The question today has to do with the relationship between love and fear. We are told that there is a relationship and that if we can learn how to [find the] balance in this relationship, that we can help love to overcome fear. Could Q’uo tell us the relationship between love and fear?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. It is a privilege and a blessing for us to be called to your circle of seeking to offer our thoughts on the relationship between love and fear. We thank you for this privilege and would ask of you that you use your discrimination in listening to our thoughts, being sure not to take up any thought of ours with which you do not completely resonate. For not all of our thoughts will hit the mark. We ask you to be very careful to leave behind any thoughts that you do not particularly care for. This will enable us to share our thoughts freely without being concerned that we are infringing on your free will or disturbing the rhythm and rightness of your own process. We thank you for this consideration.

The query that you ask this day is at the heart of the movement from your present third-density world and experience to the fourth-density world of love. You dwell at this time in a density that is attempting to learn what it is to love unconditionally. In the next density, the density of love and understanding, the atmosphere is one of unconditional love. It may seem to be paradise, standing in third density and thinking about living in unconditional love. And certainly, relatively speaking, it is paradise to dwell consciously in the atmosphere of total acceptance. However, the interplay betwixt love and fear continues in fourth density as the shadows, those shadows that you now experience in third density, are penetrated. That dynamic continues because, as light is brought into the darkness, it reveals more subtle patterns of shadow and light, so that the dynamic continues and deepens. As you move forward in the process of spiritual evolution, you will find yourself continuing to uncover areas that were previously unknown to you within the very complex pattern of your total personality. So this is not a question that will go away as you learn more. It is a question that will deepen and intensify, for there is no end to the mystery of this dynamic between love and fear.

In the world of ideas, qualities like love and fear are entities. To put a face and a body to love is perhaps to imagine a feminine figure, loving and maternal, with open arms and an open heart and a willingness to embrace. To put a face and a body to fear is perhaps to imagine a male figure clad in an enveloping cloak in which are gathered all of the treasures that this figure is attempting to hold tightly to himself. We describe them in this way for two reasons: firstly we wish to spark your own imagination, for it is instructive to think upon what love looks like to you and what fear looks like. But also we describe them in this fashion because there is a natural dynamic betwixt the feminine and the male principles and in the yin, or feminine, aspect, there is the expansiveness, the generosity, and that quality of unconditional love that is personified, say, in the image of Mother Mary, the Madonna, or Quan Yin, or Mother Earth, or mother nature. In the yang or male aspect of creation as a whole, there is the flexing of muscle and the contracting around ideals and ideas and those ideologies that give rise to action. We have said before that your culture, as a whole, is overbalanced towards the male principle and has, as this instrument would put it, gotten stuck in a repetitive cycle of male energy that is aggressive and, in many ways, based upon fear and the determination to respond to that fear by acquiring and controlling resources and power. Those who are in power within your various nation-states have many good reasons for these aggressions, these acquisitions, and this use of power, saying that is for the benefit of all. And yet, if one examines the heart of such concepts, the energy is wrapped up in fear and in contraction. So the surface of your culture is caught in that contracted state where there is a constant concern for safety and security and a constant quest for having sufficient resources to meet the future.

[The telephone answering machine is heard.]

We are those of Q’uo, and are again with this instrument. We apologize for this delay; however, this instrument was distracted by the telephone message.

The ways of fear are insidious and they have become established within your culture to the point that the natural responses of most entities to the needs of the individual or the society are almost instinctively contracted and fear-based. There is little or no precedent within your leaders or within your role models for gazing at a situation in terms of trust, faith or love but rather an almost inevitable bias towards gazing at a situation from the standpoint of concern, worry, projection into the future, and contraction around these concerns and worries and projections. It is a time for your peoples which expresses the energy of that stuck, male domination. And we do not mean this in terms of sexuality, for many are the men among your peoples who are very able to express feminine energy in their thinking and their actions and many are the female entities at this time who are experiencing their incarnations from the standpoint of fear and contraction. We speak instead of the dynamic betwixt yin and yang. The question then becomes how to free both men and women from the strictures and the limitations of the masculine viewpoint.

