from the Creator, the person who feels these things will find the [inaudible] of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness fall away.

There is no voice which is incapable of serving as inspiration for others through vocal channeling. We realize that some bring into this illusion memories which have been gift-given, by the self, to the self, for use in incarnation. We realize it may be discouraging to those who have not been born with such a gift to attempt by sheer practice and persistence to duplicate even one tithe of such inspirational beauty. Yet we say to you that there are many, many entities upon your sphere who wish to grasp their nature, who wish to know their Creator and the nature of their Creator, and who wish to understand to some small extent the nature of the relationships betwixt humankind and Deity.

Thus, one who is most modest, one who is facing a block, one who doubts the self, may certainly do so. It is not relevant to the choice, what is more relevant is the turning within to find the passion. Where does the passion within lie? In the answer to that question, the enormous power of the will is finally grasped and able to be directed as a magic wand, and the emotions purified through suffering and contemplation, through meditation and worship, are purified and whatever the central service is for each, the passion will tell the instrument its own nature.

It is, of course, a trick when you are encased in a physical vehicle which must needs be maintained in so many ways, to spend the time necessary in meditation. However, we find that where there is the will, the meditation follows. Not only during meditative periods, but again and again throughout the day and perhaps even the night watches, depending upon incarnational patterns at any particular time.

Do not accept yourself as a person caught in boredom or indifference. Do not accept yourself as less than a passionate, vital and creative being, a child of the Creator, with an infinite birthright. We would leave in this discussion an image with you concerning passion and service to others. If one group stands and hold hands together facing each other, each looks into another’s eyes, the energy moves from left hand to right hand around the circle, in negative polarity service-to-self [direction].

What service to others is all about is taking that same group which, indeed, needs to be of service to itself, and encouraging its own members in their services to others, and turning each person outwards so that when the hands are again held and the energy [again] is moving from the left to right hand, the energy then moves clockwise, the service-to-others direction. 1 Realize that whatever your service is to be, it has to do with facing outwards and offering without any expectation what it is you feel you can do and may do to be of spiritual service to another. Never stop holding hands with those companions you have been blessed with along the way, and gazing into each others’ eyes and enjoying the sharing of the group energy that feeds you, but always remember that those who truly wish to serve shall be turning vulnerably outward and offering the gift of self, with the Creator shining through, that light may be seen in a dark world.

What is each person’s passion? Let each ask and then let each pursue that passion deeply, persistently, daily. If upon occasion one can find no passion within, do not be discouraged. It is simply time for the comedy, the laughter, the lightness, and the bubbling over which is the easy side of passion, the free side of free will. When you laugh, you are the Creator. When you serve others, you are the Creator, His face to another who knows the Creator not, but who knows you.

We would once again transfer to the one known as D. Realizing that the entity is apprehensive, I can only encourage this entity to feel free and easy and to allow that freedom to loosen the lips and engage the imagination, for we can only give concept; it is the channel’s part…

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am aware of the instrument’s decision which we accept with grateful thanks for the opportunity to do the work we have done in adjusting to the instrument. We leave you with your choices, and we assure you too of an unfailing love and a source of creative inspiration in that if you ask us to be with you, so shall we be.

None of what we have said was meant to indicate that any should not channel. It is a point to encourage the process of knowing the self, so that which one does is done from inner conviction, from inner passion and not accepted upon authority from without, from us, or from any teacher whatsoever. We ask the one known as D especially to let the laughter come, to relax the tension, to feel the stress, like little electrical impulses, move down from the head, down into the shoulders, down into the arms, down to the fingers through the body, the torso, the hips, the legs off the toes. Relax and by all means avoid self-criticism.

We ask you clearly, each of you, to remember what you know already, that the statements you make about yourself to yourself determine your incarnational experience. Many new channels are caught in a trap which has been waiting for them since that time early in the incarnation when there began to be doubts about the self or stress placed upon the self that was seemingly more than could be borne. These occasions occur throughout the incarnational experience, but none affect the incarnate spirit like those experiences occurring in the early years of the incarnation.

