December 12, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We’re concerned. We are helpless, you might say, in some respects for we can only give information in certain limited ways. We give information through channels such as this one simply because the channel is receptive and has allowed the information to pass through him. Had he not allowed this, we could not give this information. There would be no way available [inaudible], for this is the desire of our [inaudible]. That, and only that which is desired will be given. Only that which is desired will be received. For this reason, those upon your planet will be receiving, as always, precisely what they desire.

November 28, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: It is very important to your peoples at this time that you seek the knowledge of who you are and what you truly want for your planet, and indeed your whole solar system is at this time progressing into a new area of space and a new vibration of experience. This has been said by so many of your own people we do but echo this truth. It has even been given a name. Many of your people speak of the Aquarian Age, or the Golden Age. You may join the Age that is to come, that is already becoming apparent, if your vibrations are such that they are in harmony with that vibration. That is what we are here to tell you. That is our purpose here: to share with you our understanding. Our understanding is that we are all created as one being. That that one being is in a state of perfect love and harmony. And that our purpose in this and every experience is to more fully realize and understand the reality of that perfect love.

November 21, 1976

Sunday meditation

Oxal: I am Oxal. My greetings to you. Many of you have never, shall we say, heard my voice. It is rare that I am given the opportunity to speak with you. Yet I am present at all of your meetings working with those of you who are desirous of obtaining those goals in life which you may or may not be aware of. And it is that upon which I desire to speak this evening.

November 14, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Generally, we address these groups and share with them philosophical viewpoints. And within these viewpoints there can be found in-depth meanings and clues to assist you as you journey through this life experience. And among these clues, shall we say, the most two important which we can stress is the practice of meditation and the practice of service unto your fellow man, which is in itself is the expression of love.

November 7, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, there are laws which are not written in the books of men. There are laws that override all of the, shall we say, cardinal laws of your planet. There are laws which are handed down to the people upon your planet through what you would call teachers. One of these teachers was that person whom you refer to as the Christ. One of the laws, shall we say, that he commanded to his disciples was, “To know thyself.” My friends, if you wish to journey throughout this life and gain from it the greatest benefit, then you must first, above all things, know thyself.

October 31, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have come to your planet to share with your peoples a message. It is a very simple message. And it is much required by your peoples at this time. We come in answer to a call that has gone out from your peoples, for so many of you upon your surface are seeking at this time: are seeking to know the reason for your existence; seeking to know why you were created and who your Creator is. This call is as audible to us across what you would call vast distances as if we were right beside you. And we are here to attempt to serve those who are seeking at this time by sharing our impressions concerning the question of why each of us is here.

October 30, 1976

Saturday meditation

Hatonn: ... the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is once more a very great privilege to be with you. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always ready to serve you. Our service at this time is limited, but shortly the limitations under which we now serve you will be lessened. However, it is necessary at this time to interact in the way that we now use to speak. We are here for one purpose: to bring to you that knowledge that is essential. There is only one essential knowledge, my friends, and that is what we bring you.

October 26, 1976

Tuesday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, your thinking is all that exists. The entire universe is thought. All that is necessary for any condition or any experience is thought. We extend to you simple instructions to be used in an extremely beneficial environment to create a very rapidly accelerated evolution of thought. Make use of your present condition, for it has been chosen, it has been desired, in fact, as you say, totally programmed by yourself. It is for your benefit, my friends, each of you individually. Make use of your present condition, for this is what you planned to do. Do it, to reach that goal that each of us so earnestly desires: the goal of union in thinking with our Creator. For in this union, my friends, is all that you could ever possibly express in love.

October 24, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: This evening we would speak to you upon the subject of what you would call tribulations. As you are aware, those upon planet Earth are undergoing, shall we say, an experience of growth and one of learning. Your life in its entirety is an accumulation of lessons, lessons which you have designed to experience, lessons through which you can learn the truths and the application of those truths that will enable you to bring about the existence that you truly desire. And that existence, my friends, may be expressed in many words, but shall we say, [any] orthodox expression would be the existence within heaven.

October 17, 1976

Sunday meditation

Oxal: But we have learned, my friends, in our travels what brotherhood is. If we could share with the peoples of your planet this understanding, those troubles which each of you has with your brothers would be no more. We ourselves know that we are not perfect beings, and that we cannot judge or be judged by any of our brothers. There is no way, my brothers, of judging yourself or others in a spiritual manner. You can never know precisely how you are doing along the spiritual path, for those things which signify to your eyes as being one way or the other, good or evil, positive or negative, may in the eyes of the Creator signify something quite different.

October 15, 1976

Friday meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here with you at this time to share with the people of your planet a very simple thought, a very simple concept. That concept is love. We have been here before, and we are here now, to share this concept with you. And yet, we have had our difficulties with your peoples. For the concept, my friends, is too simple. Love, among your peoples, has become very complicated, very devious. Yet the very essence of love as we share it with you is that all things are one, that you and I are one, and that you and your brother are one. In love you were created, and your original vibration is pure and identical to the original vibration of all that is around you. And as you share this original vibration, your brotherhood becomes apparent.

October 10, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: You, as brothers and sisters on the planet Earth, have an obligation to one another, and that is to love one another. And you may ask, “How is it that I am able to learn to love those who would not return that love?” It is, my friends, to be known that love is something that is contained within you, in infinite abundance, and it is replenished and multiplied by sharing with others that love that is within you. Love is not of a selfish nature. Love possesses nothing. Love asks nothing in return. Love is a state of, shall we say, consciousness which is pure and unaffected by its surroundings. Once you truly understand this, then you can truly begin to know the concept of love.

October 3, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Our message to you has always been simple, and yet because, my friends, your spirits are encased in flesh, our message is never understood in a simple manner, for it filters into your ears in such a way that the simplicity is lost. We tell you that all things are love, that you are love, and that your entire existence is a process whereby your whole purpose is to become aware of your true nature; that is, to become aware of the oneness of all things and of the nature of that one thing as love. It is a simple message.

September 26, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We offer you our love. What we offer you, my friends, O men of Earth, what we offer you is more precious than any treasure you can imagine. And yet we mourn that so few know of the treasure of love. O men of Earth, we speak to you now in sorrow, that so many of your peoples value only those things which cost what you would call money. O men of Earth, you spend your time seeking after so many things that do not advance you on your spiritual path. How long will you sleep?

September 19, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We say to you that it is you, my friends, each one of you on an individual basis has within you the ability to achieve all that you would desire. You have within you the ability to create that which you desire to experience. You are an extension of that which we call the Creator. You are His thought patterns projected throughout the infinite universe. You cannot be separated from Him, nor can you be separated from one another. Yet, you have been given the opportunity to express that creating force through your personality and individuality upon this physical plane of existence, in order that you might come to the realization that, indeed, all things are divine and unified.