(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose energy we come and in Whose service we are. It is our distinct privilege to be called to this circle of seeking and we thank each entity here for taking the time away from a very busy and tension-ridden life to stop a minute and just ask for the truth, for those things to come in that you hope will be resources and assets as you face the present moment. It is truly a present moment that is fascinating and challenging in many ways. And we are most glad to be here with you.

In order for us to be able to speak freely, we would add our voice to the one known as “Joy of Life” 1 and ask each to use your discrimination carefully. Do not assume that we or any other entity are authorities, for we are not. You are the authority over your own learning curve, over your own spiritual evolution. You have the right and the ownership of your truth. It is not like anyone else’s truth and it is not the same truth for you from year to year and sometimes from moment to moment. Always listen with a new ear and see if you feel resonance with that which is being spoken. If so, take it in and work with it, make it your own. In the echoes of that resonance lie personal truth that is helpful for you now. If it does not resonate for you, drop it, leave it, walk away without a second thought. It is not your truth. It may be helpful to someone else but it didn’t ring your bell, so let it be. This will enable us to speak freely without concern that we may be abridging your own free will for attempting to pretend that we can learn for you. We are only those who walk with you.

Before we take queries, we would simply suggest to each of you that you are the light of the world. There is illumination coming into this room from several sources and we would use some of these images to talk about how you are light. If you gaze behind this instrument, there is a decoration made of a tree into which there are pinned Christmas lights. It is a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing decoration. But more than that, it is a beautiful image of your planet and its people. Each of you is a radiant source of energy. When you are plugged in, how you shine! And you are connected one to the other, not visibly. Visibly, each entity is separate, each entity has limits, places where flesh and clothing meet the air, feet meet the ground. It is obvious that in the physical illusion each is separate. And yet you have, common to this incarnation, families, not nuclear or physical families alone, but spiritual families, larger groups of entities than you might suspect, who have chosen to come into incarnation to work in tandem with those whom they meet and with whom they seem to feel kinship and affinity and much more than that. With the extended families of each of you, who in many cases share relatives, shall we say, on the unseen planes, you are connected in so many ways which you cannot see but can only feel. So know that, as you look into the eyes of those whom you have not yet touched into in terms of energy, with whom you have not exchanged energy, yet you do not look into the eyes of strangers. For beneath the surface of this seeming separateness of the physicality, you are strongly and powerfully connected by those families from which you came and to which you shall return.

You have come here to be a light, to lighten the planet known as Earth. Let us look at that Christmas lighting of the tree again, this image of all of you in incarnation being here and “holding the energy” or “holding the space.” 2 Who are you linked into?

Look about you to the ceiling and you will see constellations of lighting that seem to come down from above. These might represent sources of integration. As the physical illusion becomes ever more complicated, reassurance and grounding, oddly enough, come from perceived sources of inspiration. One light may be a walk in the woods, another may be inspirational writings, and there are wonderful books offered in this very room that may be just what you might need at this time. 3 Touch the books, touch the materials, see if there is energy there for you and when you do perceive a source of energy, remember to use it. Open the book, take the walk, place yourself into engagement with the present moment. For you are a powerful and magical being. The light within you is that energy that is infinite. What are you plugged into? What infinite source are you plugged into?

And now look out the window and see the sunlight that pours a wasteful amount of energy infinitely into your plane, far more than any entities may use. The Creator is incredibly generous. There is no end to consciousness, there is no end to love, there is no end to that into which you are plugged. For you are as the vine branch; you are as the lamp that is lit. The vine branch moves down into the vine. The master known as Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and you are the branches.” 4 And again, he said, “You are the light of the world,” 5 so do not hide your light under the bushel, do not tuck it away inside your house, inside your being, inside your practice, but allow that energy into which you are plugged in your inner heart to move ever [more] freely through the open heart and into the world around you.

All things are one and you are not only a personality shell, a being of a certain identified kind, living a certain kind of life. You are, as the one known as Father said, “a spark of the divine,” a sparkle in the eye of the Creator. And you have come at no small inconvenience to yourself into what seems to be a fairly darkened atmosphere. Do not be fooled. Do not be dismayed. The “ascension” of which many have spoken is not coming. It is here. The energy of fourth density lives, as it can, in the corners, cracks and crevices of third-density Earth. It is an overpowering energy and it is moving far more energetically now than a year ago. Indeed, we may say that it is your choice as to which density in which you choose to live.

It is a delicate thing to change the point of view from third-density consensus reality to fourth-density perceived reality; to switch from living by fear into living by love; to move from a point of view in which one defends and guards into a point of view in which one sees oneself as a crystal being that is able to receive the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, bless it and allow it to go forth from the open heart without distortion. As you are able to express the unconditional love that fuels your light and that is the source of your light, you become the light of the world.

May I ask the one known as M at this time if there are queries for us? 6

Yes, Q’uo, there are. “What is the next step for me to take, both personally and spiritually?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query. The present moment is perfect. And yet it is as a seed that is in a process of growth. When one considers the next step, either personally or spiritually, the question becomes, “Where is the love in this moment?”

Your past has planted seeds in the work you have done, in the suffering you have undergone, the lessons you have learned. You have fertilized, watered and developed those seeds and they are what have bloomed into the present moment but they are not the end of the process—they are an exquisitely poignant picture that does not last except to give you wings to see your way to that next step. As you ask, “Where is the love?” you can begin to see into the relationships that you bring to this moment and the issues which you are pondering.

What help has been asked? If there is a request for service, that is always the next step. What are the energies surrounding this issue or this relationship? Where and how can the entity that you are and the gifts that you have be helpful? And do not forget yourself, for if you overwork yourself, if you exhaust your spiritual, your emotional, or your mental energies, not to mention your physical energies, how shall you serve at all?

So it is well to ask yourself, “What do I need to meet this moment?” It might be a very small thing that moves you from a feeling of being overworked, over-energized, exhausted, tense and even depressed, to good cheer and good energy. It might be a cup of tea. It might be anything that you sense into and realize, “You know, I’ve been thinking about everyone else but I really need to take a nap, take a bite, take a walk.”

Focus, when looking at taking the next step, on how you are feeling, how your attitude is, and how you perceive this present moment. How do you see the system, as a whole, that is your energy field? Are you in health? You need to be in order to serve. If the answer to that is no, stop and ask for balance. If you are feeling bewildered, stop, sit in silence, and let the universe pour in. It might be the call of a bird; it might be spirits speaking directly to you in a voice you can hear. It might be anything in between. It might be a street sign that pops out at you in synchronicity with the thought that you were having. There are many, many ways that spirit connects with those who are listening, so listen, and listen to yourself, being sure, first, that the instrument is in good order, for you are instruments.

“What is my forward movement?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query. The question of forwardness is interesting. A third-density consensus-reality way of thinking is always designed with an arrow: first this, then this, then this, a sequence in a straight line. However, spiritually speaking, there is a circle, or perhaps more rightly, a sphere, and all movement is forward. Think of yourself not as this lumbering great ape that is walking step, by step, by step. Think of the energy body that you are, for you have wings, and you fly. This energy body, or torus of energy, that is your basic metaphysical nature or body, can roll in any direction, and move from level to level, density to density, picking up the information and the resources that it needs. Certainly, most of this is not done consciously.

So a lot of moving forward is getting your preconceptions of what forward movement is out of the way and then opening to the resources about you: your dream work, your synchronicities, your reading, that which you pick up from conversations and from the silence when you tabernacle with the one infinite Creator and your guidance. It is so important to touch in frequently to your guidance and then listen. If you can, when you get an impression, take it seriously, write it down, go back and look at it and see if you have followed your own guidance yet. If not, hit it with ever more energy and enthusiasm, for you are connected, you do know in your inner heart where that next forward movement is. But you shall not know as fully unless you allow the roundness and the freedom of the being that you truly are as a citizen of eternity to come out.

