26 December, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We have been enjoying your friendship, the love you have shared. We have been watching at this time of year you call Christmas. The love that has been shown upon your planet is great indeed. For as the time of harvest grows nearer, my friends, more and more of your people will come to know of the love and light of the infinite Creator. It is ones such as yourselves that dare to let the light shine that is within you and to draw others to the light, to what we believe is the path, the shortest path to the final goal of the one original Thought.

25 December, 1982

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: When we speak of love, we speak of something exceedingly simplistic. That is, one thing from which all depends. The one original Thought of the infinite Creator has been called logos and love and we say to you that you may find it in diverse places, in all manner of situations [inaudible] in the sanctity and peace of your conscience or in the noisy humdrum of the daily routine.

21 December, 1982

Tuesday meditation (Dayton)

Hatonn: We are so pleased to be called back to your group again, to share in your joy and to listen to your joyous sounds. It is so peaceful here. There is contentment and ease about you. My friends, remember this peace you feel. The ease as it goes through your body. The calmness that is felt. The tension of your daily lives slowly slips away as you seek silence, seek the quietness. The quietness when the thoughts of your illusion have faded. When times are busy, as you make plans and gather friends around, take the time to find the peace in the solitude of being yourself, for when you are at peace with yourself you are able to be at peace with others.

12 December, 1982

Sunday meditation (Louisville)

Hatonn: “In Memoriam.” “In the memory of.” How many times have your hearts been touched by the memory of one whose courage, bravery or goodness was so outstanding that your attention is commended and your heart is drawn up in an emotion of love and admiration for the memory of someone, some brave act, some heroic deed. It is written that the one known as Jesus looked past his own physical death and offered to his disciples a proper memorial, for this teacher knew well that those seeds which he had planted during his incarnation, if they were good, would bloom long after that passage which confronted him when he offered bread and wine to his brothers.

12 December, 1982

Sunday meditation (Dayton)

Hatonn: In this season which you call Christmas there is more than ever a sense of oneness upon your planet. A sense of wishing to share with your brothers and sisters what in a small way you have found, the joy you have felt, helping people open their hearts and their minds to the love of the Creator, of wanting to share this love. My friends, this love is in truth all you are seeking on your paths, whatever path you may choose to walk, you will in the end be at the same place.

11 December, 1982

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, you exist within a world of illusion, a school in which there are many lessons to be learned, often requiring the individual entity many lifetimes in which to accomplish this task. This is as it should be, for it is the desire of the Creator that each of His children experience the totality, the fullness of creation. You currently exist within that which [is] described as the third density, and are for the most part occupying the middle ground between two selections of polarization, that of service to self and that of service to others.

5 December, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Now [is] the time of forgetfulness [inaudible] [as you sit in this circle], you struggle against the pressures of the illusion. Now are the dark and dismal days, the [inaudible], [cloud-filled hours]. Now is the time of each pilgrim resting quietly under the skeleton of a once-leafy tree, [inaudible] the dusty miles behind and pondering the bend in the road ahead and which turn should be taken when two roads converge. Now is the time when the weary pilgrim may learn the lesson [inaudible], for upon its surface is nothing of comfort. It is a creature forged in fire and left to [weather] the millennia. As the weather moves, so moves the [inaudible]. It may be shaped by water [inaudible], but it must be; it has no nimble feet, nor shall it ever, a [inaudible] unto itself [more of itself].

28 November, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, it is often hard to understand how one might attain that which we call peace, for in many of the situations that you experience it seems [inaudible]. Indeed, there are times in your lives when that which you know as peace seems even inappropriate for the situation within which one finds oneself. For, as you well know, there are many situations in which your expected behavior patterns do not include a display of peaceful acceptance as an option.

21 November, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Tonight we would share with you some thoughts concerning your desires for your brothers and sisters, for those who seek to follow the path of service to others by nature attempt to envision that which would benefit their other selves.

14 November, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: That which is most central to a confidence about positivity of contact is the proper unification and tuning of the group. This group seeks to know the truth, seeks inspiration, and seeks to serve others. There is in each a spirit of what many would call Christ Consciousness, a desire to know the love and light of the one infinite Creator. There is at this time very little desire within this present gathering to know specific events of the future, for to request specific information which would interfere with the free will which is yours. Therefore, this group is not an hospitable place for one which is not oriented towards service to others.