Who are the entities that speak through our instruments that allows them to come in the name of Jesus the Christ? What is the nature of their makeup that allows them to do this?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a rare privilege for us to be called to a group so finely tuned as yours is this evening. We are delighted at the opportunity to share our thoughts with you, insofar as your language can be used to compass the concepts which we would offer concerning our identity. We continue to work in adjusting this instrument to a deeper level of meditation, so that, while conscious, the instrument may be more purely aware of the nuances of each concept which we offer. We find this to be in the case of this instrument, very nearly as satisfactory as the trance sleeping state, in that the instrument’s mind and vocabulary are capacious.

We have been waiting for this opportunity to speak upon our identity for some time, as this instrument would say. We even gave our group a name which compassed the query which to this instrument is crucial, that is, that as this instrument has noted with its intellectual mind previously, our name in the language you call Latin would mean literally, “Who?”

You wish to know why we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator can pass the challenge of the Christ and can say to you, “Jesus is Lord.” You wish to know what relationship we have to Christ. That which we have to say is both that which is desired and that which is not. Yet our nature is such that it is bound to disappoint each, that is, the intellectual and the faithful.

We shall begin with our identity as manifestations. We are citizens of various planetary groups which have attained thought communication and are therefore able to communicate without the language barrier. This ability to share concepts is fundamental to the Confederation. In the terms of your illusion, we live, have our various physical vehicles, and remain at this stage of our growth, individualized, but aware and harmonized with those within the group especially, and by careful extension, all those of the Confederation.

Each of us has our own areas of specialization. Some wish to speak to introductory students, some the intermediate, some the advanced, and some, those of any level in a certain area of inquiry, such as healing. We are those which seek out the more experienced or pure… We must pause.


I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and light. We must return this instrument to its former depth of contact. If you will be patient, we shall pause again.


I am Q’uo, and greet you again in love and in light. We are those which seek the purer or more experienced channel with the aim of producing philosophically based inspirational material. The contact with this group has been rewarding for us, and we rejoice in the love of the one infinite Creator, which binds each to the Creator and to one another. This is our manifestation. It is, like all manifestations, a mask and an illusion, real, in a manner of speaking, but of a limited duration. Such is the nature of manifestation. By its very nature it calls to infinity.

Upon another level, we address the query concerning our relationship to Christ. Our faith differs somewhat from this instrument’s, which is not surprising, considering that our experience is somewhat better realized within our manifestation. Nevertheless, when any seeking entity discovers compassion, that is to say, unconditional love, that entity has discovered and defined Christ.

We come from a race which worships the Christ in a somewhat different way, having, however, the understanding, if we may use that term, that the agent of redemption, be it the Christ principle or such an one as Jesus the Christ, is indeed Lord and one with the Father and Creator, Mother and Nurturer of all that that there is. We do not mean to demean this instrument’s religion, but to say that a Christ is a Christ, that is to say, that “Jesus is Lord,” is to say the obvious, for within the universe of this instrument, we are identical to that which is termed the Holy Spirit. This conjures up images of angels’ harps and clouds. These scenes occur only within your thought worlds, and are created by your thoughts, not those of the one infinite Creator.

We are those who worship the Creator, and seek to serve the Creator, thus we move as close to infinity in our purity as we are able, and offer to those who wish to hear the one simple message of love. Again and again, we suggest that the nature of the creation is love, unmanifest and manifest, and that by moving more and more in harmony with the original Thought of love, a seeker of the mystery of the Creator may accelerate his pace upon the journey.

We are then the Holy Spirit or Comforter, in this instrument’s terms. We have appeared as many, many things, including angels. We appear in thought alone at this time, and find that the mass of those who would seek our information prefer the, as this instrument would say, mythology, of the spacecraft and the visitors from elsewhere to the equally valid manifestation in thought of the angels or the vision. Were we to appear as ourselves, those of the Confederation would look most variously, and we feel our impact upon your people is more proof against abuse of free will by our speaking through instruments such as this one and using the most desired metaphors and images concerning our inner nature and function in order that we may aid the most entities.

