(Don channeling)

[I am Hatonn.]… the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is once more a very great privilege to be with you. We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are always ready to serve you. Our service at this time is limited, but shortly the limitations under which we now serve you will be lessened.

However, it is necessary at this time to interact in the way that we now use to speak. We are here for one purpose: to bring to you that knowledge that is essential. There is only one essential knowledge, my friends, and that is what we bring you.


(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We frequently, my friends, do have difficulties with channels, and it is almost always due to their desire to monitor our message. There are many reasons that this interferes with our message, but most often it is due to fear on the part of the channel, for the channel often feels that he is speaking his own thoughts. The relationship between the source of the Brotherhood and the channels who are the instruments for that source is one which is difficult to express in the concepts of your language, for we are truly one. We use those concepts which are within the channel’s mind. We play on the instrument that we find. If the instrument has powerful biases, he may find himself repeating, due to the fact that we are attempting to establish better contact through the means of repeating familiar material.

We say all of this due to the fact that even the most experienced channel suffers difficulty in communication due to analysis of our message. We do wish to speak through the one known as Don. So at this time we will condition him and attempt to continue through him. I am Hatonn.

(Don channeling)

I am again with the instrument. I will continue speaking through this instrument. I was saying that we are here to give to you that which is necessary to know. There is very, very little that is really necessary to know, my friends. But it is necessary to know this very small amount very, very well. In fact, my friends, you must know it beyond any question. Then you must use it to its fullest capacity. This is actually all we have to give to anyone upon your planet—nothing more.

It, my friends, is all there is to give, anywhere, at any time. For if this gift is received in totality, you then possess the entire creation.

And why, my friends, should we give to you this gift? Because that is part of the understanding, my friends. When you possess it, you desire nothing more than to give it away. For in possessing it, you can do nothing but give it away. For this is, in truth, the real knowledge of what is behind everything that exists.


I will continue. In this creation, there are many, many facets, many planets, many stars about which they revolve, many galactic systems. And yet each of these things is a part of one thing. That one thing we call creation, [is] a creation of our thought, for we are parts of the Creator. Just as, if you are the parent of a child, that child is a part of you, so are we parts of the Father of this creation, this infinite creation in which we presently find ourselves,

It is possible to understand the expression that created this creation and ourselves, and act so as to reflect the completeness, the essence of this expression. Then you have all knowledge.

It is necessary, if the individual is to become aware of that knowledge, for him to meditate. There are many things in your present existence that seem complex. There are many problems that seem difficult to answer. In truth, there is no complexity, there is no problem without an answer. All that is necessary is that you avail yourself in meditation to the knowledge that is part of you. It is part of you because you are the child of the one Father, who is the Creator. If you seem at this time to be less than the total understanding of this Creation, then it is only because you have desired to be less. For this is, in truth, what was provided for you. All that is necessary for you or for anyone else, is that you become aware of this knowledge. And the method, my friends, is meditation. This meditation may be done at any time or any place. It is not necessary that you take any particular position at any particular time of day or with any particular group of people. It is not necessary for you to be in the dark or by yourself or even to close your eyes. With practice you will be able to clear the conscious mind of the trivial daily activities which constantly beset it, and become instantly aware of the real creation. The more that you practice this, the more that you will become aware of truth and reality. Presently, the population of your planet is so busy with trivial and transient qualities that very, very few of them are in any awareness at all of the real creation. This is due to an extreme lack of meditation among those peoples of your planet.

There are many answers that can be provided through the process of meditation. However, they all dissolve to a single understanding. That understanding will transcend any intellectual complexity which you may be presently aware of.

As I have said previously this evening, we of the Confederation are here to bring you one thing. That thing is understanding. If you didn’t already understand we could not bring it to you. But what we wish to do, my friends, is bring to you that additional amount that you desire. It is up to you, and only to you, to receive it. Each of you may receive as much as you wish, at any time that you wish, at any place that you wish. The process of meditation is so important that we cannot overstress it.

At this time I will transfer the contact to the other channel.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument, and again I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I will continue, my friends.

Meditation is important precisely because it is the key to what you desire. In meditation, as you become accustomed to that contact with the Creator, your identity becomes more aligned with the truth of who you really are. And in that meditation, your universe expands, for you no longer feel that you are boxed in a little room, beset on all sides with that heavy furniture of your mind, which includes your problems, your difficulties, and the biases which you hold on the subjects which are of interest only within the illusion. That furniture melts away, and suddenly you are in a very large, very beautiful, very spacious place, in which the sun is shining, in which there are sweet odors in the air, and in which that peace reigns that you seek.

We have found in speaking with your peoples that you are most apt to comprehend our meaning when we speak to you in some vivid metaphor, and it is for this reason that we have long understood why the master known as Jesus spoke so often to your peoples by telling stories. And we give you now two of these symbols of our messages that you may perhaps hold with you. We hope that they will aid you.

The first is, my friends, that it is the function of the physical illusion to, as we have said to you, box you in, to make you feel crowded, to press you into a situation in which you feel pressure.

In meditation, you release that pressure by changing your identity. You find that there is a great deal of space in which to play and rejoice. And you find that in meditation you do not perceive the crowded situation that you perceive in your daily life. Therefore, we say to you when you are feeling crowded, pressed by the difficulties of life, take hold of the image of yourself as being a completely free dancer in an infinite space which is filled with light. You can move about; you can view the situation as it really is. You are a creative person; you are a dancer. You do not walk; you dance. You are not in darkness; you are in light.

There are situations that must be dealt with: this is why you are in the physical plane. And yet there are ways in which this meditative state can be brought to bear upon your waking life.

