Group question: From the Law of One information we have the statement from Ra that “It is the way of distortion that in order to balance distortion one must first accentuate the distortion.” We are wondering if this is done consciously or subconsciously. How does this work in the daily round of activities? How does this work with emotions? Can or should we attempt to control our emotions when we are attempting to balance catalyst?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank each of you for calling us to your circle on this occasion, for thereby you enable us to serve, for communications such as this one through this instrument constitute a large portion of our present way of serving others. We have this in common with many positive entities who surround your peoples at this time, ready to offer the love that lies within them to those upon your planet who in their heart are crying out. We hear the sorrow of your planet and it moves us greatly, so we feel privileged to be able to share our opinions.

We are aware that you wish us to speak of balance and of emotions. Perhaps we should begin with gazing at emotions and the role, shall we say, that they play in the shadow dance of life within the veil of flesh which each of you enjoy as those in third-density incarnations. The emotion that is pure is as a note upon a scale upon your musical instrument. The entire range of notes or tones of emotion create what has often been called the music of the spheres, for the purified emotion has the deep level of truth that moves from unknowing to unknowing. Within the illusion of your daily lives emotions are almost never present in a purified manner. The incarnation begins with the seeker already possessed of many basic biases in thought. These biases create ways of perceiving incoming information in a distorted manner. Some distortions are slight, some are substantial, and some are so exaggerated that it is difficult to recognize where the truth within that emotion lies.

However, no matter how biased the emotional attitude or presenting of self to the moment with regard to the material seen in the moment, all emotional feeling bear truth. It is just that because of the distortions present within each these truths are clouded or impure. You may think of emotions as being of a crystalline nature and of impure emotions as being of a nearly crystalline structure but with the impurities which create the cracks and faults within crystals. So each of you has your unique instrument. The notes of all emotions from the most positive to the most seemingly negative. Each of these feeling states is a truth of your being, but insofar as you dwell within the body of flesh the veil has dropped so that you do not have a good example of pure emotions to emulate. For all within the illusion partake in that illusion and many distortions are built into the being that presents itself to incoming information.

So you may look upon the disciplines involved in purifying emotions within yourself as that job that the piano tuner does when it takes its vibrating instrument which, when struck, vibrates the A below middle C, and then attempts to tune the corresponding note upon the instrument to that precise vibratory rate. Each of your emotions has a perfect crystalline nature. It is buried within the distortions that keep you from seeing and hearing the beauty of that note of feeling, that emotion. So when you experience emotions, know that you are receiving information from a deep source, that is, from that large portion of your consciousness that resides at a level below the threshold of conscious awareness. Where words cannot go, emotions become vocabulary.

So as you gaze at yourself reacting emotionally we ask that you realize that it is not at all your job to remove emotion. Nor is it desirable, in our opinion, that the emotions be altered because you feel they should be altered. Rather, we would suggest that [with] these emotions that strike you as being less than pure, to sit with that emotion, to re-experience that emotion, to move about in that feeling state, and to gaze without fear and without haste at that experience that you have collected. As you spend the time to contemplate that situation in which the emotion became embedded, perhaps you can begin to see some of where the distortions are within your own vibratory complex. This is valuable information, but not to the conscious mind. Rather, it is the subconscious mind which reaps the benefits of your contemplating those things which have moved you.

We have often said that your third-density incarnation may be seen as a school in which the illusion’s purpose is to drive the third-density seeker from the head to the heart. Whereas intellectual thoughts have light energy, shall we say, it may be said that emotions have heart energy; and because of this, the emotions contain more profound information than any wisdom which the brain can encompass and speak concerning. For emotions move in waters too deep to contain words, and it is at this depth that the changes that you desired to make prior to this incarnation may be affected. Thusly, even though it seems as though reflecting upon one’s emotions is the work of analysis and intellect, indeed it is actually exercising that muscle of faith and allowing that opening between conscious and subconscious mind to be kept open while you do what you can to open the self to a wider and deeper grasp of the situation in which the emotions were concerned.

The way to work upon that balancing then, that balancing of the emotions, the balancing of energies, is to allow that door between subconscious and conscious awareness to be allowed to keep open while the play that you have just finished can play again within the being. And in that review of the soap opera of the day, let us say, there is the opportunity to allow through the threshold of conscious thought the whole range of that particular emotion. For you may see that each note, for instance, upon the piano has its octaves. It also has its harmonics, and it is of these notes, tones and harmonics that the emotional tone poem of your particular vibratory nexus is built. So you may see the balancing exercise as a beautification project, working with what may seem like slums of feeling with that faith that does not judge the self for having distorted emotions. [The more] the self softens and allows the space for that dynamic between the polarized emotion and its opposite, the more the individual becomes as a clear tone and is able to have a more and more tuneful instrument.