“Will my financial situation resolve?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query. The issue of supply is a ticklish one and certainly this instrument experiences many times of wondering precisely how the bills shall be paid, precisely how supply will manifest itself and yet, indeed it always has, for this instrument. It has sometimes been mighty close but somehow the wagon has continued to stay on the road in some way. And we would suggest that the visualizing of this state of perfection will encourage the richness of supply. We do not suggest a laundry list of needed things in your prayers to the Creator. When you think about the prayer that the master known as Jesus taught to his disciples, it only asked for today. Focus upon that which is needed this day and ask, without pride but also without shame, “May I have that which is needed in supply and in energy in all things this day, that I may serve?” Let that affirmation rest, knowing that, for this one day, you will be supplied with that which you truly need.

We apologize for not being more specific but we find that in order to keep the tuning of what this instrument would call the highest and best that she requested, we need to stay at the level of spiritual principles.

“Is this a special group? What can you tell us about what brought us together today?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query. Indeed, we have spoken to some extent upon this subject and it is dear to our hearts. You are here this day because you are a family. You have not chosen each other in a conscious way. You do not have the entanglements with many of these here of family, previous friendships, and so forth. But there is a tabernacle in which all of you reside. It is that space or energy that is held together by those who seek the truth and who seek to serve at this time. You have come this day for reasons on the conscious level, but because of promptings also on the subconscious level. So we encourage you to see this event and this gathering as a family reunion of those who have not previously, perhaps, come into a gathering or re-uned. Yet you are all called by spirit to be witnesses to light and love. And each of you has worked and played and suffered and laughed and done the living that collects life experience. You have begun to gather about yourselves a kind of spiritual gravity, a weight, a density of being that holds the light. You see, when entities begin to wake up to their spiritual nature, they are perfectly capable of grasping the ideas because the ideas which concern spiritual evolution are fairly simple. It has often been called the universal wisdom, or the eternal wisdom. What we have to say, and indeed what each has to say this day has been said before and will be said again and yet, because of the nature of spirit, it must be said in the present moment as a spark that can ignite or as a germ that can infect.

Perhaps that is what we would say to you: each of you is a carrier of unconditional love. As one person becomes enlightened, awakened, and energized by the spirit, unconditional love pours through. Yet it cannot be held for long periods of time, at first. The tuning slips, the energy is exhausted, and rest must be taken. You are here to deepen your own spiritual density, to find those resources that work for you as you assume the discipline of your own personality and begin to learn how to persist in patience, in good humor, and in peace and compassion for yourself as a bozo and a mistake-maker of the first order. All of us, all of you, every iota of the creation of the Father, makes mistakes. If we did not have distortion, we would be resting in the allness of the creative principle. We would not be working our way back to the Source. You are between alpha and omega, and you are here to learn how to accelerate your pace of evolution. Each entity whom you meet this day is your teacher. Each eye that you look into is the eye of the Creator. You live in a hall of mirrors and these mirrors are wonderfully clear. Come, meet yourself here.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

“Was Paladin a true energy encounter?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. Because of the degree of surety that you have at this time we would confirm that this is a helpful energy for you at this time.

We thank each of you and we leave each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Joy of Life is an inner-planes entity which had spoken through Sylvia Willett in a channeling offered by her prior to this channeling from Carla and those of Q’uo. 

  2. These are phrases channeled through Sylvia Willett in the previous segment of the symposium from her contact, “Father.” 

  3. All of the channelers had brought their materials for the audience to look over. 

  4. Holy Bible, John 15: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine dresser… Abide in me, and I in you.” 

  5. Holy Bible, Matthew 5: “You are the light of the world… Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” 

  6. M was the moderator, and she had many question cards to read which the audience had filled out beforehand.