When you think about how it feels to be fearful, perhaps you may see that, involved in most experiences of fear-based thought, there is the habit of projection into the future. The one known as T2 and the one known as Jim were both speaking earlier of thinking ahead to jobs that need to be done or conversations that need to be held or situations that may arise. And the one known as Jim was speaking of the difference between positive projecting and negative projecting. In the sense of positive projection into the future, there is no projecting beyond what could be called architectural or structural projection. And we would offer the example that the one known as Jim has often given of how this entity would prepare for a pole vault during the field games of his school days by imagining and visualizing, with great integrity of detail, every step of running with the pole to the point where the pole was planted and the body weight was levered and lifted and the pole was allowed to lift the body up over the bar and then the rotation would be imagined and the successful dismount. And this entity would repeat this visualization, say, before going to bed and upon awakening, those times when he was most able to be in a very magical and focused frame of mind, so that by the time the one known as Jim came to the actual games and was ready to make his pole vault, he was relaxed and confident, having done this pole vault many times in his imagination. This is positive projection.

Negative projection, on the other hand, is far easier to describe because each of those in this circle of seeking has had the conversations in the mind that will be difficult or are expected to be difficult, and has experienced that repetition of thought where one begins to think, “Well, what if something happens, then what shall I say?” And then [one continues] thinking in a circular way again, “Well, what if this happens, then what shall I do?” simply riding that cycle around a circular course, again and again. In truth, such imaginings do not improve the way that such a conversation will actually go, because there is not simply the self involved in the equation but also the other self. And no matter how many imaginings one has done about what people will say, in the actual conversation, there is always a new and unique twist to how things turn out. And all of the vain imaginings fall away before the actual person and the actual conversation. Perhaps the most tragic outcome of such vain, circular imaginings would be that one renders oneself incapable of hearing the actual conversation because one has been deafened by one’s expectations.

We would not discourage entities from looking into the future when it seems appropriate. What we would encourage, however, is the choice of positive projection, of imaging the graceful and efficient way to do something that needs to be done, imagining only your own actions and seeing them as completely successful. This is an excellent way to create positive expectation and a sense of confidence within yourself. The one known as Carla, who is the instrument at this session, was speaking earlier of how she could not see a way to complete her tasks in the situation in which she finds herself. This is because she is not able to use positive visualization, since she does not know what she can expect from herself. When there is a vacuum in a positive situation, it is very tempting to substitute negative projection and simply worry and be concerned about how the future will pan out.

We would simply suggest that, unless the concern is turned from worry into a dispassionate and calm review of possibilities for solutions, innovations that may improve the picture and so forth, there is no positive or constructive use for the worry. It is difficult simply to take one’s worry and concern and lay it down. Yet, indeed, that would be our suggestion. Realize that fear has come to visit and has offered you a gift. Whether it is wrapped up in a plain brown paper bag or whether it is gift-wrapped and has a pretty ribbon, as concern sometimes has, it is, nevertheless, a package of fear. Such packages do not need to be opened. They can be laid aside and neglected while you, having rejected the fear, simply move onto other thoughts and concerns.

The one known as R was saying earlier that it is difficult to see how love and fear are two sides of the same coin. We began speaking of love and fear as entities, qualities in the Platonic sense, the world of ideas. 1 And this is a very valid and real world where love and fear do indeed have infinite and ever-ongoing lives, as long as they are reflected in the hearts and the minds of those moving through the illusion of incarnation. However, it is easier to see the relationship between love and fear if we move from contemplating love and fear as pure entities and look at them as applied in the lives of each of you, so that they are not entities upon their own but they are rather a dynamic of choices between which you may choose as you encounter catalyst and find yourself making a choice. When you come to a cusp and are looking at an issue that is yours to look at, whether it is the right use of time, the right use of resources such as money, or any other issue, you come to the issue in some state of imbalance or bias. This instrument was speaking of her own fears earlier when she said that she had, consciously, to choose to substitute faith for fear. She had, consciously, to realize that all is well and perfect and when she did that, she made a new reality in which fear had no part.

