22 December, 1996

Sunday meditation

Group question: We would like to ask about discernment. We are aware that we know whatever we know through the intellect, through the experiences that teach us, and we know through intuition, through the subconscious mind, through any entity that might communicate through the subconscious to give us an indication of the rightness of a thought, direction or action. We are wondering how to find or discriminate the highest knowing, the best knowing, the way that we can act according to what we know that we are doing the best we can, both to know and to act? How much of this is dependent upon faith?

15 December, 1996

Sunday meditation

Group question: From the Law of One information we have the statement from Ra that “It is the way of distortion that in order to balance distortion one must first accentuate the distortion.” We are wondering if this is done consciously or subconsciously. How does this work in the daily round of activities? How does this work with emotions? Can or should we attempt to control our emotions when we are attempting to balance catalyst?

24 November, 1996

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 33

Aaron: I want to return to this aspect of your experiences as a balance between human with its physical body, which has aches and pains; its emotional body with its joys and sorrows; its mental body with its mix of clarity and confusion; and its spirit body. The balance is between this human expression and the ultimate essence of love that you are.

23 November, 1996

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 32

Group question: How do we work with this harm and with our own distortions so as more clearly to offer our energy with non harm?

22 November, 1996

Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 31

Group question: Since we are all channels, how can we bring our energy through more purely? What would be the appropriate techniques to aid in becoming more clear?

10 November, 1996

Sunday meditation

We would like you to speak to us about how we might develop the proper relationship or perspective on our darker sides.

3 November, 1996

Sunday meditation

How can we work with relationships and feel safe in doing so?

27 October, 1996

Sunday meditation

How can we really know what is happening in our relationships with others in this illusion? How do we know how to conduct a relationship, by planning or by intuition? Should we be true to ourselves even if it seems to hurt another? If we are always changing, so do relationships. Could you give us some clarity on relationships?

20 October, 1996

Sunday meditation

We would like information on the concepts of being in a rut or accomplishing ritualized behavior for a specific purpose and expanding our horizons and learning new things. Our own subconscious, the High Priestess, seems to be the means by which we are led into new directions. Male and female relationships seem to be characterized by the female being more willing to learn new things, whereas the male is happy to be in a rut. So what we would like to know is the strengths and weaknesses of ritualized activity and expanding our horizons.

6 October, 1996

Sunday meditation

The question today has to do with our darker side because each of us have thoughts of injuring another who has wronged us, and that makes us uncomfortable. We would like to know how to deal with this darker side because it is part of us that needs some kind of recognition. Could you talk to us about how we could relate to that darker, shadow side of our selves?