(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great privilege once again to be with this group and to focus with you upon the development of the ability known as channeling. The one known as Laitos is also with each of you and will be working to aid in deepening the level at which each of the instruments is working, relaxing, focusing and allowing the energetic thought forms, which become words when put into the conscious mind, to form. To be at once energized and focused and relaxed and dreamy seems a great paradox and yet, as with all spiritual paradoxes, the dynamic tension betwixt these two simultaneous states of mind create a consciousness that is capable of receiving and sending information of a sort much desired among your people at this time. Information which inspires, information which offers a way to seek ever more steadily and with ever more passion that great and unimaginable Creator Whose Thought we view in each density, for each of you is a thought and each of your creations, your own creation and none other.

We would like to speak about love and we shall be transferring frequently. Because of this use of technique, we shall be identifying ourselves to each of you mentally and we shall be expecting your challenge. However, it is not necessary to begin and end each portion with the spoken signature as we work at this time now not upon accuracy of perception, but upon adjusting the feeling tone of each channel to the highest, the best, and the most comfortable that it may stably be. It is the allowing of fluency which we are encouraging each channel to allow during this training session. We shall begin.

“My love is like a red, red rose.” We gave this thought to this channel, aware that the instrument would question it. And well she may. Yet during the channeling process, once contact has been established, it is unwise to question. It is unwise to interrupt. Let us look at the love and its symbol. That which is created is pure beauty. Yet its attainment is often moot. Weeding [around] roses, this instrument is often accompanied by the sore fingers one gets from the thorns which accompany each rose. So is love a beauty. [It is] not an easy beauty, but rather a beauty which may create both infinite joy and temporal pain. Such is the nature of love expressions within your density. Each of you is a hunter in search of its prey, that being love. The trail towards that true and whole love which is the Creator begins with the word as it is used among your people and the most shallow of images which the sentimentalization of that word has produced.

We shall transfer now.

(Unknown channeling)

Be love! That [which] most of your people’s experience in a lifetime is that which approaches that which we call love. For within your vision there is no possibility other than the distortion of that which you call love, as each attempts in his own way to approach a clearer experience and understanding of what it means to love and to be loved. The experience of romantic love, as it is called, is that which is new in a relative sense for most people of your culture and is that which is a further refinement upon the kind of love that builds its base upon devotion and commitment. The idea that the emotions might add their portion to the concepts of love is both a refinement of that which has been known as love among your people and a distortion of that which we see as the [giving] of self without condition to all who seek in service or interaction [inaudible]. And is an experience which from our point of view enhances the generation of catalyst among your people, for the concept of romantic love is that attraction which brings together those which might learn each from the other. However, we find that much disappointment follows many who do not find this quality or portion of love remaining in a strong and steady fashion in its manifestation in any relationship.

Yet, by involving the emotional aspects of each entity, the catalyst that each has to share with the other is made more vivid, more pure and is therefore driven more deeply into the conscious mind that one might consider more pointedly that which is to be shared and how it shall be done.

We shall transfer at this time.

(Unknown channeling)


[Ellipses throughout the rest of the transcript represent inaudible channeling.]

In the love is… aspects in… each of these times in your modern language… you tend to use a single term of love that… consciously experiences… in your consciousness of… attracting, imagining of Creator… your experiences of emotion is a gift which also point in… is to say that your experiences involve… expands your consciousness… enable you to contact… which makes us… the source… the opportunities in your eyes are… emotions that you call…

To live along the ladder of realization is about love. It is helpful to view what love is for that which we call love is all things seen and unseen, all things everywhere, all consciousness, and all knowing. Love lies not only in the sentimental, not only in the romantic, and indeed not only in those sufferings of love which cause the pricked finger from the touch of the rose’s thorn, but, rather, love is to be seen in every possible substance within the universe, no matter what it is, no matter what its connotation to a particle of consciousness such as yourselves.

Not only are the fresh vegetables and fruits that you eat divine love, but also that which is excreted after that which your physical body needs has been removed. In fact, one may see your illusion as a swirling mass of love constantly rearranging itself into various patterns in a coherent and intelligent manner. How then does one come to see the love, which is in each moment, in each challenge, in each difficulty as well as in each happiness? How can one see that love is equally at work in peace and in war, in richness and in poverty, in saintliness and in the blackest soul?

