(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. My friends, it is a great pleasure to be with you once again, and to be able to share with you the love that we extend in the name of ourselves and our brothers of the Confederation. We desire only to be of service to you in whatever manner may be allowed and are grateful to you for providing us this opportunity.

Tonight we would share with you a small story concerning an animal of your planet which is referred to by you as a squirrel. It is seemingly not a significant animal in that its contact with those of your race is very limited. It is generally regarded by many as simply an object of prey for consumption at their tables, yet as with all things of the Creator, it may serve the purpose by its example as being a teacher. The squirrel seemingly spends its life in the process of storing food away for the winter. It appears to be a very seriously minded creature, not prone to relax and allow the universe to provide its sustenance when and where it is desired, preferring rather to work constantly, taking responsibility for providing its own sustenance, trusting the future to no one.

Yet, my friends, the squirrel, in a larger sense, is similar to those who strive upon a spiritual path, for although one may often see the younger ones on a pleasant day indulging in playful frolics, chasing one another, clambering rapidly up and down their trees, the elder squirrels are not content to allow the world about them to provide for their needs, but rather constantly strive to improve upon their own situation, to acquire what is available at the moment, no matter how unnecessary the acquisition may momentarily seem, for they realize that that which may seem of questionable value, at this moment not worth pursuing, at a later date may be perceived as a jewel beyond comparison.

My friends, it is often difficult to understand the necessity for striving. It is convenient to casually glance about oneself and view that which is available with a cynical eye, telling oneself, “I do not need to learn this for it is of no use to me at this moment. Perhaps later at a more convenient time, at a time when the education appears more valuable, at that moment I will begin to learn what is offered.” My friends, the difficulty one encounters when one approaches their life training session with this attitude is the fact that when the need appears it is often a need that arrives at a critical time, a point in your existence where one is unable to stop and say to yourself, “Now I will take the time to learn that which was available before.”

My friends, you cannot count on the opportunity to leisurely pursue your growth at some later date, for that later date will suddenly be thrust upon you, born with the force of your indolence. For that lesson will be then coupled with another lesson for which you have called concerning your reluctance to undertake the process of spiritual growth. We say these words, my friends, not to chastise for you are deeply loved by us, and it is neither our place or desire to attempt to correct your path or to direct your growth, for there is but one teacher on each of your paths. That teacher is yourself.

It is our desire, however, to share with you, if possible, that which we have experienced ourselves and those experiences of our own in which from a retrospective viewpoint we find that our dedication was somewhat lacking. My friends, be conscious of the gifts that are given to you. Do not simply accept them and place them on a shelf or file them away until such time as your illusion presents that which you regard as the ideal situation under which to take them down from the shelf, dust them off, and begin to work with them. Rather, my friends, realize that the arrival of those lessons, those opportunities, is due to a calling on your part, a summoning of those lessons that they might be worked upon at that point in your life which is the ideal condition, the ideal time for those lessons.

At this time, our brother Laitos would pass among you, and to those who request it will extend their service of the conditioning vibration to those among you who desire this. I am Hatonn.


I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. At this time we desire to speak a few words through the instrument known as S. If he will relax and open his perceptions to our presence, we will speak through him. I am Hatonn.

(S channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am Hatonn. I wish at this time to be able to speak a few words so that the one known as S can begin to feel more comfortable with our presence. We wish at this time to allow our brothers of Laitos to provide their service of answering your queries. I am Hatonn. I wish at this time to transfer the contact to the one known as L. I am Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument. We have experienced some minor difficulty in our contact with the one known as S, but this is not a significant difficulty, and with time will [be] overcome by the instrument’s increased familiarity with the process known as channeling.

At this time we will relinquish our use of this instrument so that our brothers and sisters of Latwii may make themselves available for the purpose of answering any questions that those present might desire to ask. I am known to you as Hatonn.

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. My friends, it is a great pleasure to be back with you, for although we are always appreciative of a desire on anyone’s part to have a brief vacation, [we] would point out to you that we did not get to go on vacation at the same time, and therefore we are glad to be back with you, for it was much like watching the shop when the shop was closed!

At this time we would make ourselves available for the wonderful opportunity to attempt to answer your harmless questions. May we answer a question for anyone present?

I have a question.

We have an answer.

About my attempted channeling. Hatonn said my performance tonight was not exactly a 100%, and there was some distortion on my part. Is this normal until I get more relaxed and have more confidence with channeling?

I am Latwii. Yes. To extend our answer further we would suggest that what our brothers and sisters of Hatonn stated was simply that some difficult was encountered, and were very consciously specific in not stating upon whose part. This is because our brothers and sisters of Hatonn tend to be tactful to the extreme. However, due to the fact that we posses less tact, we shall discuss the subject, for we feel that was the nature of your question however it was implied.

The difficulty as our brother Hatonn described it is of the nature of an individual who is channeling suddenly wondering if they are channeling. The next step, generally speaking, is then to wonder if they are channeling an entity or channeling themselves. This is a very normal and expected process in any individual who seeks the path of being an instrument. We would suggest, therefore, that the simultaneous pursuits of relaxation, practice and increased meditation would all be beneficial to your efforts. In particular, we would recommend at some point during your daily meditations, would you choose to meditate daily, we would suggest the services of our brothers and sisters of Laitos and their conditioning vibration, for this is very conducive to the process by which one refines their facilities, so to speak, as an instrument.

May we answer you further?

I have two questions. When I meditate, am I able to call Laitos for his assistance, being by myself?

I am Latwii. My brother, you are able at any time, at any moment, for any reason, to request the services of any member of the Confederation. It is not recommended to attempt to channel in the situation you describe, but to request the presence and assistance of any member of the Confederation is always within the realm of acceptable, and we would always suggest that for a person desiring to polarize in the direction that you refer to as positive polarization, this type of contact would be very beneficial.

