December 17, 1995

Sunday meditation

Group question: We’re talking about grace and where it might come from: the Holy Spirit, the Creator, the intelligent energy that enters through our feet and base chakras, to guides, spiritual teachers, etc. And we are wondering if the expression of grace is some means of communication from the metaphysical life that we live to the physical life that we live? Is this a way by which we are given a gift? Is this something that is with us always? Is it with us only at particular moments? How can we interpret the experiences of grace that come our way? Is there any way to use grace consciously in our spiritual lives? Is there a way of responding to it appropriately, or is it something that we are simply caught up in?

December 10, 1995

Sunday meditation

Group question: For the group question this week we are taking pot luck and will be glad to listen to whatever words of inspiration Q’uo has to offer.

November 19, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 30

Group discussion: The group suggested a question and answer session with possibly more discussion regarding the forgiveness meditation.

November 18, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 28

Aaron: I hope you have had a restful night. A few of you are aware of dreams in which you were observant of the movement between contraction and opposition to it, and to dancing with that catalyst and the resultant contraction about which we spoke last night. We have been talking about this balance between the ultimate being—which is whole and knows its wholeness, which experiences no veil separating itself from the reality of its wholeness—and the relative being which perceives itself to be less than whole and is struggling to become whole.

November 18, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 29

Aaron: We have been speaking of different aspects of the devotional life. We come to a large aspect, which is ego’s desire to blame. Somehow this that recognizes itself as entity may have experienced pain or felt a sense of humiliation or experienced a heavy emotion. Any of these arisings are uncomfortable and make ego squirm.

November 17, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 27

Group discussion: The group agreed upon the topic of living the devotional life in all of its variety and dimension.

November 12, 1995

Sunday meditation

We are taking potluck today.

November 5, 1995

Sunday meditation

We are wondering how change and new growth seem to come from confusion, pain, anger and all sorts of negative emotions frequently. How can we open ourselves up to such difficult circumstances to aid positive change?

October 29, 1995

Sunday meditation

Our question today deals with the foundation self that we attempt to know, to build a path to, to solidify with faith throughout our lives. It seems that catalyst either peels away layers of our being so that we get closer to this foundation self or an adding unto the various experiences and personalities that we have so that we approximate this ideal or core self, whether it is faith or soul essence that comes with us from incarnation to incarnation. We would like information about how we work to know this core of self, how we balance various aspects of this self that seem at odds with each other, how we get to know mysterious parts of this self that make themselves known from time to time, how we find messages from that core self in our dreams that come in archetypical images.

October 22, 1995

Sunday meditation

We have been talking about two concepts, the preincarnative programming that allows us to learn the lessons we have chosen and the free will of the incarnation that blends with the supposed predestination of the preincarnative choices. The other question concerns the blending of the planet’s religions, cultures and philosophies and we wonder how these can be reconciled to achieve peace. We would like Q’uo’s comments on whatever seems to be of value to our evolution in these areas.

October 15, 1995

Sunday meditation

We were talking about changes that occur through synchronistic events. Is there a way to prepare oneself for such synchronistic events or is one wildly and wonderfully taken by it and at its mercy when it comes? And the other thing we were talking about was how our growth seems to be enhanced when we gather together in groups, whether just to talk or to meditate or worship, and we are wondering how that works, its value, etc.

October 7, 1995

Intensive meditation

October 6, 1995

Intensive Meditation

October 1, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know how to balance having the light touch with ourselves with being a serious student in using our catalyst. What quality is there in laughter that is healing and helpful in the metaphysical sense?

September 24, 1995

Sunday meditation

Many religions and philosophies have as one of the basic tenets the dropping of all desires, because the desire is seen as that which ties us to this world, and if we wish to transcend this world and go to the next, better world, or a better state of mind, then we need to drop the desires that are tying us here.