It matters not who entities think we are. We attempt to satisfy the need for otherness, mystery and solemnity, and to indicate our polarity in a clear way. After that, our dependence is upon the relationship we may forge with a carefully tuned instrument, and in that way, by collaboration, we offer what humble gifts we have.

There is a third nature which shall disturb this instrument, although it has been intellectually considering this possibility for some time and has discussed it. Yet it will be sorry to hear from this contact that in our opinion we are completely within the instrument’s mind, that is, we are allowed to speak because the instrument has made a pathway deeply enough into its own subconscious levels of thought that it is able to contact principles which lie deep within the mind and are influenced by the various energies of gravity in a spiritual sense which flow rhythmically through the metaphysical portion of each individual as well as the physiological portion. The study of the latter is called astrology; the study of the former could be called metaphysical astrology, and would reveal an inner universe of which the outer infinity of galaxies is but an hologram which moves in a predictable fashion, allowing at various times the various life-giving, gem-like energies of the archetypal subconscious to flash through to the surface and produce each day differently, each moment slightly variously, the message of love and light.

This instrument, therefore, may identify us with itself in the deepest reality of which we are aware. The infinity and reality lie not outside, but inside the non-thing which is each entity’s consciousness. All studies concerning an entity are studies in a mirror, the true self, the inner self, being invisible. One learns of the inner self by looking very carefully in the mirror.

We are those principles within the infinity of the Creator which speak the words of Jesus the Christ to the world at this day. For those of other belief systems whose journeys have led them to a purity of a certain level, we identify ourselves equally with that entity’s deity and come into relationship as those who may confess faith in this deity. If this entity were not dwelling with an heart full of faith, we could not come in the name of the Deity. It is our understanding—and again you must forgive our use of that word, for we feel our grasp is limited—that the Deity, the Creator is one, and each distortion which moves entities into a life of faith is acceptable to us.

It is the faith, the peace, the inner surrender to the will of the infinite Creator which marks the one which has decided to become a servant of the Creator, or, to put it another way, one who has decided to lose oneself in praise and worship of the one infinite Creator, for worship always produces the manifestation, not the manifestation the worship.

We very much thank this instrument for being courageous enough to be willing to risk what this instrument considers to be wonderful work lost. This risk the instrument chose to take by requesting our true nature. We do not think that this instrument will need to separate its faith from its work with us, yet it is the free will of the instrument which thinks and considers ethical questions deeply. We can only suggest to any whose religious beliefs attempt to strangle information that that information which is not truthful for an entity will not be retained by the entity. Were our energy fields not completely consistent with this entity’s careful tuning and challenging, we could not speak.

Therefore, without wishing to infringe upon free will, we are nevertheless sanguine that we shall indeed be acceptable to this instrument at the end of each deliberation, as we are indeed of the principle of love, and that is the Christ, and the one known as Jesus was a complete Christ, Son of Man, and servant of…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you once again in love and light. To repeat that which was lost. We are servant of All and lord of All, as the one known as Jesus was both the servant and lord, because we are those disciplined to the principle of love, to the refinement which allows us to live comfortably and therefore to comfort. There is that position which is attained at many times throughout the infinity which seems to stretch before one such as yourselves, to be many, many things. We have refined and refined our natures to become one with the principle of Christ, the principle of love, that which moves the consciousness to the consciousness which is the Creator.

Thus, in this instrument’s Christian terms, we are those of the Holy Spirit, of Jesus the Christ. We leave to careful imagination our means of speaking to those who worship in a different way. The message is always the same, the philosophy unified, the hope of manifestation, inner peace, outer joy and the productivity of the good vine as each contributes in spiritual lightening of the consciousness of your planet.

We are those of Q’uo. We find that this instrument has only some confusion, but no queries, consequently we shall close at this time, thanking each who is somewhat fatigued for the privilege of speaking and attempting to serve. We would share our love and blessing and thank each for persistent faithfulness. We are most privileged to work with this group and to share in your quiet meditation. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and the light of one infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.