May we answer you further?

The other thing was—you mentioned besides meditation …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(L channeling)

I am Latwii. My brother, the opportunity several minutes ago that you availed yourself of is a good example of practice. The presentation of oneself as an instrument being offered for the service of channeling at any of the co-minglings that you refer to as group meditation is an example of opportunity for practice.

That answers those question. There was something else I wanted to ask. I saw a movie this week on TV, and there were things in it that would be pretty much parallel to the things we’ve been receiving from the Confederation. I’ve been wondering if the person who wrote this might have been receiving the same type of contact.

I am Latwii. My brother, the individual to whom you refer has not been in contact with us in the manner that those in this room are at this time. However, we would point out that there are many types of calling by which your peoples seek the aid of entities such as ourselves or those entities referred to by your group as the Orion group, and the type of response is defined by the type of calling. For example, if an individual’s calling was limited to those periods of time during which a nocturnal relaxation of the conscious mind is in process, then a response such as this one would not be possible, yet a response would occur.

May we answer you further?

No, that explains that. There was one other thing. At the beginnings of our meditations I feel Hatonn’s presence very strongly. Should I as a rule, right now while I’m developing channeling, wait until I’m specifically called upon?

I am Latwii. My brother, it is neither our intent or responsibility to instruct you in the manner in which you perform your educational processes while you are existing within your illusion, for this would be an interference that is not permissible for entities such as ourselves. However, we would suggest that in general the adoption of fixed rules of conduct are not often beneficial. We would suggest therefore that each situation be viewed as a new learning experience with unique characteristics, and a response should be tailored to the situation. There would be no evil or badness that would result from one such as yourself acting as an instrument in the situation you describe, for the contact you experience is a result of your offering yourself for the service of providing an instrument for the entity you are aware of.

We would suggest in general that many opportunities for channeling can be made available to those who desire to channel if their desire is mentally expressed at the commencement of the session. However, as there is no particular value to being first off the line, so to speak, that a more efficient contact might result if the developing instrument is confident that the entity whom they sense is actually present and has previously identified itself and declared its desire to speak through the new instrument, for this can be beneficial to those who are experiencing difficulty resulting from lack of confidence or from self-analysis.

May we answer you further?

No, that answers those questions. Thank you.

We thank you, my brother, both for your questions, and for your desire for service, and we would suggest that those opportunities you seek will be made available as your desire persists.

Is there another question?

Yes, Latwii, I’d like some help and reflection on a social concept having to do with morals in our culture. For example, we have morals which guide us in how to live. One would be respect to our brothers, treating them as we would want to be treated ourselves, and our cultures has all types of morals which are generally common sense, and seem to deal in the vein of loving one another, until you get to sexual relationships, and then there suddenly seems to be a great deal of confusion that doesn’t seem to follow common sense, and doesn’t seem to follow in the vein of truly loving your fellow man. Why all the confusion around this part of our social make-up when it’s not around other parts of it?

I am Latwii. My brother, to answer your question briefly we would simply suggest that the answer lies in your statement, in that the confusion is the purpose. There has been, in your past, a large amount of contact with many entities, for your current experiences in [this] area is not new to your race or to any of the races who have migrated to your planet and incarnated in your current form. The entities who have worked with your peoples throughout their history have all sought to sincerely aid those of your people in achieving a level of polarization. Unfortunately, there are two levels of polarization available, and a great deal of confusion has resulted from a sort of tug-of-war as both those oriented toward service to self and those oriented toward service to others attempt to aid the entities of your planet who extend a calling to the entities we have described.

The result is a set of conflicting rules which are the result of those of your planet attempting to set down in a fixed form methods of conduct based upon information received from both sources. For example, the entities who are oriented toward service to others might suggest that to love all people in such a manner as to regard each individual as being of equal value as to oneself would be in direct conflict with those entities who would suggest that the best way to love a person would be to control that person. The concept of being possessed as an object of someone’s love is recognizable to yourself and to those present as a very widely supported role that meets the approval of many on your planet. However, the act of possessing or being possessed by another person is not often very comfortable, and requires further restrictive rules to then limit the power exerted by the possessor. As the tug-of-war between the two opposite polarities and the recipients of their information continues, a mass of contradictory mores and laws becomes evident.

May we answer you further?

Well, perhaps. I understand the purpose of confusion, but what I don’t understand is why there is so much more confusion in this area than in perhaps many of the other areas where social mores are clearly defined and seem to be more in line with loving one another.

I am Latwii. My brother, it is important to realize that the process of becoming a social memory complex takes place in your current density. The relationships that occur while in this density either accelerate or retard this process. Obviously, the retardation of this process is beneficial to those who seek to serve only themselves, while the acceleration of this process is beneficial to those who seek to serve others. The distinction between the two sexes is present not only in your density but in several others, and is always a focal point for much learning. When the focal point is in conjunction with the necessity to determine one’s polarity in a density that has an increased emphasis upon relationships with other selves, the situation you have described is very likely to occur. The process of loving becomes saddled with the burden of loving while owning or being owned. The characteristic of owning or being owned being a definitive state then requires further definition so as to provide sufficient limitation and restriction in increased polarization for those seeking the negative polarization. This is a very valuable tool for those individuals who follow the path of service to self.

May we answer you further?

No, I think that will do for now, thank you.

We thank you. Is there another question?


I am Latwii. As there are no more questions we will relay some comments from some entities present—acting as a sort of instrument ourselves—that they are very pleased that the sun has recently risen again and were somewhat confused at the extended period of darkness in their aquatic world, for they were somewhat confused. They are grateful to whatever deity decided to return the sun to their world and give thanks. At this time we would bid you adieu, my friends. We thank you. Adonai, my friends.