Because of the tendency of entities within this heavy illusion you experience to avoid the work upon difficult emotions and because it is well to allow time to pass in your illusion before dealing with this difficult material we do not suggest, in general, that the time to work upon balancing emotions, thoughts or actions be as soon as these have occurred. But rather we would suggest that the sun be allowed to go down and come up again and then perhaps go down again, before you personally and subjectively feel that you are ready to work upon this particular experience. When you feel that you are ready in a good and stable place and able to do work in consciousness, then is the time to reexperience that situation which caused your conceptual feeling of a knot or tangle of emotion to occur. Move back into that caught or knotted place. Envelop it. Be it. Not only remember but allow the feeling to come again and allow it to be strengthened. When the bicycle approaches the corner 1, those who ride their bicycle will tend to lean the other way when turning that corner. To turn right, there is the lean to the left. This is because if one did not lean to the left when making the right turn one would lean inevitably and perhaps catastrophically to the right. Sometimes balancing means not just gazing at it to grasp it in its splendor but rather to see that corner turning, see that dynamic of movement where you lean into the way you wish not to go in order to give balance and stability as the turn is made into the right way or the way that you feel is the opposite of that knot or tangled emotion.

We have spoken of your beings as having the characteristics of instruments and we wish to emphasize that this is true to the best of our limited knowledge. Each of you has an unique signature made up of all of the tones of emotion, truth and beauty that make you up as a metaphysical personality. The vibration of perfect love, the vibration of the great original Thought is that perfection of which each of you are possessors. That is, the great thought of Love lies perfected within you, not outside in a book, in a teacher, or in any experience, but, rather within awaiting the patient and persistent seeker who is able to wade through distortion supported only by faith. You may see yourselves as being a grand chord of being with notes that create just your signature, and you may see your work in consciousness that balancing requires as the working out within illusion of your personal polarity. The one who is not attempting to polarize may work upon his emotions, may work upon her experience, or she may not. It is simply whether she feels as if she might do this work. As long as the efforts are now and then, sometimes yes, sometimes no, the person will find continuing difficulty in maintaining polarity.

Now, polarity is extremely important to your third-density experience. The unpolarized entity is as a pendulum which has no emotion. In a busy emotional individual the pendulum gets moved about, back and forth, back and forth, but there is no net gain in positive or negative. The challenge of one who wishes to become a metaphysical being, an awakened consciousness within this illusion, that entity must begin to move that weight which is as a pendulum in such a manner that it does not return to the zero point. This take patience, persistence and faith. As you work with your emotions there will be many, many temptations to stop the work. The faculty of judgment has been talked about during your conversation previous to this session, and each of you judges the self for playing bad notes upon your instrument. The piano tuner does not become upset because B-flat is not at pitch. He simply adjusts the string until it vibrates an accurate B-flat. You have these pure, truthful, truth-filled emotions within and simply need to see them, all of them, as valuable precious, priceless objects which hold clear and crystalline truth. Even the deepest notes of terror, pain and all of those ways of suffering that flesh is err to, as this instrument would say, these notes too contain enormous beauty, earth-shattering intensity, and in the melody of your existence you may see yourself attempting to purify those notes. This is indeed an effort worth maintaining, for to the one who persists shall come that tremendous inner peace that spreads over the consciousness of one who has stopped judging on appearances and is willing to listen to the most distorted feeling complex with the steady and sure faith of one who knows that beneath the distortions that hide the crystal there does lie the virtue of perfect emotion.

We believe that this is sufficient for this particular session and would at this time transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We leave this instrument with thanks, in love and in light. Take those thoughts helpful to you and leave the rest behind. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. It is our privilege at this time to ask if there might be further queries that we may speak to. Is there another query at this time?

I have a question to clarify the previous channeling. You used the example of leaning into a turn when riding a bicycle when balancing an emotion. You used the example of leaning opposite to the turn, but that will cause a crash. Was that a miscommunication. Is that right?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, it was our intention to suggest that one must lean into the turn, to lean in the direction of the turn in order to accentuate the distortion upon which one works. We did not mean to cause a crash, my brother.

I have a question in relation to spirit guides and ones like yourselves. I wonder if you could speak more upon the different types of guides available.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. There are guides, as they have been called, teachers and friends available for each seeker, and a great variety at that. There are for each entity at least three of those in whose care each seeker may rest. There is the guide of the masculine nature, the guide of the feminine nature, and the guide of the balanced or androgynous nature. These are primary to each entity and will work with each entity according to the needs or level of work upon which the entity has focused its attention within the incarnation. In addition to these, there may be those such as ourselves that move in service to those who are what you would all wanderers within your illusion. Thus, we serve as a guide, or what you may call a Comforter, to many of those who are in harmony with our vibration and from a level of service which seeks to aid those upon this planetary sphere.

