We would like information on the concepts of being in a rut or accomplishing ritualized behavior for a specific purpose and expanding our horizons and learning new things. Our own subconscious, the High Priestess, seems to be the means by which we are led into new directions. Male and female relationships seem to be characterized by the female being more willing to learn new things, whereas the male is happy to be in a rut. So what we would like to know is the strengths and weaknesses of ritualized activity and expanding our horizons.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you so very much for calling us to your session this day. It is such a blessing to us to be able to share our thoughts with you and we thank and bless each of you for allowing us to share our opinions with you. As always, we ask that it be remembered that we are often in error and are not authorities but rather pilgrims along a limitless, timeless path, as you are also. And so we are companions along the way that is always the same and yet is unique for each and every seeking spirit.

This day you ask us concerning the achieving of balance, that balance of yin and yang, of reaching and waiting, of being bold and being quiet, of being fond of the usual as opposed to being fond of the novel. May we say that there is no one correct balance that persons should aim towards achieving, for each spirit has its own stored harvest of previous distortions which means that each energy center, each line of, shall we say, electrical-body impulse is wired or arranged in a pattern unlike any other, so truly that which is balance is balance for one entity at a time. Each entity shall have its own strengths and its own weaknesses. However, there are some general principles which a seeker may attempt to follow in seeking that point of balance that signifies a level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual comfort, that feeling of being comfortable within one’s own skin, and pleased with one’s own company.

If you are an entity which enjoys itself you have achieved an enviable state of balance. It is the work of much compassion and hard-won wisdom to fall in love with the self, to be a support to that self in all of its uniqueness, with all of the quirks that signal and trumpet the imperfection of self. Each entity is uniquely distorted and each should celebrate and enjoy those distortions while keeping the weather eye out to find those quirks whose laughter is not kind and to work with those portions of energy until the same stimulus triggers, not a different response in terms of emotion, but rather a sense of compassion which embraces and accepts that which is seen as distortion.

The entity in balance is one which has achieved a state wherein judgment of others or of self has accuracy tempered with gentle kindness.

One of the ways in which entities within third and fourth densities tend to gauge balance is by placing one set of—this entity does not have the appropriate word. She would say “symptoms,” but we speak of ways of thinking and ways of reacting—that should be given to the female and the opposite given to the male principle. In fact, although it is so that the second-density physical vehicle that carries men’s and women’s consciousness about in those densities have distinctive sex related patterns of behavior, it is emphatically not so that the infinite and eternal spirit that is the true self is bounded by or even very conscious of these instinctual behaviors.

Gazing upon the young of your species, it is fairly easy to see that the male and the female children tend to play differently regardless of the toys which they are given. Each within this circle is aware of lifelong patterns of behavior which have been taught by those of good character and strong morality throughout their childhoods, so that the adult seeker not only has the built in biases of the biological body which it has for the space of this incarnation, but it also has a very thorough and often crippling grounding of what it means to be a biological male or female.

Even taking these two sets of distortions into consideration we may note that it is certainly not true that all entities respond in the same way to the various conditioning experiences of their lives. There is, then, no fixed limitation as to how a spiritual seeker must express its own being. However, the choice of sex as well as other major choices concerning the incarnative period were made by each seeker before incarnation with an eye towards setting up an appropriate and fertile learning situation for the incarnation. This is especially true as the great cycle of evolution rolls around to a whole new and beckoning density, a time of harvest, transformation and what this instrument would call resurrection. As this scenario unfolds sensitive entities such as yourselves are more and more eager to find and to be the best that they can be, the most balanced, the most alert, the most aware that they [are] personally able to be. There is a great hunger for that feeling of poise, that comfort of self that is able to view, to respond and to be without the agony of self-recrimination and self-doubt.

For those who are of the biological female in body it may be said in general that the lessons which have been chosen are likely to deal with increasing the ability of the self to accept, to nurture, to forgive and to understand the self and other selves. For those who are born in the body of a male, the lessons in love frequently revolve about being one who can fulfill responsibilities and duties without recrimination or ill feeling.

The simple differences are deep and we hope that each can see that one cannot take the differing lessons of males and females too far without losing sight of those things which are deeper, wider and broader than the entire spectrum of sexual differences. However, if you are female, often the quiet of meditation shall bring to you new ways to accept nurturing of a passive kind, and for men, the same offers the burden of accepting in an active way. In other words, the female principle flames brilliantly with dreams of many colors, and it is the work of a lifetime to find roots for all the wings of imagination. For a man it is the work of a lifetime to allow imagination to become powerful.

Certainly the most efficient way for spiritual seekers to work upon themselves is to be in relationship, especially the primary mated relationship. This is a great advantage for those who are aware of the process of spiritual evolution to accept in a conscious way the burden of communication so that differing viewpoints about commonly witnessed catalyst can be shared without judgment and with mutual respect. It is also valuable to have any relationship, regardless of sex, in which there is open and clear communication, for each entity has within the self an unique balance of yin and yang, the male and female, if you will, within the self regardless of the biological sex of the entity.

We look upon the attempts of each of you to make sense of the lessons of the incarnation and we see within each a persistent lack of charity in dealing with the self. Often this lack of charity is projected outward and it is felt by the self that there is judgment upon others. However, the other selves are as mirrors to the self, and whether an irritable point has caught the aggravated eye of self from one’s own behavior or another’s, the message given to the deep mind is a judgment against the self.

It is so easy, my friends, to have judgment and so very difficult to refrain from that judgment which does not stop at being accurate in describing but rather moves on to evaluating the morality, ethics or beauty of a situation. It is well for all beings to attempt to gaze upon the world with sense wide open, attempting ever more an efficient prioritizing of incoming catalyst.

This is a key way of working upon the balance of the self. Each hour offers much to see and sense, and it can be arranged within the mind in many, many ways, several of [them] perhaps equally valid. In working upon one’s balance one is seeking to find the point within the self where there is poise, comfort and calm within so that the seeker may be ready to take in more rather than being swamped with what has already been taken in.

Now, let us look at the question of the male and female within the self. Again, we do not feel that there is any one way which is the correct balance for all entities. Indeed, there is a complete 360 degrees of possible balance for any seeker, male or female, in terms of the kind of energies and combinations of energies that run the electricity of the personality, shall we say, that work those emotional bodies that express self in the more finely tuned inner densities of light, for each entity’s existence is at the same time that it is upon the Earth world also existing, learning, working and evaluating on other unconscious inner levels. So much of what you actually do within an incarnative experience is completely unknown to the entity within incarnation. You in your conscious state sense dimly the movements of forces that are within you, and yet we say that deep within you lie the energies that created all that there is.

So, perhaps to sum up, we encourage each to discover the self new each day, to find those areas which seem to be blocked or over-eager or in some way out of balance and to attempt to find time for silence and listening and reflection, time in which to open the self to that possibility of a better configuration of energies. It is a small thing to the conscious mind to pray as this instrument does, “Lord teach me Thy ways.” This sentiment can be said in many other phrases. However, that simple desire to know the better way has much more efficacy than the attempt to know precisely what to do next upon improving the self. The true work of spiritual evolution is done below the surface of consciousness, so you as a conscious being are working with your personality, working with your balance, working to aid your own evolution. When you choose to disengage the machinery of mind from the ephemeral business of the passing hour to the point where you become aware of the nature of the creation and of the self, when you can know that all is love at the same time you are expressing distorted views, you have indeed become wise.

[Tape ends.]