We transfer at this time.

(Unknown channeling)

There is in love the power to create. This is the very essence of that which we call love. Within this creative power is the necessity of what one may see as the mover and that which is moved. There is the further refinement into those qualities you see as that which is good and that which is evil. That which is radiant and that which is black. That which is male and that which is female. By these polarities, or should we say by this polarity, and its many expressions is all of what you know as creation set into motion and through this creative motion does the Creator experience that which is Itself creating and creating, recreating ever more varied and pure forms, portions of Itself that allow It to experiment and to know what it is to be. In just such a way is each conscious entity within the creation able to know this very same thing: what it is to be, to move, to be moved, to love, and to be loved, to experience, to grow from experience and to create the self ever new. All creation moves through this polarity.

Thus does each portion of the creation then find avenues for knowing the self, the creation and Creator. All of this is accomplished by the power of love, which moves every particle of your existence and in whose field of force and flow one is always moving in harmony, whether one is consciously aware of this movement or of the harmony or not.

Yours is the dance to experience the self-conscious aspect of love and to refine this aspect into a selfless kind of love that learns to move beyond the boundaries of that which you identify as your own self and your sphere of influence, shall we say.

We shall transfer.

(Unknown channeling)

Every action that you take is an expression from the Creator’s… for are you not… Creator? Love in itself is perhaps more properly said that Creator is love… the expression of consciousness… some simplistic explanation… is that… many of the people on your planet, even those who express love… to others fail to accept the example of the Creator’s… each to love himself or herself… love is like a flower that blossoms and… heals the self and… acceptance of the self…

We [inaudible] men see the beauty of the full-blown rose. They may well feel that love is to be sought in higher and higher realms that are further and further away from the imperfections of the self and many are the seeking souls who ask the Father to show them love as though it were something that was brought in from outside to be beheld as on a screen so that one may know the truth. And yet we say to you, that if the whole of love is infinite, then each of its parts is also infinite. We say to you that you are not only the beholder of the rose but also the rose, the mysterious rose, the rosa mystica, the rosy cross. This is your inner nature; this is your seed.

To encourage a seed one offers it the manna of sunshine and water. The seeds of love will grow in you as you pay attention to the most mundane and everyday duties and responsibilities, pleasures and pains. The suffering you may see as the dead portion of plant or animal matter that has been sloughed off, excreted, removed from its roots and left to move back into the larger infinity of the impersonal love. The attitude informs the eye rather than the eye, the attitude. Thusly…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Unknown channeling)

Thusly, it is in working with the tools and resources of meditation, contemplation, the listening ear, and the eager mind that love may begin to bubble within and call to the love without so that infinity may begin to hollow a channel through the soul of each seeker. If the love within is unmoved, the reception of love from without shall be hollow, not finding the answer within which produces joy under any circumstances. May we encourage each of you to practice love. Some have called this the prayer without ceasing. We call it observation. More and more use those tools which feed you on a daily basis, which instruct you to move the mind to its center, to its peace, its joy, and its understanding that when the eyes see that they may perceive in a certain way, a way which renews and transforms that upon which the eye has fallen. The eye which sees through the illusion of each perfect petal and each sharp thorn of the rosa mystica, which is the valley of the shadow of death.

Gaze at the incarnation before you. Gaze quietly and realistically. All of the dance of this illusion is a dance rejoicing in life and rejoicing in death for each of you in incarnation have come from infinity and shall move again into infinity at the end of the time allotted for your lessons here. May you find the bubbling spring of love within, the God-self, if you will, that calls and desires with purity to infinite love that there may be a renewing of passion, a caring, about each moment of life. Such enthusiasm is infectious. Love may be transmitted from person to person and as one person and then another joins the host of those who seek to move in harmony with universal love more and more may the face of the earth be renewed. And the Creator ever more gladdened.

We are most pleased with the new instrument’s progress. The earnest attempt to tune and to be sure by challenging that the spirit contacted indeed comes in the name of the in-service-to-others polarity. We are pleased and honored and would now transfer to the one known as Jim in order that any questions that may occur may be answered to the best of our humble ability.

I am Hatonn. I now transfer.