The coin itself, with love on one side and fear on the other, is you yourself and what you think is important. You are the treasure here. You are the coin of the realm, shall we say. You are a thing of infinite value and when you have a concern, if you reach, with hope and trust and faith, you are reaching into the qualities of love. If instead you approach your issue by contracting into worry and projection, then your choice is fear. Shall you expand around an issue or shall you contract around an issue? That is your choice. Note that the energies of expansion are locked into the present moment. They do not drift into projections of the future or memories of the past. In the world of love, one begins with the knowledge that all is well. And this pulls one into focus in the center of the present moment. In truth, as we said earlier, it almost seems negligent or criminal within the society in which you find yourself to approach issues from a standpoint of love. It does not seem to be prudent or sensible to stay in the present moment and yet anything but the present moment is an illusion of mind. All that is truly yours to do with, to exert control over, or to make choices within is this present moment.

So if you take that image of the self in the present moment as the coin and look to see what the heads and tails of that coin are, archetypically speaking it is very clear and shining in its simplicity. On one side is love, on the other side is fear. On the one side is expansion into an infinite present with infinite possibilities; on the other side is contraction into a knot and the determination that stems from that contraction to control, to be aggressive, and to make things safe. And this involves one in endless projections into the future and endless projections into the past in order to justify the projections into the future.

When one visits in a hospital, one may well be able to sense the presence of a kind of dark energy that seems somehow to be a part of the atmosphere of this place of supposed healing. This is because there are unseen entities from your inner planes that are negative in nature and that feed upon fear and pain. In any place where there is suffering, these entities will cluster and eat that energy that is coming off of the people that are suffering. When you yourself enter into the contraction around fear concerning an issue, you are, yourself, producing food that is very tasty for these unseen entities. And if your habit solidifies and deepens, so that you are constantly running fear-based thoughts and dwelling in the lands of worry and projection into an unsightly and worrisome future, you are solidifying a habit that will increasingly limit your ability to relax and enjoy the present moment.

To move away from these habits of contraction is to move from shadow into sunlight. We do not say that this journey from shadow to sunlight is going to be an easy one. It flies in the face of your cultural training to rely on trust and faith. There are many, many times in each day when you have the opportunity to move into worry. We can only encourage you to do as the known as T2 said, to remain somewhat centered and focused, more so than your everyday state; to be somewhat in a meditative state as you move through the moments of your day. For it is just in these tiny moments that the opportunities to make the choice between love and fear appear. The challenge is to be aware, when those moments arrive, so that you can stop yourself from being triggered into fear and the contraction around fear.

We are not encouraging you to lose all fear in dangerous situations. We are not encouraging you to stop steering your car away from an oncoming vehicle simply because you are not afraid. We would encourage you to avoid the oncoming vehicle, certainly. It is at the level of being concerned the next time you get in your vehicle that this will happen again, that we encourage you to choose to trust the moment and not to project into an uncertain future. At this moment all is well and if you must look into the future then look with hope. Think to yourself, I might be surprised at how well this will go. Visualize positively, if you must go into the future and whenever possible we encourage you to remain at peace and at rest and very alert and watchful for the universe is speaking to you.

One concept we would share with you in this regard is wrapped up in a phrase that this instrument knows from her study of the Holy Bible. It is a quote, “Be not afraid, for help is near.” Help is always very near. The spirit is with you at all times and in all places, nearer to you than your breathing, closer to you than your eyes or your hands. 2 You are truly cherished and loved…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…not because you have done something good, but because you are you and you are precious to the Creator.

Agents of spirit are in your heart and speaking within your mind but, more than that, all of creation is abuzz with awareness of you and your needs. Watch and see what images come to you; what animals, birds and tiny creatures cross your path that may have meaning to you and may have a message for you. Begin asking the creation around you for hints and clues. Begin expecting them and the creation will speak to you in ever-increasing ways.

This instrument is informing us that we must leave this topic and ask for other queries at this time and we shall leave you with just one more thought on this subject. The answer to this question is a part of your nature. The answer to what love is lies within you, now. For your nature is love. Love created you and you are a spark of that infinite love. In many ways, spiritual evolution is a process of allowing the real you to come out of all the wrappings and cultural training and old habit. How you have been beaten down by what others have told you, how others have seen you, and so forth! Casting aside assumed wisdom is sometimes a very difficult and lengthy process. But the truth is speaking within you now; love is powerful within you now. So turn your ears inward to the silence of that heart within and listen for the footsteps of the One Who comes in love.

