15 October, 1995

Sunday meditation

We were talking about changes that occur through synchronistic events. Is there a way to prepare oneself for such synchronistic events or is one wildly and wonderfully taken by it and at its mercy when it comes? And the other thing we were talking about was how our growth seems to be enhanced when we gather together in groups, whether just to talk or to meditate or worship, and we are wondering how that works, its value, etc.

7 October, 1995

Intensive meditation

6 October, 1995

Intensive Meditation

1 October, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know how to balance having the light touch with ourselves with being a serious student in using our catalyst. What quality is there in laughter that is healing and helpful in the metaphysical sense?

24 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

Many religions and philosophies have as one of the basic tenets the dropping of all desires, because the desire is seen as that which ties us to this world, and if we wish to transcend this world and go to the next, better world, or a better state of mind, then we need to drop the desires that are tying us here.

17 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

What part does wisdom play in our lives as seekers of truth attempting to learn compassion, forgiveness and mercy? Is there anything that we can do to inform our actions with wisdom? What is wisdom in this density?

10 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know more about worry and fear in their relation to faith. Can one create faith, or must one wait for a gift of faith, like grace? Does worry or fear ever help us by giving us the motivation to protect ourselves from injury?

3 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know if when we try to be of service to others are we doing anything other than working on ourselves? Are we really being of service to others? Is there any way of being of service to others other than by providing catalyst that could be provided to that person almost in any way. That person is going to go through that catalyst with or without us. So, what is our role other than working on ourselves?

6 July, 1995

Sunday Meditation

28 May, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know how learning actually takes place for humans, especially how it can happen in a positive manner for a seeker of truth. Can it be aided by paying attention to it?