(Jim channeling)

At this time it is our privilege to ask if we might serve further by attempting to answer queries that may remain upon your minds.

I have one that is kind of a burning question to me right now. I expect you to answer, if at all, in a general fashion, but my experience is specific. I am experiencing an enormous desire to spend a great deal of money on clothing. I have experienced this for some months, actually since I realized that we simply did not have the money to spend on clothing that we used to. I have been unable to determine that there is any worth to this desire and am yet reluctant to call it entirely error because I do respect myself. This situation where I am covetous of money for the purpose of such petty purposes as buying clothing is concerning me about my spiritual path and I wonder if you have any comments to make on this kind of situation.

I am Hatonn, and our only comment, my sister, is the comments that we would give to any expression that seems to find its roots outside the self. In this particular case you seem to your own discernment be seeking the adornment that will enhance your appearance in a visual fashion. We would suggest to each seeker that would experience such a yearning, that the yearning be seen to be a symbol, a riddle, if you will, a trail, which may be examined and a deeper meaning uncovered. This may be done either by the simple mental process enhanced by meditation and prayer, contemplation, or by the addition of the actual pursuing of this desire in addition to the foregoing methods. The desire is that which offers an insight into the self in each such case.

Is there another query, my sister?

On another subject, yes, and I thank you for that answer. It is not an easy one, but certainly offers a pattern of working with it. The other question is similarly specific and I similarly expect you to generalize. I have experienced sexual infatuation many times and what I considered at the time to be an experience of being in love, once when I was 17, 18 and 19. When that experience was ended for me, I assumed that that was the love of innocence, which I would no longer feel and for over 20 years this was, indeed, so. My love for people was steady and strong and for those with whom I was intimate, most loyal and sturdy. And above comfortable in the sense that I did not feel helpless in the face of emotion. In the middle of my forties, I find myself once again experiencing that which is either sexual infatuation or being in love. However, unlike my younger days, I experience this not as a steady state, but as an extremely unsteady state, which resembles at times an emotional roller coastal. This has caused me to doubt my perceptions somewhat and to question the nature of what we call romantic love. Is it an illusion within an illusion? Is it indeed sexual infatuation carried over a longer period of time? Or is it something that occurs as a natural form of universal love?

I am Hatonn. And you ask me clearly [that] which is most thoughtful and considered and offered for our consideration as well. We may suggest at this time that the emotional aspect of the experience of love which you now are in the process of examining is in a close manner connected to your overall experience of love and its application to your personal identity. We apologize but we are having some difficulty transmitting these thoughts to this instrument. The symbolic nature of all experience must be kept in the corners of the mind when attempting to evaluate the value of any particular experience upon your life pattern. And again, we would turn your gaze inward, not wishing to negate that which you feel for another, but wishing your focus to include the self and its need for and deserved nature of love.

We hope that we have not spoken too specifically in this case for we do not wish to influence your free will in too great a manner and will simply ask if we might speak in any further fashion?

Using my intuition, and thinking upon that answer, I would simply ask you to confirm the following possibility. I believe that I came here to give, not to receive, and I believe that in the environment and relationship with which I am experiencing these feelings, this extremely deep level of love may well be the one thing which I may give to my other self which is a truly selfless gift. And, therefore, a gift which balances the extreme amount of love offered to me. Perhaps balance is the wrong word. But I will let it rest and ask for a confirmation of that, if it is indeed on the right track of what this emotion is doing in my life at this time. In other words, that it is not for me, but for the person to whom it is given freely.

I am Hatonn. And we would suggest that the track of thinking is that which may be pursued in your continued deliberation and may provide further insight if the further ramifications with connection to the self are explored.

May we speak in any further fashion, my sister?

Meaning love for myself as well as love for another?

I am Hatonn. And this is the correct message.

You have been very helpful to me. Thank you very much. I have no more questions.

I am Hatonn. And we thank you, my sister. Are there any further queries at this time?

God bless, Hatonn. God bless, Laitos. Thank you.

I am Hatonn, and we thank each as well for the opportunity of working with each and of sharing our journey at this time within this circle of seeking. We have been with each and shall continue to join each upon request within the meditative state. At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, meeting each, as always, in love and light of the one Creator. We are those of Hatonn. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.