And again we say to you, your spirit came to the physical plane, as you call it, and willingly buried itself in what you may consider to be dust, for it is so written in your holy works. Yet there was a reason. You well know the reason. And if you [inaudible] we ask that you think of how a pearl is made—a speck of sand that aggravates and pains the living tissue, and yet, in its pain, that which is added becomes a pearl. Your spirit may be polished and burnished until it gives light to others and to yourself. This will happen, and that it causes pain is simply the way the process works.

There is nothing physical or, as you would say, Earthly, about your emotions, your pain, or your joy. These are but the outer layers of that which will affect you eternally. That which is one thing on the physical level is transmuted through learning, so that your spirit in its real and true nature is nourished by the very thing which seems to you to be such bad medicine.

These images we offer you to hold in your mind. But know that these are only words, and that meditation itself is and should be your primary link to your Father.

Before I leave this instrument I would like to open the meeting to questions.

Can you say anything about [inaudible]?

We have spoken many times, through this instrument and others, of the harvest. May we ask what you are specifically requesting? It is a large subject.

Will it occur all at once, or will it be spread out over a period of time?

The latter is correct. What has been spoken of as the harvest has already begun, and will continue for several of your years, perhaps as many as would make a quarter century. In fact, time being our most difficult concept to cope with in dealing within you who are within this time continuum, we cannot say for sure that it would last any certain time. But that it will last several of your years we do know.

[Inaudible]. What is the method [inaudible]?

When the crop is ripe, the reaper comes among it. We understand the gist of your question. It is difficult for you to perceive that the mechanisms of a cosmic or celestial nature may be on a scale which is difficult for you to imagine. But it is truly said in your holy works that to the Creator, a thousand years is but an evening. It is through the natural cycle of physical birth and death that most will enter their new [inaudible]. It does not take a great many years for all of those on the planet to end their Earthly existence. It will not happen all at once, any more than any natural process happens all at once. It is simply that as you see the leaves upon the trees of your planet falling, although they do not fall all at the same time, there is a period when they are all on the tree, and there is a period when your trees are bare, and the leaves have gone on to the next cycle.

So it won’t necessarily be [inaudible] as much as it may be a very natural time of change for every individual [inaudible].

This is correct. There is very little chance that people will actually leave by ships. This is greatly undesirable. We are willing to consider the possibility under greatly adverse circumstances. We do not feel that the probabilities are at all high.


It is difficult to predict your peoples. In working with the channels we have among your peoples we find that some are hoping that we will come [inaudible]. Some are hoping we will not. When your people begin to become totally aware of, shall we say, the jam they are in, we do not know which way the wind will blow. We are, therefore, keeping our probabilities quite fluid.

Thank you.

You are most welcome. I would like to say through this channel that, as the Creator will not let His children stumble, no matter what the method of harvesting. For those who are truly seeking Him, and in this we include those to whom we are speaking, the road through the change will be straight. The way will be [inaudible], for you are serving what you might call your initiation willingly on this plane. You are binding up your own wounds. Those who will be having difficulty during the harvesting will be those who have neglected the health of their spirit within this dimension, and are therefore forced to, as you might put it, go into the hospital in the next dimension. These people will be shocked, startled or otherwise disturbed by the events that occur, and will not be able to take their places immediately.

However, we wish to share with you at this time that you will be at your best at that time, in whatever dimension you may find yourself. This is true not only of you, but of each who has consciously decided to become a shepherd.

Is there another question?

In the next five-year period, what changes do you see?

We have spoken through this instrument before regarding changes that are upcoming. We have spoken of the difficulty in California. There is also, as we have said, a difficulty which may take place along the coast of what you would call south Central America.


We have difficulty in giving world-wide information through this instrument. If it is desired by the other instrument, we will transfer this contact to him, for we are having grave difficulty in giving this information.

Just one other question before the transfer: what causes these problems within the planet. How does it effect places like California?

We trust you are not referring to the apparent physical causes? Those having to do with the stresses?

No—the basic cause.

We feel that you are already aware of the cause, but we will attempt to confirm through this instrument your understanding. As all things in the physical are created, so the entity which is your planet was created within an energy nexus which was in balance, in such a way that its forces were harmonious, and evolvement was without upheaval. As nothing stands still, so the entity known to you as the Earth evolves constantly and in what you might consider a gradual manner. Yet it is an even and steady progression which is allowed by the evolving nexus of vibration. When the thought of those upon the surface of this vibratory nexus becomes unbalanced, and these peoples become fragmented and inharmonious in their thinking, these people, like germs, infect the organism of the planetary vibration. The basic cause of the disease which is known to your scientists by so many scientific terms is simply, shall we say, a virus of disharmony.

Health is restored, as it is within your physical vehicle, when the vibratory nexus can cease fighting the disharmony and can restore its own natural polarity of vibration, so that the Creator’s infinite strength flows in, through and out again without hindrance.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. Why the California area?

We do not feel that any particular location among your peoples is an effect of those peoples, but it is an effect of many, many of your years of a planetary imbalance in discharge of polarity. For that area which you know as California has become diseased because the place is balancing that particular part of a world-wide imbalance which needed to be corrected. Wars have never reached that which you know as California, and yet the conflagrations among your peoples [inaudible] have caused this sickness. It is not any one people that is to blame, for many of your peoples have cooperated.


We cannot transmit through this instrument, for there are mathematical expressions, many which she does not know. But we say unto you that there are lines of force which exist within the ellipsoidal form of your sphere which, shall we say, predict the location of these particular difficulties. We are sorry. It is very difficult to express through this instrument. Perhaps we can impress this upon you directly. I will at this time transfer to the one known as Donald. I am Hatonn.

(Don channeling)

I am with the instrument.


I will leave the instrument at this time. It has been a very great privilege being with you this evening. We are constantly available. It is only necessary to desire our contact. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu.