Q’uo: We have been asked to speak to you this evening about hatred.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We apologize for the slow transmission, but we are working at deeper levels of the conscious but trance-like state, as this instrument has requested information which makes this state appropriate, due to this instrument’s own synchronistic queries. Before we begin, we would like to answer a question we find heavy upon this instrument’s mind. This instrument has been wondering, ever since the last time the beloved entity known as Aaron was part of a circle of seeking, why we were able to offer material of a high intellectual content. Firstly, the one known as Aaron is most intelligent, and will pick those truths of which he has the need, in a simplistic way. There is much of what you call your time for subtleties. Secondly, this entity is an humble entity, one which is grateful to sit in a circle of beloved entities and enjoy their company. Therefore, this entity is a very strong battery within the circle, and does not expect to understand each word, but is very pleased to be with each. This unconditional love offers the highest of vibration within your group at this time. Never estimate an entity’s worth by age or accomplishment, but by the ability it has for unconditional love.

We have been asked to speak to you this evening about hatred. Because this channel had also wished to ask a related question, we find this deeper state necessary, and will continually be attempting to preserve the depth of this contact. Please pardon any pauses.

That which is hatred and that which is anger, and all of those emotions which may be called negative, are distortions of love. They manifest through the distorted individual by blocking energy and trapping this energy in the center involved in the changing, confusing difficulty which is catalyst for distorted love. This catalyst may be extreme. However, may we say that that which the questioner considers hatred it does not know in full intensity, for it is incapable of achieving the purity of negative emotion which would be necessary for those which wish to polarize negatively. Nevertheless, we in no way disregard or lessen any of those emotions which are beyond the control of the entity at this time.

When an entity is extremely positive, as each within this circle is, that which may be seen by others to be unimportant or non-catalytic, upon the contrary sensitive entities which seek will certainly use this catalyst and experience painfully negative emotions. Thus, hatred is love which has been hurt badly. Anger is that which comes of hatred. Beneath the hatred is what this instrument would call the orange-ray blockage. This is especially painful when the entity who is in pain has some difficulty in experiencing self-worth and self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-love.

The one which loves the self has the most undistorted energy available to manifest in love in an undistorted form of intimate others which offer negative catalyst, shall we say for the sake of brevity, though this is not the exact description. Beneath both of these concepts is the concept of separation. The illusion in general, made up of many seemingly other selves separate from the self, is most powerful. Thusly, it is possible to see each entity as unique. However, the veil has dropped betwixt the waking vision and the evidence that each is also the Creator, each perfect and all one, one with each other and one with the original Thought of love which is the Creator.

We are aware that each has chosen the path of unity, peace, the love of neighbor, the hope for peace within all nations, all hearts and all peoples, and above all the seeking of the one infinite Creator. To those who wish to ameliorate the negative emotions they feel, action is necessary. The first action one may take is to outlast the length of time one is capable of feeling the same catalyst. This is, as this instrument would say, an easy way out, in that no effort must be expended, but merely existence prolonged. However, we are aware that each wishes to move as quickly as possible along the pilgrim’s path towards the mysterious face of truth. Thusly, we would give you harder ways to work upon the distortions of love which are the result of blockages which keep energy from moving through the lower energies into the heart energy of unconditional love, which the one known as Aaron has such a great deal of.

Each of you has, buried within, an unconditional love. In each case, this unconditional love withstood many trials, but ultimately the illusion made its mark, and each of you has separated the self from the other self to the extent that the unity of all is not reflected in the relationship which is under consideration in each case. In each case, the difficulty which is, shall we say, the proximate cause of separation is that which paradoxically seems to unite, that is, the rite of marriage. To those which find that they need change nothing of their relationship in order to live in a married fashion, the catalyst which is negative will be minimal. To those whose expectations are raised by marriage or who have in some way separated themselves from their true selves during marriage, [they] will find that that unifying ceremony has instead placed great pressure upon the entity which creates the illusion of separation.

We would now say a word about marriage. This instrument has been reading the work of your author, Joseph Campbell, and we find within the instrument’s mind the concept which is consistent with his theory that myth explains the truer nature of humankind. The phrase is, “Marriage is an ordeal.” It is through the great sacrifice of both entities that a marriage becomes a spiritual reality. The gestation of this primal and cornerstone unity is that consideration which you may call deep love or deep friendship or deep commitment. The unmarried who have these feelings do not have as many raised expectations of change as do those who choose the married state. There is indeed much sacrifice in creating the first social memory complex. To be together is the nature of the density which you enjoy. The lessons are only partially those of aloneness and solitude. Much necessary catalyst awaits the seeker within the illusions of relationship.

Thus, we would say to those present, especially the instrument itself, which is at this time married, to ever lower the expectations of another self, to remember the desire for the truth, and to remember also the desire to be a positively-oriented being. Now this is to say that without minimizing the effects of negative catalyst, the self-forgiven and self-loving self will stand upon its own two feet and consider not judgment of any other, but the most helpful way to respond. If there is no blockage within the feelings and thoughts, expectations and hopes within the entity, the energy shall flow through to the heart chakra, and the negative catalyst will fade, slowly or quickly.

The effort this takes is the utmost an entity can make, and when that utmost is not enough, when the entity which seeks fails to love without distortion, the entity must immediately begin to forgive the other, the self, the situation, and the illusion. The illusion is designed as an ordeal, indeed, a series of ordeals, within which, again and again, each soul chooses the positive path of unity, peace, joy, love and light, or the negative path of discord, despair, hatred and darkness. When the periods of darkness strike without warning, they are needed, for each entity has all of the varieties of humanity within the self. The most positive entity can be negative. The most negative can be positive. This illusion fools each as it ought and as it must.

In the end, we must move towards meditation as our primary suggestion for acquainting the self more and more with an undistorted love, a light which does not fail. In short, we recommend the daily meditation, the reading of thought provoking or inspirational material, the contemplation upon that material, and the attendant praise and thanksgiving for the moment of consciousness. All of these are but the frosting upon the cake of silence, for as one dwells within the green cathedral of the forest or mountaintop’s bleak aspect, or the splendorous church, waiting in what feels to be a holy silence for the service of group worship to begin, one is entering the silence within as well as sharing the silence without. Within there lie infinite spaces, for within lies all that there is.

Each of you has two basic parts. One part is that of the Creator, that of undistorted love, and to the body, to each cell, is given this awareness. In moving and knowing the body, an avenue into an excellently unblocked state of consciousness is encouraged. Therefore, if the entity is not able to meditate, it may walk about within the creation of the Father, for as this entity sings in its head, “I walk in the garden alone, when the dew is still on the roses,” this image was given to you by the teacher and Christ known to you as Jesus. Think of your inner space as the garden, and realize that it is your deepest desire not to be loved, not to be understood, but as this instrument’s favorite prayer gives, “To understand and to love,” for each of you is a radiant being. Each of you has strayed from the concept of unity, due to perfectly understandable catalyst. It is time to forgive. Remember always that the negative emotion is that which is as real as the positive emotion in that it creates the electrical atmosphere of certain of your higher bodies, and therefore affects your health and your experience within the illusion.

Those upon the pilgrim’s way need these obstacles not, and we are aware that each has sincerely tried to remove them. We may suggest only what this instrument would call prayer and silence. Each moves in change at all times. Change is painful. Those which have not together pulled to form that which can be termed an “us” must eventually separate in mind, if not in the physical or chemical form.

We have no discouragement for each. It is not right or wrong to act to think or to feel. It is, in addition, well to express the self honestly. The key to unity with others remains a responsibility [of] unity within the self, so that the self is a true manifestation of what the self has faith in and lives for. If that which is done in relationships manifests the love and the light of the infinite One, there can be no more beautiful gift to the relationship, to the other self, and to the Creator. When one loves the self, one loves the Creator. When one loves the self through one’s own perceptions of self-failure, or regains the love of self and moves once again in quiet confidence, this one will find the heart chakra unblocked, and the positive energy able to be manifested.

When there is an excess of sensitivity and feeling in a seeking entity, it is then that the difficulties of the illusion are most poignant. We can only urge your thoughts, insofar as you are able, towards either a higher and better cause or towards innocent distraction, which enables the self to regroup. If the negative emotion is called by the other self in a persistent way, we suggest for the sake of the seeking entity that it express the self insofar as it is deemed necessary for survival.

Beyond this, the responsibility lies from self to self. In enlarging and purifying the point of view, each other self is the Creator. Each other person is truly a mirror of yourself. Those hatreds, those distortions of love which the seeking soul feels for another are only reflections of the feeling for the self. Thus, it is the self which must be turned to in forgiveness and total compassion. “That which is beautiful,” it says within your holy works, “that which is good, that which excellent, that which is of virtue, love, enjoy, do.” These are words of simplistic advice. Yet we say to you that your thoughts are those things which people, populate, indeed, your consciousness, and in fact move your destiny. Attempt, therefore, to seek the Creator, to feel the oneness of love and light and to carry that flame within you which has been lit into each and every relationship and situation you may possibly achieve in this way. You are of maximum service to the self as a creature or child of the Creator, to the other self as the Creator, and finally turning at last from the illusion, the choice having been made, to the Creator Itself, to the great mystery which draws us all ever forward in love and light.

There is time enough, as this instrument would put it, in further densities to refine the lessons which follow the choice of the positive path. Each of you is a wanderer, each couple which has been asked about is already aware that it is of a different level of density than the mate. This creates certain problems of communication. The thinking is quite different from density to density, as the lessons change.

Tolerance of irremediable differences is learned only through the Creator within the self, not from the self which moves through the illusion in a wounded fashion, one way or another. May you each choose to love and to understand. This giving, without expectation, shall place a call within the universe for its balance, and to one who loves much, shall much love be given.

We ask each to live each day as if it were the last, to be as impeccable warriors of peace—of inner and outer peace—as possible, to pick the self up if it may fall, and to tabernacle with the one infinite Creator by going into the silence within. These are your tools. Remember the breastplate of righteousness within your Bible, and all the other armor of love. My friends, it is true—love is its own armor. Those about whom you have distorted emotions are…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

…light and love of the Creator at what this instrument would call the lower energy centers.

Let not these things be a stumbling block before your search for unconditional love any longer than necessary. The first order of business is forgiveness of self. Do not attempt forgiveness beyond the self at first, but only work upon the self. We find that each expresses its positive aspect, so we need not encourage this aspect of behavior. We do not encourage false behavior. We find each to be by nature friendly towards other entities and compassionate. Exercise your nature in this regard whenever you can, giving each passing stranger, into whose eyes you smile, a smile a bit longer, a bit wider, and from the heart. You will never know how many lives you touch by the gentle word, the kindly gesture, the gentle smile.

This aspect of the approach to living in a positive or service-to-others-oriented way is the completion of what we have to offer through this instrument, and so with many thanks to you for calling us to your group, and as usual with our warning that we are not authorities but pilgrims which have walked perhaps further along the path than you, we would transfer to the one known as Jim for the closing of this session. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there might be any further queries to which we may respond?

That pretty well did it for me. I don’t think I have any intellectual quibbles with anything. I’m satisfied.

Aaron must be too.

Well, that does prompt a question. When somebody like Aaron goes to sleep, does it drag down the energy like it does if an adult goes to sleep, Q’uo?

I am Q’uo. It is indeed well if each within the circle of seeking remains in the conscious meditative state, for in this manner the vital energy which each provides to the circle may be provided as a function of the waking conscious will which is somewhat blunted or blocked when the entity moves into those deeper levels of meditation and then into that sleeping state. The provision of the vital energy from such sleeping states is only of a residual nature, then, and as there is some necessity for the circle to provide a vitality to the one now sleeping, thus is the circle in that degree depleted.

Is there another query?

So, it weakens the contact, but it doesn’t kill it? Does it detune it?

I am Q’uo, and though the contact is somewhat weakened in either intensity or duration, the contact is able to proceed without stopping or without being detuned, as you have used this term.

Thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister. Is there a further query?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we are most grateful to each within this circle of seeking for inviting our presence. We rejoice with each desire to further refine the expression of the one Creator which moves through each and which is unique to each, and which is tested within each life pattern in order that it might be made pure and fine and strong and ever-present as a manifestation and glorification of that one Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and at this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.