Virtually each entity with whom we have worked—and we have worked with quite a few by now—has been blocked in what this instrument would call orange ray, that is, the relationship of the self to the self and the relationship of the self to another self. It is a feeling of relative unworthiness, relatively low advancement, a feeling that is persistent and pervasive, but untrue. That is, it is a distorted reflection offered to you by those about you which were very distorted. Now, at this moment, each is a free being and each has free choice.

As long as each realizes this fact and as long as each attempts to carry that realization into the present moment, the process of work for your planet and for the raising of the consciousness of the people of the planet will go on. Encourage yourself and speak well of yourself to yourself. If there are wounds to be healed and errors to be forgiven in relationships, pray unceasingly, speak and communicate persistently, until there is a feeling of peace, a feeling of righteousness, a feeling of freedom. Let that energy become unblocked. That energy is needed for the challenges of being in service to others. That energy that is blocked is the deepest part of your passion.

May you find that passion, may you rediscover that passion each day, may you become more and more purified and intense until you have moved into that kingdom where the life experience is created by the self, not by reaction to outside influence from the illusion. The key, of course, is meditation, but we are equally desirous of expressing our beliefs that for each serious thought, each deep philosophical utterance, an entity must needs observe and laugh at the absurdities of the illusion, the dear eccentricity of humankind, the ultimate, bleak, black, but funny happenstance of life lived in the shadow of death. This is your legacy of a being incarnate in third density. Each of you knows you are eternal and it is for this reason you wish to serve. Find the passion in that and hone it as if it were a weapon, a weapon to pierce most sweetly the hearts of those ready to receive love and light and life and joy.

At this time we would transfer to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am Hatonn and greet each again through this instrument. At this time, it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any queries which might remain with those present. Is there a query at this time?

I’d like to ask you to speak a little more on meditation block. [Inaudible] returning good will [inaudible] meditation as welfare [inaudible]. A question first of all [inaudible] different purposes give meditations different, different [perfect] purposes [inaudible]. You say that meditation is a key and, of course, my purpose now is coming a better vocal instrument, more in tune with energies beyond my own [inaudible] energies [inaudible] becoming a less distorted channel. The meditation that I do at present is only about five minutes, and I wonder if that’s enough time to be. A benefit of it, of course, is that I’m more likely to put in those five minutes a day than a much longer period. Can something effective be accomplished in that short of [inaudible] of time or would you more specifically name [inaudible] specifically my present goal, recommend my approach.

I am Hatonn, and we are happy to speak upon this topic, my brother, for it is one which is great in depth and breadth. To meditate, the will, as [you] have put it, is the primary factor which allows one to achieve whatever goal one has for the meditation. Thus, the time which one has to offer in this attempt is of less and even little importance, for if the desire be strong and the discipline be regular, then the foundation has been laid for the effort to construct the building as desired. Thus, we would encourage you to continue with your discipline and to complete it upon a regular basis in order that the desire continue to be exercised and to be strengthened through its use and continual expression.

The meditative state itself is one which is quite elusive to those who truly look within their own experience for the peace that passeth understanding, for within your illusion the daily round of activities repeating one upon another is so powerful upon the conscious mind, to the extent that one may truly feel at home, at peace, and within the center of one’s own being. Being at the persistent practice of this art, may we say, is that quality which will allow one to continue to refine the meditative practice in order that the goal of the perfect peaceful practice [will be] obtained in whatever manner is desired by the practitioner.

Meditation, as you are aware, may be used for a number of purposes. Many there are [who] utilize that peaceful moment for the solving of a persistent problem. Others for the visualizing of healing or loving energy being given to those in need of such. Yet others will find the goal of their meditation to simply [be] the obtaining of a blank and quiet mind to listen, shall we say, to the infinite silence within oneself. Others, as you are being more well aware, utilize the meditative state for the purpose of receiving information of one nature or another, in one manner or another, in visual images, in feeling tones such as we have accomplished here this evening.

There are as many uses for the meditative state as there are entities wishing to find within this state, for the meditative state is one which might be seen as clear seeing or clear being, in contrast to the normal conscious mind activity which may be seen as the diffuse seeing or being, where the waters of the mind are much stirred by concern and activities that surround the entity as weather upon the sea moves the ship upon the waves.

Thus, within the meditative state one is able to calm the waters and direct the will and the mind in a much more efficient manner in order that whatever goal be deemed important by the entity within the life pattern, this goal, then, might be more clearly seen, visualized and examined in whatever means have the ability to present to the entity the experience or the product of the experience that it desires.

