October 18, 1978

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: We greet those who are new to this group, and we ask you this evening to declare your independence from the world of man. My friends, you live on a planet which is more beautiful than most of the other planets of your density in your entire galaxy. You have a greater variety of wildlife, of trees, of plants, of things that swim in your water and fly in your atmosphere. Each of these things, my friends, is a creation of the Father, and each act in service and love and in balance expressing that instinct, that which is love.

October 9, 1978

Monday meditation

Latwii: I come to you because we of Latwii would teach you meditation. Each of us, you see, my friends, has, shall we say, a specialty. Each of us aspires—in intention, in attitude, in personality, shall we say—to [inaudible] planetary Earth that makes us specialists in one type of information. And we of Latwii are specialists in a type of information that has to do with a simple [inaudible], one which we bring to the people of your planet, one which is centered around meditation, one which also speaks with you: time to recognize who you truly are.

September 11, 1978

Monday meditation

Hatonn: As the sea creature grows [he] becomes too large for his previous shell and creates for himself a larger one. And when in the course of time he again grows, he then creates a larger shell and so on in a beautiful and unending spiral until such time as he has no need whatsoever for any physical vehicle, the consciousness having left his form. Then, my friends, all the shells are empty, having served their purpose.

September 4, 1978

Monday meditation

Hatonn: Our information is simple, my friends. A very, very simple truth we bring to you, the highest truth that we know, although we know that there is a higher truth, for we are not perfect. And that highest truth, my friends, is that we are all one. The universe has been made up of one substance and that, my friends, is love.

August 21, 1978

Monday meditation

Hatonn: I am at present in what you call a spacecraft. And yet, my friends it is not a spacecraft. For you space is a medium which surrounds your planet. It is far, far out into the heavens, farther than you could ever imagine. You see us as peoples who come to you from far distant places, unreachable and unapproachable in this vast universe. This is true, my friends, and yet it is not true. Those far distant places are within you even as you now sit within this room.

August 9, 1978

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: We seek what you would term happiness. My friends, if happiness does not mean physical needs being satisfied, then it begins to mean something else and we, my friends, as a civilization, have traveled many more dimensions in thought than you can imagine in pursuit of that which is real and which satisfies our understandings. And we have found one understanding only that constitutes our happiness and that understanding, my friends, is very, very simple. The understanding that we are one, and that our oneness is that of love, is the complete and total message that we have come to give those of planet Earth.

July 5, 1978

Wednesday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we always speak to you of one simple thing: the love of the Creator. We are aware that from your horizon this love does not seem to be accessible, in many ways, in your daily life. And yet we say to you, my friends, that this love is closer to you than your breathing, more easily accessible than your own hands and feet, more familiar to you than your own thoughts. This love was the pattern from which each of you has stemmed. Yes, my friends, each of you, stamped in complete identity. And that same love that made you each the same has touched each with a unique part in that identity so that the universe is an identity and a harmony at the same time.

July 3, 1978

Monday meditation

Hatonn: Our planet is now a sentient being. All wildlife, as you call it, is conscious in a way that most of you [inaudible]. And we ourselves can speak without tongue and hear without ear for we are in a vibration in which time and space are plastic, in which we can move from one level to another with conscious awareness and understanding. Our conscious awareness and understanding have led us to one awareness and one understanding. And it is for this reason that [we have] come among you and your peoples at this time.

June 26, 1978

Monday meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation have sought through our meditation, through our service to mankind, to fulfill a long goal which we had set for ourselves eons of time ago: that is to know and understand the Creator and His universe.

March 27, 1978

Monday meditation

Hatonn: We hover high above your planet, offering what seems to be telepathic instruction from one being to others. But in effect, my friends, that is not true. We are one being—you and I and all that dwells in consciousness—and we speak to each other as an arm speaks to a leg, or as two brain cells communicate in the same entity. Those who are upon your planet speak to each other in such a way that, if you understood that you are one body of consciousness, you would understand that you are like a cancer or a disease to yourself: the entity attacking itself, the entity fearing itself, the entity destroying itself.

March 13, 1978

Monday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, I will speak to you this evening of what is known to you as understanding.

March 11, 1978

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: We are not denying in any way that each personality incarnates into the illusion with one primary, as this instrument would say, program. This program is general and can be applied in various ways. If some ways are blocked, it may or may not be possible to fulfill the program as originally intended. However, it is a frequent thing that those who plan ahead find their plans ... This is true, shall we say, of the soul in an infinite sense, as well as it is true that the personality is ... The ultimate program for any individual ... is completely achievable ...