12 December, 2004

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with the topic of psychic greetings. Many people look at just about anything that happens to them which is of what they would call a negative nature as a psychic greeting or a way of negative entities interfering in their spiritual growth. We are wondering if Q’uo could give us some information about how to determine whether or not our experience is of a psychic greeting nature. Does it matter if it is, in our overall spiritual growth? And is there anything, a ritual, a procedure, that we could use to balance the psychic greeting?

28 November, 2004

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with the relationship between love and fear. We are told that there is a relationship and that if we can learn how to [find the] balance in this relationship, that we can help love to overcome fear. Could Q’uo tell us the relationship between love and fear?

14 November, 2004

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with breaking our forms and our rituals when it seems appropriate in order to let in the light better, shall I say. We are wondering if Q’uo could give us some guidance as to how to recognize when this is appropriate or how to, shall we say, roll with the punch when it seems inevitable. We are aware that, even when times and things don’t look like they’re working out the way they should and they seem to be totally askew, that all is well and all is perfect. How can we see that and how can we find a path that isn’t so deleterious to our own journey, sabotaging ourselves? Somewhere in there, Q’uo, I’m sure you could find something to talk about!

11 October, 2004

Special meditation

Question from A: “A comes to us with a question about guidance regarding her sacred contracts prior to this incarnation—what she might be guided to do with this incarnation, and also her divine purpose.”

10 October, 2004

Sunday meditation

Question from A: After a year of marriage I must admit my wife and I have a serious sexual problem. Without infringing upon the principles concerning free will, could Q’uo please comment on our current sexual difficulty? Could they confirm for me that my current situation has been planned by my higher self for guiding me in the positive direction? Aside from our personal problem, I wish to ask the difference between our spiritual evolution with and without sex. There are many monks or nuns who concentrate on their discipline in chastity. The Bible also has said, “For there are some eunuchs which were so born from their mother’s womb, and there are some eunuchs which were made eunuchs of man, and there be eunuchs which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of Heaven’s sake.” He said that is able to receive it, let him receive it, Matthew 9:12. On the other hand, Ra taught us that a healthy sexual intercourse strengthens our vital energy and emotional energy with each other. Could Q’uo expand on these two concepts and describe their distinct advantages for our seeking journey?

3 October, 2004

Sunday meditation

The question this week has to do with the roots of the concept of what we call “terrorism,” the attempts by a small group of people to gain that which they feel is their due and to gain it by violent means. We were referred back to the Biblical story of Sarah and Abraham where Abraham was unable to bear a child because Sarah was barren. He went in to Sarah’s maid-servant, Hagar, who was Egyptian, and she bore him a son, Ishmael. Fourteen years later, when Abraham was 100, Sarah was blessed by the Lord God at that time to have a child who was named Isaac. These two were the children of Abraham but only Isaac achieved the inheritance. Ishmael was left to wander into the desert and to form the tribes of what we now call the Arabs. And it is the battle between the Arabs and the Jews that seems to be so violently apparent in our world today. So we were wondering if Q’uo could give us a philosophical background of this type of energy and how it can be resolved upon our planet Earth today.

19 September, 2004

Sunday meditation

Today, Q’uo, our question has to do with how we might be able to determine, perhaps even define, our spiritual path through our daily round of activities. As we’re immersed in all the things that we do during our regular days, it’s so easy to get lost in the details and the ups and downs. Could you give us some little way or a shorthand way of reminding ourselves who we are and what we’re doing, of how to find our way through the maze and to make a spiritual sense of it all?

5 September, 2004

Sunday meditation

We’ve talked a lot today about change: physical changes in our circumstances, moving to new residences, emotional changes, finding out a lot more about our deeper selves, spiritual changes, and learning to experience the world around us in new ways on new levels. We know that the Earth is going through a lot of change, also, and as beings on a path of service, we would like to know how best we can serve Earth as she’s going through her change.

30 August, 2004

Special meditation

Question from G: I would like to ask that you touch upon my desire and seeking to heal myself and my past, specifically delving into my search to discover the unknown traumatic learning and the primary cause of self-rejection developed within my formative years, the still-divided energies I feel within, and the hole I’ve described to you within my being, somewhere. Please feel free to leave these subjects and venture into any other topic you feel may be of benefit to me. I trust you. After which I’ll have as many questions as you and the instrument have the time and energy for. Thank you.

22 August, 2004

Channeling symposium

Q’uo: We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose energy we come and in Whose service we are. It is our distinct privilege to be called to this circle of seeking and we thank each entity here for taking the time away from a very busy and tension-ridden life to stop a minute and just ask for the truth, for those things to come in that you hope will be resources and assets as you face the present moment. It is truly a present moment that is fascinating and challenging in many ways. And we are most glad to be here with you.