In addition, there are those friends or teachers who are called to a seeker’s service at specific or intensive times within the incarnation of the seeker. These entities may have a more narrow or specific purpose to fulfill in guiding the third-density entity. Many times those who are creative within the fields of artistic expression will feel a guidance from such an entity at particular periods of production or creative inspiration.

There are also those friends who may serve as guides who are of the third-density entity’s family, shall we say, and when we speak not only of the Earthly family and one who may have gone through the doors of death and rebirth before the entity to be guided but also of the family of the entity which works from incarnation to incarnation, perhaps one serving as guide or teacher while in the discarnate state and the other in the incarnate state, these trading positions from time to time or incarnation to incarnation.

There are other types of guides as well that are far less usual, shall we say, and of these we can say little except that they do exist and may give a kind of guidance or inspiration upon request, such as that of the prayer, the contemplation, the heartfelt emotion that cries out to all creation and elicits the response of such entities such as these.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No. Thank you. That was very helpful.

Is there a further query at this time?

I felt there was a time when something got away from me where you were talking about the one original Thought. I would be glad to hear through Jim anything I forgot to say.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. At various times during the channeling process for an instrument such as yourself which is most sensitive there are those crossroads which will augment the understanding of the information we are giving. If one is able to travel each road successively, oftentimes the concentration is so well focused on one road, there is the beginning of this road, the traveling of this road, and then the continuation upon that portion of that explanation rather than the returning to the crossroads to give another aspect or viewpoint of the information. There are, in fact, many, many roads or aspects of any point being discussed which could aid in the elucidation of the point, but the ability of an instrument to perceive all of that which is available must be focused and one-pointed in order for any information to be transmitted. Thus, an instrument must not feel too discouraged if some aspect is omitted. That one has become aware of such omission or deficit merely is an indication of the increased ability of the instrument to function as an instrument.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Is there a further way in which we may speak, my sister?

No. Thank you.

I am Q’uo, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have a question about guides. I listen to your words, but when I try to open a channel to my personal guides, I wonder if it is appropriate to try to consciously open a channel or whether a thought is enough?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The desire upon your part to be guided in the seeking of love and the service to others and the growth of the self is all that is required for such guidance to be received. To become aware, consciously aware, of the guidance is yet another task. For one may move throughout the entire incarnation with the faith that guidance will be received and indeed shall be correct and shall be guided without perhaps ever becoming aware of exactly how the guidance worked. For those who wish to be more closely aware of such guidance it is well to pick a manner of receiving. Some are able to perceive thought concepts such as those which we transmit through these instruments. Some are able to perceive concepts through writing within their own journal where they are able to give over the control of the manuscript. Others are able to utilize implements such as the pendulum and work in this way to become aware of guidance. Others may utilize the tarot deck of cards containing images and meanings, energies and directions. Others may find more personally tailored manners in which they can become aware of guidance, each technique dependent upon each seeker’s personal preferences and talents, whether they be through some endeavor which will allow a certain kind of feeling to be transmitted, perhaps through music, movement or some game of chance, shall we say, the falling of cards, the ball through the basket, the technique dependent upon the individual’s selection firstly, and secondly and most importantly upon the individual’s continued utilization of this technique on a regular basis so that a channel is set up that may be utilized again and again

Is there any further query, my brother?

One more point. I assume that as you ask for guidance the guidance will be given appropriate to your stage of development. You walk your own path and when you receive guidance, this does not mean that someone else walks your path for you. Is this correct?

You are correct that another cannot walk your path. As one receives guidance you are always free to accept or reject all or any part of the guidance. The feeling of recognition, of rightness, of being in the flow of energy, shall we say, is often the signal to the seeker that the guidance received is good and perhaps shall be adhered to. However, one is always able to choose one’s own path, for at every turn there is always guidance whether it comes from another or from the self.

Is there a further query, my brother?

As one asks for guidance, there is a responsibility to use the guidance well. Is that all the responsibility?

To that responsibility we would add one further and that is that one seeks with a whole heart in each endeavor in which one asks for guidance. It is not always possible for the seeker to listen clearly, to hear clearly, or to act well, but a seeker can act with a whole heart and seek with the intention of knowing in order to serve and to grow.

Is there another query?

No. Thank you.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

[No further queries.]

I am Q’uo, and as it appears that we have exhausted the queries for this session of working, we would at this time wish to express our great gratitude at the opportunity of joining this circle of seeking. At this time we would take our leave of this instrument and this circle of seeking. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. See the first question by R for further clarification regarding this section.