Our question today deals with the foundation self that we attempt to know, to build a path to, to solidify with faith throughout our lives. It seems that catalyst either peels away layers of our being so that we get closer to this foundation self or an adding unto the various experiences and personalities that we have so that we approximate this ideal or core self, whether it is faith or soul essence that comes with us from incarnation to incarnation. We would like information about how we work to know this core of self, how we balance various aspects of this self that seem at odds with each other, how we get to know mysterious parts of this self that make themselves known from time to time, how we find messages from that core self in our dreams that come in archetypical images.

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and may we say what a privilege and blessing it is for us to share in your meditation and in your seeking for your own truth.

We are within your planetary sphere specifically to aid those who would wish to ask us for our thoughts and we only ask that you evaluate our opinions using your own discrimination, for each seeker has an unique path to the one infinite Creator and therefore each has an unique point of view which creates personal truths that you hear and resonate to. Keep those that resonate within your own being and leave the rest behind. This favor allows us to share our humble and often incorrect opinions with you without infringing upon your free will and we appreciate your understanding this, for we do not come to teach, but rather to share. We are those upon that same path of seeking as you but a few steps further on. We know not the mystery. We yearn for it as do you.

As we gaze at the subject of the core being and how within incarnation to find access to it to know the self we ponder which tack to take in discussing this seminal and interesting question, for in one sense the core being of all that exists is the one great original Thought, that unit vibration, shall we say, known as Love. Indeed, this love is your essential self. Due to the Creator’s adopting free will, the original Thought created that which you know as light and those photons, as you call them, which are the particles, shall we say, of light have built all that you are aware of and all that exists in manifestation, either in the inner or time/space planes of existence, or the outer or space/time planes of existence.

To be transparent is the most apt skill that can be created within your practice in terms of becoming aware of the ultimate essence of who you are. This transparency is, shall we say, not a state of being which is primary on the agenda of lessons learned within your density. However, those who seek the one infinite Mystery often yearn to be transparent to the surrounding illusion and wish mightily to experience that lightness in transparency of being which is associated with being pure spirit. The most calm and the most busy of times alike offer moments or windows of opportunity wherein suddenly the illusion crystallizes and shimmers, and the transparency of being can be felt. When these moments occur, find time to give praise and thanks for these experiences of a truth that lies within you.

We, however, would not choose this level of core beingness to discuss primarily with you at this working because it is our opinion that each density has its purpose. Now, we would preface this line of thinking by pointing out that the seeming progression of densities is an artifact of time and space and is not the deepest truth of the cosmos and its makeup. In a deeper reality, or shall we say, a more shallow illusion, all time and space is one and as an entity, therefore each seeker is working simultaneously upon all densities and sub-densities. However, within incarnation there is time, there is space and there is progression. Therefore, we use the concept of densities to indicate which lessons are learned first, which lessons are the foundation for further lessons.

In first density the lesson is simply consciousness. In second density the lesson involves the turning to the light, the beginning of choices. In third density, which you now enjoy, the lesson is in learning how to love and how to accept love. These lessons are two sides of the one coin of love. You have entered into this incarnative experience because you felt that there was room for improvement in your understanding of love. Now, there are other reasons which cause you to wish to come at this time having to do with service to this planet and its peoples in this time of transformation on a planetary scale. But each also has lessons to learn, and so we would focus upon the core beingness of the self as it can in a stable manner be experienced helpfully within incarnation.

You have heard us speak of meditation, not once—except for the one known as J—but again and again. We use this term meditation because it is what this instrument is used to calling it, but often in meditation people visualize, pray and contemplate. However, the core of being within incarnation, we feel, can perhaps most purely be sought within the concept of listening. Each is aware when someone physical speaks and the sound vibrations carry to the physical ear. Even if the language is foreign the entity knows that communication is being attempted. There is within each seeker an instinct for hearing within. However, this instinct is latent in most entities within incarnation, and it needs to be encouraged over time on a regular basis.

