17 December, 1995

Sunday meditation

Group question: We’re talking about grace and where it might come from: the Holy Spirit, the Creator, the intelligent energy that enters through our feet and base chakras, to guides, spiritual teachers, etc. And we are wondering if the expression of grace is some means of communication from the metaphysical life that we live to the physical life that we live? Is this a way by which we are given a gift? Is this something that is with us always? Is it with us only at particular moments? How can we interpret the experiences of grace that come our way? Is there any way to use grace consciously in our spiritual lives? Is there a way of responding to it appropriately, or is it something that we are simply caught up in?

10 December, 1995

Sunday meditation

Group question: For the group question this week we are taking pot luck and will be glad to listen to whatever words of inspiration Q’uo has to offer.

19 November, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 30

Group discussion: The group suggested a question and answer session with possibly more discussion regarding the forgiveness meditation.

18 November, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 28

Aaron: I hope you have had a restful night. A few of you are aware of dreams in which you were observant of the movement between contraction and opposition to it, and to dancing with that catalyst and the resultant contraction about which we spoke last night. We have been talking about this balance between the ultimate being—which is whole and knows its wholeness, which experiences no veil separating itself from the reality of its wholeness—and the relative being which perceives itself to be less than whole and is struggling to become whole.

18 November, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 29

Aaron: We have been speaking of different aspects of the devotional life. We come to a large aspect, which is ego’s desire to blame. Somehow this that recognizes itself as entity may have experienced pain or felt a sense of humiliation or experienced a heavy emotion. Any of these arisings are uncomfortable and make ego squirm.

17 November, 1995

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 27

Group discussion: The group agreed upon the topic of living the devotional life in all of its variety and dimension.

12 November, 1995

Sunday meditation

We are taking potluck today.

5 November, 1995

Sunday meditation

We are wondering how change and new growth seem to come from confusion, pain, anger and all sorts of negative emotions frequently. How can we open ourselves up to such difficult circumstances to aid positive change?

29 October, 1995

Sunday meditation

Our question today deals with the foundation self that we attempt to know, to build a path to, to solidify with faith throughout our lives. It seems that catalyst either peels away layers of our being so that we get closer to this foundation self or an adding unto the various experiences and personalities that we have so that we approximate this ideal or core self, whether it is faith or soul essence that comes with us from incarnation to incarnation. We would like information about how we work to know this core of self, how we balance various aspects of this self that seem at odds with each other, how we get to know mysterious parts of this self that make themselves known from time to time, how we find messages from that core self in our dreams that come in archetypical images.

22 October, 1995

Sunday meditation

We have been talking about two concepts, the preincarnative programming that allows us to learn the lessons we have chosen and the free will of the incarnation that blends with the supposed predestination of the preincarnative choices. The other question concerns the blending of the planet’s religions, cultures and philosophies and we wonder how these can be reconciled to achieve peace. We would like Q’uo’s comments on whatever seems to be of value to our evolution in these areas.

15 October, 1995

Sunday meditation

We were talking about changes that occur through synchronistic events. Is there a way to prepare oneself for such synchronistic events or is one wildly and wonderfully taken by it and at its mercy when it comes? And the other thing we were talking about was how our growth seems to be enhanced when we gather together in groups, whether just to talk or to meditate or worship, and we are wondering how that works, its value, etc.

7 October, 1995

Intensive meditation

6 October, 1995

Intensive Meditation

1 October, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know how to balance having the light touch with ourselves with being a serious student in using our catalyst. What quality is there in laughter that is healing and helpful in the metaphysical sense?

24 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

Many religions and philosophies have as one of the basic tenets the dropping of all desires, because the desire is seen as that which ties us to this world, and if we wish to transcend this world and go to the next, better world, or a better state of mind, then we need to drop the desires that are tying us here.

17 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

What part does wisdom play in our lives as seekers of truth attempting to learn compassion, forgiveness and mercy? Is there anything that we can do to inform our actions with wisdom? What is wisdom in this density?

10 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know more about worry and fear in their relation to faith. Can one create faith, or must one wait for a gift of faith, like grace? Does worry or fear ever help us by giving us the motivation to protect ourselves from injury?

3 September, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know if when we try to be of service to others are we doing anything other than working on ourselves? Are we really being of service to others? Is there any way of being of service to others other than by providing catalyst that could be provided to that person almost in any way. That person is going to go through that catalyst with or without us. So, what is our role other than working on ourselves?

6 July, 1995

Sunday Meditation

28 May, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know how learning actually takes place for humans, especially how it can happen in a positive manner for a seeker of truth. Can it be aided by paying attention to it?

21 May, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question this week has to do with the difference between what we hold as our ideal and what we experience as our actual experience. We would like to know the most efficient way of looking at that difference that would help us most in our growth, and what Q’uo’s opinion about that difference would be?

14 May, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with our darker sides, the part that is unknown [inaudible] is mysterious, sometimes it’s perceived to be fearful or destructive or angry or in doubt or full of jealousy or rage or whatever. We are wondering whatever you can tell us about the darker side, how it functions, how we can shed light on it, if there is a way of becoming friends with and understanding what we see as the darker side. Is there another way of perceiving it, does it have a purpose that it plays in our spiritual evolution and how can we go about accepting ourselves and the darker side as a part of our overall growth?