At this time we would open this meeting to further queries, if there are any. Is there a further question at this time?

I have a question. May I speak?

We are those of Q’uo, and we encourage you to speak, my brother.

We know that Q’uo is composed of three entities in the Confederation and I would like to know if there is a major speaker, speaking. Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We are composed, as you said, of three groups, one of fourth density, one of fifth density, and one of sixth density, in this instrument’s and our way of describing our relative position and experience. This particular principle was created because this particular instrument has a certain way of tuning and preparing for contact with the Confederation entities. She prays for contact with the highest and best contact that she may handle in a stable and conscious manner. It is a very precise request. The entity whom she tended to receive upon making this prayer, prior to her contact with those of the Ra group, was the Latwii group and she had received those of Latwii fairly consistently for several years before experiencing the trance contact with those of the Ra group.

As each within this circle is aware, the contact with those of Ra was a very narrow-band contact which was only possible during that window of opportunity when the ones known as Don, Jim and Carla were all in the circle and when the one known as Don passed from this third-density experience, the possibility of further contact with this particular entity was ended. However, this instrument continued to tune and pray in the same manner and those of Latwii and others within the Confederation, including those of Hatonn and those of Ra, felt that perhaps the creation of a principle would best respond to this instrument’s very real desire for the highest and best contact of which she was capable. Since those of Ra could not speak with this instrument in a conscious and stable manner, there was no possibility for that social memory complex being the speaker. However, both those of Hatonn and those of Latwii had previously enjoyed sharing the thoughts of those of Ra in a teach/learning circle and the three groups decided that they would blend into one principle, with the ones known as Hatonn being responsible simply for projecting a vibration of love, of which I feel sure that each of you is aware as we speak. The ones known as Latwii took the responsibility for speaking to this instrument and the ones known as Ra were part of the process of defining just how to respond to the question that was presented to the principle of Q’uo. So, as those of Q’uo speak, it is those of Latwii who are creating the concepts which this instrument receives and translates into words.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Thank you. A very detailed answer.

We thank you, my brother. Is there a question at this time?

Yes, I had a question. Just before the other question I had again started to think as to this evening, dealing with folks that I have to deal with this evening, and immediately it popped into my head, “Please, don’t focus on negative, fearful aspects of anything involved with this situation. Strictly attempt to think of the other people and what I can do to make them more comfortable with the situation.” And I think my question to you is, does this thought come from you at that moment or is this a thought of my all-mind or is it some combination of both?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We see no difficulty or infringement in stating that the impulse of that thought came from your personal guidance but was enabled and assisted by your very recent interaction with us in that you truly entered into that which we were offering and were truly working with these ideas so that you softened the ground and enabled your ears to hear your own guidance.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

We thank you, my brother. May we ask if there is a final query at this time?

May I speak?


In the Law of One books I remember Ra told us that there is a complete transition into the fourth density in 2012. When I think of the current, chaotic war situation I wonder if this stage is delayed. I know you cannot give us the detailed dates but could you focus a little about the current situation? Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother, and are glad to attempt to speak to your query.

Firstly, the dating of the transition into full fourth-density energy for your planet is fixed. It is a matter of your time moving forward. Just as summer gives way to fall and fall gives way to winter, so one age gives way to another and one period of time is succeeded by another. For your particular planet and your particular solar system, there is a turning of energy, a rotation into new space/time as well as new time/space. That is inevitable and is as the ticking of the clock. This will have been accomplished just as it has been foreseen by many at the approximate date of late in the twelfth month of 2011.

So, roughly speaking, 2012 shall see the full realization, in terms of the inner planes of your planet and the time/space aspects of your planet. Fourth density, in 2012, will be your system of energy. Now, my brother, as you can well imagine, there is much energy upon your planet at this time embodied in the persons of the individuals living upon it and the societal groups and structures and governments that these people have created that will be quite inappropriately geared for welcoming fourth-density energy. As we have said, there is a habit of contraction and fear and attempt to control among your people which may well end in entities doing great damage to each other and to the planet because, faced with energies they cannot control, they may well contract themselves into the Armageddon that they so fear. We are very hopeful, however, that this will not occur. There is a growing groundswell among your peoples at the soul level of honest and deep revulsion and distaste for the energies of control and destruction.