Your holy work known as the Bible talks of the “still, small voice.” We would characterize this voice as that of what this instrument would call Christ consciousness, or the spirit within. Within each entity there lies a country that is a holy high place. You spoke earlier of geography of the self and we would say that this high place exists within a dark continent of the subconscious mind. Into this place comes the seeker who opens the inner ear and in this place dwells the Creator in fullness and in mystery, and the silent speech of this mystery is food and drink to the eternal self within. Each condemns the self for not meditating well and yet we say to you that the attempt is all. Each experiences usually the subjective feeling that a meditation could have been purer or less cluttered with the errant thoughts of a foolish and shallow personality that seem to drift and rush through the calm and silent chamber within with undue rudeness and haste. Yet we ask you to be very patient and compassionate when looking at the performance of meditation or silent listening.

You see, within incarnation, within the progression of youth to age and day-to-day, each has learned to value performance and production. Each has the internal checklist of things to do and there is an uncanny delight in crossing off those never-ending things to do, and yet your beingness depends not one whit upon your crossing off the items on your list. Rather, your value depends upon your vibration. If you are in love with life, if you embrace the present moment, then your core vibration is expressing at its best, shall we say, at its most harmonious, at its clearest and most lucid. And this is what people receive from you louder and more impressively often than what you are doing at the time. This nexus of vibratory patterns is that which you came to share with this planet so beloved to each of you. This is the gift you have to give to your fellow beings at this time—yourself.

Are you thinking that you are not good enough? Let us square away and tackle that thought, for the self-judgment, while useful in Earthly pursuits, is peculiarly disadvantageous to one who seeks to give the self in love. There is a sense of proportion that comes to one who has touched that core being which is tabernacling with the one infinite Creator. Beyond words, beyond actions, this essence is your gift and it is worthy. How beaten down each entity is when he attempts to judge the self against the yardsticks so eagerly accepted.

Now, we are not suggesting that good behavior is not appropriate. Indeed, each action and each thought can be examined and each can profitably learn about the self as she contemplates the actions of the day and sees ways to do things more as she would wish to have done them. This learning is legitimate and is part of why you are here. But in judging one’s own value it is very easy to spend time tearing the self down, which could better be spent in holding that dear human self in the arms of the love within and comforting and being with that dear child of Earth that tries so hard and fails so often. It is appropriate for each of you to fail often, to fall down and to pick the self up.

This is why you came into such a heavy, chemical illusion. You wanted to fall down and go boom, as this instrument would say. You wanted to be a baby and to learn in the illusion, of the illusion, for the illusion because within this thick illusion the forgetting of who the true self is can take place so that each entity feels alone and each entity has the chance using nothing but free will and faith to choose to come face to face with that core self you all seek, and to within that self make the decision of how to serve the infinite Creator. Each within this room has chosen to serve along the path of service to others. And so you seek by will and faith alone to make choices that place you to the best of your judgment and ability increasingly in mental and physical states where you are dwelling within the love of the moment and are able to serve others.

Were you not dwelling behind this veil of forgetting these choices would be easily made. Within this illusion, however, the choice to give, the choice to make expressions of love, especially in the face of a perceived not-love is precious, for choices made in the darkness, in the absence of knowledge, go very deep. You are working upon that core vibration more efficiently, shall we say, within this illusion than you ever will in all of the illusions that follow, for once you have graduated from this third density the veil of forgetting shall be lifted and you will know that you are one with the infinite One but that all others are one with that infinite One and with you, and there will be the strength of the group who together seek that shall aid greatly in the basic awareness of a more solid illusion, shall we say, one more filled with light.

Never again shall you build the foundation of all that is to come. This is a short and intense experience during which you have marvelous opportunities to transform the self. These chances shall come in a cyclical fashion. Just as you have learned one lesson and are feeling secure, as the one known as B was speaking earlier, the next lesson shall come forward and all shall be out of kilter again, and in the initiation into that next level of the lesson of the incarnation much will seem disjointed and difficult. And then the lesson begins to be learned. The experience smoothes out, perhaps, for a time and then another time of learning begins.

Each portion of this cycle is equally useful and we encourage each to appreciate the easy times and the difficult ones, for in each state of mind there are many, many lessons that can be worked upon. It, for instance, is easier to work on thanksgiving when all seems to be rosy. However, there is equal work in thanksgiving when things seem difficult. This is a chance you worked hard for, this chance to dwell in dimness of perception and challenge the self to find the light. When you are listening, know that you are at your most precious time, that listening within is as the key that unlocks the door to that holy ground which is, in truth, in all places, in all times, and in all things.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We would thank this instrument and leave it in love and in light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

[Tape ends.]