21 April, 1995

Friday meditation

Travelers at the crossroads. A question from P, R1, R2 and K, from various locations on the planet, and we would like to know how to be a journeyer and how to make decisions on the road, both exterior and interior-wise. How to be open to the inspiration of the moment in order to reach the destination.

16 April, 1995

Sunday meditation

This is Easter Sunday and it is also the time of spring where the new flowers and new grass and plants start poking their heads out of the ground. We are all feeling rather inspired and inspirited, we [would] like to have some information upon this general concept of resurrection or rebirth, the coming into being of a new self, the inspiration bringing a new being, a risen being, more inspired and full of light. And we would like to have whatever information you could give us on how this process happens in our own lives, how it happens in the world around us, the interrelationship between the two and anything that you could say on rebirth or resurrection.

9 April, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with sexuality. We would like to know a number of things about sexuality, Q’uo. We would like to know what the natural expression of both the male and the female sexuality is—what are the archetypical images or forces that aid or cause this expression to be as it is? And we would like to know how it is most appropriate for us to work with or handle, to perceive these sexual energies in ourselves and in each other. And we would like to know if there is a way in which sexual energy exchanges can be used to experience the unity of the creation and the Creator. Is there a pathway there for evolution? And is the intelligent energy that is the creative force in the universe the same in us as sexual energy, or does it set this sexual energy in motion within us?

2 April, 1995

Sunday meditation

Today we will take general questions from our group, which has come from all corners of the planet.

26 March, 1995

Sunday meditation

How to communicate honestly and be true to the self when people you talk to are restricted in their point of view? How does Q’uo do this with us, for example? What about white lies? The absolute truth may hurt feelings.

19 March, 1995

Sunday meditation

Our question this evening has to do with absolute reality and relative or personal reality. We are wondering if it is possible for a person to transmit his/her reality to another person or if it is even wise to try to do so? Is it possible for us to transcend our personality, to take part in the ever-changing nature of the way we perceive the universe about us? Is there a value in this? Is there any way that we can know with some degree of certainty that what we are dealing with is true or real? And what is Q’uo’s preferred perspective on reality and truth?

12 March, 1995

Sunday meditation

If there is a different quality that a minority group has it will be ostracized by the majority group. The differences can be sex, race, color, length of hair, creed, dressing, ideas one has in one’s head, and we would like to know if this is an innate quality of humans, mammals, animals in general or whatever. Is there a way that we can look at this that would help us in dealing with the world around us?

26 February, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know about the formation of the social memory complex on planet Earth. Does our technology such as television, computers with internet, radio, music, etc., aid any as training wheels in the formation of our social memory complex? And are there more subtle and efficient ways that this formation of our social memory complex is accomplished in our everyday lives?

19 February, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question this week has to do with the “Who am I?” question that each seeker asks. We are wondering about the incarnational personality as a focus as to who each seeker might be. The incarnational personality, of course, has connections with the soul identity that has been through many incarnations and has connections with the one Creator as a portion of that Creator. We are wondering if you could tell us something about the incarnational self, who that self is, and use it as a vehicle for evolution.

12 February, 1995

Sunday meditation

We would like to know why suffering is necessary, and, in light [of the fact] that so many people in the world suffer so much, how is it that suffering is a service either to the people who suffer or to the Creator who watches the suffering as part of Itself?

5 February, 1995

Sunday meditation

How do we recognize what we are supposed to learn from our catalyst? Can you recommend any techniques or procedures that we could use to learn from our catalyst?

29 January, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question this week comes from N and has to do with the concepts of service and love. It is his observation that the basis of all creation is to serve, one portion of the Creator serving another, and that the substance of the creation is love, everything is made out of love, the creative energy of the Creator. Now, N feels in our daily lives that service is more obvious and instinctual. We are able to recognize our opportunities to serve as they come about. We just see what needs to be done and do it. Love, however, seems to be of the nature of that which needs to be worked on. It takes will or an effort to do it and we are never really sure of how well we are doing it. Whereas with service we are aware of what we have done and can at least be sure that something was accomplished. In loving, it is not so obvious, and we would like Q’uo’s comments upon N’s observations.

22 January, 1995

Sunday meditation

The question this afternoon has to do with the incarnation into various races and cultures on this planet. We are wondering if people tend to incarnate into only one race or culture and move as a unit or group within that race or culture and maintain their identities from incarnation to incarnation as members of a particular race or culture or tribe, or if people are more likely to incarnate across racial or cultural boundaries and have a multitude of different types of experiences, and if this experience is what the soul experiences. Does the soul experience many different kinds of racial, tribal or cultural incarnations, or does the soul have identification with particular races or cultures?

15 January, 1995

Sunday meditation

We have been sitting and talking about things we have been affected by in our past, things we are looking forward to in the future and planning for, and adjusting our present according to, and realizing the value of all these things. We are just wondering if there might be some way of focusing more on the present moment and what it really means to be here right now, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.