Thus, in your own practice of meditation, we would encourage you, as we have said before, to continue as you have with the regularity and to be not be overly concerned with the length of time during which this practice is accomplished but to remember always that the desire which you bring to the meditative state is that quality which will enhance your experience whatever your goal might be. In a grateful [inaudible], we know we have little to offer in the way of refining or changing your practice other than to suggest the very basic rule, shall we say, of attempting to maintain the erect spine, and the location of the meditation in a disciplined fashion, that is to say, a particular place within your domicile or exterior wherever you find the atmosphere most conducive to that which you wish to accomplish. That you make of this place a place dedicated to that which you wish to accomplish during meditation and allow that place to be used only for that purpose, in order that the vibratory pattern which you set up in that location might be builded upon, shall we say, and become a resource that you may call upon each time that you enter therein to practice the art of meditation. You will at once be calling upon it and adding to it as you continue in this way upon a regular basis. Thus, you will have consecrated a portion of time and a place within your life pattern for a special purpose, the purpose of your own design.

We feel at this time that the suggestion will suffice for the comment upon your own practice and the description of the uses of meditation in general. May we speak in any further fashion, my brother?

Thanks, brother.

I am Hatonn, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have an experience that I would like to share with you and any comment you could make on it would be appreciated. There was a terrific amount of energy in the room when meditation began, and I got a name even before the music was half over and I was just calming down, I wasn’t really in a good state yet, but I got this name and it was, sounded like “Kumi” or “Coo-me” or something like that. I challenged it and it wavered, so I challenged it again, with by that time a better state of focus and concentration, and it broke down into some pretty good looking snakes, and I’ve seen that before and just let ’em go away.

But this time I thought, no, perhaps I can do something better, so in my mind, I gathered all these snakes up and took them to me to accept the fact that the snakes were part of me and when I hugged them to my breast, they turned into Monarch butterflies and flew away and suddenly it was a sunlit, summer’s day, with a breeze blowing and I was standing in a field. This lasted for the couple seconds it took for me to register the impression, and then I sort of walked the boundary of the room again in my mind and it was clear and the energy was calm again. Do you have any comment on this experience?

I am Hatonn, and our only comments this time would be to suggest that this experience is a good example of the ability of any entity to transform that which seems difficult or negative into that which is a thing of beauty, for within the entire creation there is no being other than the one Creator. Though in many disguises does the one Creator move, the attitude of taking the snakes within your own being in the welcoming embrace of love and compassion is the attitude which will serve each seeker best, in our opinion, when dealing with any difficulty, for the seeming difficulty and negative experience with which many seekers of truth encounter upon their journey are not encountered in order that the seeker be required to prove itself in any particular fashion or to make of the seeker any kind of victim, but these experiences are encountered in order that the seeker might be provided yet another opportunity to see within the face of another self and to welcome each experience as though the Creator stood before one and offered to one the fruit of experience.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

No. Thank you very much, that was inspiring.

I am Hatonn, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

No, thank you.

I am Hatonn, and we have greatly enjoyed ourselves this evening, my friends, for we feel that there has been a great deal of progress made by each instrument present. Though the program may be somewhat of a mystery to the one known as D [inaudible] that there has indeed been progress made, for as we just spoke in answer to the query of the one known as Carla, the seeming difficult situation is one which is also heavily laden with fruit for the entity that continues to look beyond the exterior of a difficulty and is able to use each experience which it encounters upon its journey in order to learn and to grow, and in this fashion enhances its ability to serve.

At this time, humbly and gratefully and joyfully, we shall leave each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Carla: I had to do this physically to recreate the image fully in my mind. If one turns outward and holds hands around the circle, the energy is still moving from the giving hand to the taking hand, which the Ra is assuming is from the giver’s right hand to the taker’s left hand, or in terms of direction, from left to right, which becomes counter-clockwise. When the 180-degree turn is made and hands are again held, the energy still is moving from the giver’s right hand to the taker’s left hand, but the direction of flow around the circle has been changed from counter-clockwise to clockwise. Clockwise is traditionally the “deosil” or service-to-others direction.