15 July, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: We look forward this evening to working with each of the new instruments in their endeavor to learn to pick up our channeled messages. It is a great service you perform, each of you perform for us, to give us this opportunity to, in a sense, speak to many more brothers and sisters upon your planet. We are most eager for this opportunity. We are not infallible, of course, but we do have an understanding of some concepts of the Creator which we want to share with you, and you, through your channeling, give us the opportunity to reach others who are seeking who might otherwise not have the benefit of our years of learning similar lessons as we passed through the density of separation.

4 July, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We would speak through this instrument in order to express your compassion and that of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator for your planet. We are aware as we look into the thoughts of this instrument that this day has meaning to your nation. It is a day called Independence Day, won, my friends, as so many things have been won upon your planet, by killing and forcing one group’s opinion upon another in what seems to be a planetary love of hostile struggle. We know that you as well grieve for those strangers who you have never met, who die violently in unknown lands mouthing the ideals that have been taught them. We know that within your thoughts there lies great concern for those who have killed but have not been killed.

26 June, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: I was explaining to her that television machines and cooling systems are negative influences. Before television and cooling systems people sat on their front porch and became involved with their other selves. The drama was not as condensed on the front porch but it was real, and they did not feel isolated the way they do in front of their TV set. Even refrigeration is negatively oriented. In the days of the icebox people went down to the drugstore for ice cream. They went to the grocery store because perishables would not keep. They became involved with their other selves.

20 June, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, we initially attempted to contact a number of the newer instruments, yet found ourselves unable to convince those individuals of the veracity of the contact. It is our desire in the future to attempt this often at further sessions so as to familiarize each instrument with our vibration that they might perceive and be confident in our initial contacts.

17 June, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: Firstly, my friends, we ask you to be aware and fully conscious of the mechanism of faith or belief, by which this contact is made far more accessible. Indeed, the faculty of faith has long since atrophied among many of your peoples, and it is understandable and to be appreciated that this faculty would be used cautiously and in many cases mistrusted. Whereas [when] we look about your peoples, my friends, we find that those who have exercised the faculty of faith have in many cases become overbalanced in the direction of that faith, and so have separated themselves from a great many other entities rather than using that faith to become one with their brothers and sisters.

13 June, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: As you are well aware, all are one with the Creator, none better, none worse, not separated, not segregated by geography or religion or the ties of nationalities, of race. Each on your planet is in their own unique ways seeking the awareness of the love and light. Few are those who may totally shield their eyes, for the love and light is and surrounds us. Though you may attempt to shield [your] eyes, your being, the awareness and the learning is something that we all will face, and each at his own speed will learn. You need not be disheartened if in your seeking there are times when you seem to stumble or move backward, for the lessons are difficult, but not impossible. Each will learn and in these times that are upon you the lessons will not lessen in any degree.

10 June, 1982

Intensive meditation

Hatonn: We ask each to remember that all of us who call ourselves by the name of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are but messengers, so that those who speak our thoughts are also messengers. That which comes through us and through you is, therefore, a sometimes simple and sometimes more complex rendering of one basic concept and its implications. The concept is the original Thought, its nature, its unity, and its creative power. Its implications are infinite, and are expressing themselves all about you and to the ends of the endless universe of the Father.

6 June, 1982

Senior citizens intensive meditation

Hatonn: My friends, there was once a great kingdom beneath the sea. Beneath the green waters and the sand lay golden doors. And some beings there were who under enchantment could enter that majestic world. In this world, my friends, there was no aging. There was no work. There was no ugliness or lack of any kind. All were beautiful. Each meal was a banquet, the only drawback being that the entities of this enchanted land could eat nothing.

30 May, 1982

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Those few precious moments in which you allow yourself to open may have more effect than all the deliberate thought, all the logical methods of solving problems. So often people believe that everything may be rationalized, everything fits into those qualifications that they establish to fit the concepts of the solution. By doing so, people limit that which they may reach. We would remind that this is an illusion in which you exist, and this illusion does have its limits. It is for you to become aware that the love and the light of the Creator is infinitely more than your illusion. Through your meditations you may begin to pierce the illusion, to feel, to hear, to truly see the light. It is for you to grow, to learn, to experience. It is for you to choose whether you seek to be of service to others or seek to be of service to self. Your task is the same, to become aware of the light, the love.

27 May, 1982

Intensive meditation

Laitos: My friends, in these groups in which we concentrate so much upon service, sometimes we of Laitos may stress too much that great pillar of the life “lived in knowledge of,” and forget to stress with the most abundant emphasis the joy that permeates the universe of this Creator Whom we serve. Too much we stress responsibilities connected with being a pilgrim and not enough do we share with you the reality of freedom that that service brings, for in each attempt to serve the Creator you have freed yourself from the opinion of a disillusioned illusion, you have removed yourself from a dimly lit, habitually angry and negative set of circumstances which persist despite all the beauties of the creation around you, and you have with your eyes in your inner selves glimpsed the reality of an infinite merrymaking, an eternal joyousness, the love that is without end.