We have been sitting and talking about things we have been affected by in our past, things we are looking forward to in the future and planning for, and adjusting our present according to, and realizing the value of all these things. We are just wondering if there might be some way of focusing more on the present moment and what it really means to be here right now, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. May we thank you for calling us to this circle of seeking. It is a great pleasure to once again experience the blending of our vibrations with your own and we feel most blessed to be sharing in this meditation. As we offer our opinions, we ask that each entity take what seems good and discard those thoughts that do not seem appropriate, for we offer our opinions and are your error-prone friends along the path, rather than any absolute authority.

It has been some time since we spoke through this channel and we enjoy that also. To stay in the present moment is to stay in eternity, for the fully realized present has infinite depth, and breadth, and height. To be present in that moment, in a full sense, is possible to third-density experience, but highly improbable, for the aim of third density is towards creating a sea of confusion within which entities may exercise their free will in choosing the manner of spending time and attention. So if you feel again and again that you are spiritually lacking because of dwelling upon the past or hoping overmuch for the future, step back from judgment of the self and remember that you did not create this illusion so that you could best it, defeat it, or win from it the prize of perfect conformation to that infinite present moment. Rather, you came to, shall we [say,] the party, in order to be intoxicated with life, and to stray from the path that is straight, drawn instinctively by those interests and biases which you brought with you in such a way that the dilemmas of reconfiguring and re-aiming the path might be set up just precisely in that way which shall instruct, reform and teach most accurately, pointedly and profoundly.

As you stray and [wander] the weather of the emotions blows through the experience of the self by the self. There are times when it seems possible to become fully aware, centered and present. There are often times when the self perceives its nature as hopelessly foolish, scattered and inefficient. The full gambit of these judgments of self by self may be upon the surface true and may seem helpful, however, beneath these surface experiences of self that portion of the self which does indeed dwell eternally within that present moment is alive and well within you. You cannot escape the perfection out of which you were created and into which you now are maturing.

Have we confused you, my brothers and sisters? We do not mean to confuse, but rather to put into a perspective this quest for righteousness or right thinking. These attempts are indeed important. It is well to strive towards the ideals of being present and practicing the presence of the infinite Creator. It simply needs to be pointed out that this, like other states of conscious existence, is that which is upon the surface of the personality of the life experience, whereas the work of an incarnation redounds to the very depth of the self, to the roots of mind, the last thirsty roots of consciousness that reach into that which is deity.

You see, your nature is such that the striving, the activity of an incarnation, remains in a sense frivolous or unimportant, the many self-judgments being not only frivolous but inaccurate and inappropriate. We suggest that each encourage those thoughts which refrain from judgment and discourage the self in its desires to castigate and rebuke the self for its shallowness, its lack of appropriate awareness of the present moment. This we say in order that those many times when the self is perceived as being out of harmony with eternity, that the judgment will be not chosen, but rather a shrug, a laugh at the human condition, and a turning once more to thanksgiving and naked praise for the infinite One which fills the days, the moments, the years and the life with such beauty that it is beyond description.

Now having said this, we do encourage each student to muse often within that sacred tabernacle within, to sit mentally and emotionally down within that holy ground of being, where lies truth and eternal things; to sit with bare attention, knowing that silence which speaks of the mighty presence that is both Creator, creation and created. For these are moments out of time, out of space, and rather eternal and infinite. These moments of practicing the presence of the Creator may be keyed according to your individual needs and circumstances. This instrument has often used the ringing of the telephone or the sounding of a bell, heard from a neighboring church, to remind the self to turn to offering thanksgiving and praise. This reminder aids and in each life experience there is a structure of habitual use of time, wherein there are predictable moments, which might be best laid aside for a quick visit to eternity. This does not have to be formal or long. Indeed, it can be, if you chose, most frequent.

You see, when seekers speak of living within the present moment, they are attempting to describe within the illusion and using [as] the tools of the illusion that which does not take part within the illusion. When entities are struggling for a personal healing, when they are in some kind of therapy, there may be suggested another structure within which one may attempt to discipline the personality and the habits of the mind and emotions.

Whatever the language, the student of truth is basically looking for ways to stop thinking, and instead allow the nakedness of pure attention. Feel for a moment that incredibly powerful love that is the Creator. Sense this love within you as the sun warming the heart, radiating throughout the physical vehicle. Within the curtain of flesh lies deity, and that vessel that you are is being hollowed out to receive ever more fully that love which is all that there is, which wraps up eternity and infinity in a tiny ball, and, throwing it, creates the universe.

We would leave you at this time in the love and the light of the Creator. We are with you in eternity and bid you joy of your party. May you seek most purely, forgive most completely, and love each other with all your heart.

We are those of Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.