There is a true hope among your peoples that is growing daily for the energies of love and trust and peace to come swelling up like buds opening into flowers in spring. When each of you chooses love over fear, you start something happening in the unseen worlds. You create an energy that is compatible with fourth density. Each time you choose to trust, to love, to have forbearance and compassion, to see the other person’s point of view and truly walk in his shoes instead of your own, you are expanding the kingdom of fourth density right where you are. And the more people that begin consciously to do this, the faster this kingdom will expand. We say to you plainly, fourth density is all but complete. As you walk about in third density, the fourth density energy is stronger every day upon your planet. The Earth itself is vibrating largely in fourth density now. That is why so many entities are sensing the need to become closer in contact to the Earth itself, touching the ground, working with the Earth, working with plants and animals and those things that abide in the creation of the Father and have nothing to do with the world of the mind of man.

Health is abundant in the Earth itself. Its labor is ongoing but the birth is going well. Perhaps you have noticed many significant catastrophes occurring upon the Earth plane. This is the labor of Earth. It is attempting to move into fourth density without having to express, all at once, the incompatibility between third-density thought, as it exists upon the Earth at this time, and the fourth-density vibration that has been coming. It is attempting to vent the fear and the anger and the narrow-mindedness of humankind in little bits, in a volcano erupting but not so as to split the Earth, or a tsunami or a hurricane that destroys a good deal but does not destroy the globe, or an earthquake which expresses the distress of mother Earth but not in such a way as to destroy the planet as a whole.

We feel very hopeful that this grass roots upswelling from the soul level, of yearning for a world of love and peace, is powerful enough to continue to create the atmosphere in which the Earth may continue its final process of labor by venting these incompatible energies. Meanwhile you may well have noticed that there is an almost runaway experience of many within your plane at this time, of conditions such as cancer which seem to take people from their lives before their time. In many cases, these are situations in which entities have become hardened and set in their habits of thinking these habits being habitual and repetitive in terms of there being anger, fear and aggression. These entities are predisposing their physical vehicles to end the incarnation because the difficulties of dealing with such a mismatch in vibration between the third-density thought and the fourth-density incoming, unseen reality, is simply too great. You will find that there are many who depart their incarnations within the next few years because of their inability to welcome the expansive and healing vibrations of fourth density.

Contrarily, those coming into incarnation at this time are often very able to vibrate fourth-density values and ways of thinking so that as your children are growing up, they are representing individual cases where they have been more and more able to welcome fourth-density energies. They are seen by their own parents often as amazing beings and much has been spoken of these young entities, which are sometimes called Indigo Children or Crystal beings. There are many terms for them but their difference is that they have come into incarnation with some features of their fourth-density inner bodies activated as well as being activated in third density.

We would encourage you to see yourself as a secret agent of fourth density at this time. Have you heard the phrase, “Perform random acts of kindness”? This is the very essence of being a secret agent for love. The ones known as Ra long ago channeled through this instrument, “When faced with a situation, ask yourself the question, “Where is the love in this moment?” And we say to you, be an agent of that love, and be an instrument of peace. In all situations, there is at least a tiny peephole, a tiny window that lets in the light and the love of the one infinite Creator. Do what you can to find it. Make this transition into fourth density personal.

If you think in terms of world powers and world wars, you have no control and you can do no useful thing. However, that is a mental projection. You are the center of your universe and you have power. You are a magical being and you are the face of the Creator in the little place that you occupy in this vast creation. Be an agent. Be proud and happy to be an agent of the Creator and part of the creative principle. And let your light shine, let your love embrace.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you. I am grateful.

We also are grateful for your heart and your question, my brother. And we thank this group as a whole for its energy and its beauty and its gift to us. We thank you for being able to share our humble thoughts with you and again we remind you to leave all thoughts behind that do not seem right to you, for we would not be a stumbling block in front of you. We are always with you if you ask for us and we leave you as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Plato, a Greek philosopher writing about 400 BCE, suggested that there is a world of ideas which exists as a reality apart from our “shadow world” of consensus reality, and from which our consensus reality depends, though imperfectly realized. 

  2. Credit for this image may well be given to Joel Goldsmith, who used it many times, and with whose work the instrument is deeply familiar.