(Don channeling)

I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege to be with you. I have been observing [inaudible]. We are aware of all of your activities, all of your thoughts, which may surprise you or it may not. For as you know, we have been interested not only in your planet, but select groups [inaudible]. We’re concerned at this time about certain activities upon your planet. We’re concerned at this time that certain information reach your peoples.

We’re concerned. We are helpless, you might say, in some respects for we can only give information in certain limited ways. We give information through channels such as this one simply because the channel is receptive and has allowed the information to pass through him. Had he not allowed this, we could not give this information. There would be no way available [inaudible], for this is the desire of our [inaudible]. That, and only that which is desired will be given. Only that which is desired will be received. For this reason, those upon your planet will be receiving, as always, precisely what they desire. It is a problem, we realize, to give precisely what is desired to those who desire it and not infringe upon those who do not desire what we offer. We have to offer what we understand to be a truth/beauty far beyond that which is experienced upon your planet. Yet, we can only offer this in a very limited way.

My friends, free will must be at all times criteria for our communicating, for our contacts, for any of our peoples’ contacts. For this reason, we are dependent upon those upon your surface who would reach out for us. My friends, we have much to do and yet, it is difficult, in a sense, for your peoples to understand the simple truths that we bring forward to you. These simple truths, my friends, will, as it is said in your holy works, set you free. For you are truly in bondage: bondage to an idea that is false. An idea which the peoples of your planet have clung to steadfastly for many, many of the generations. An idea which led them down a road of confusion. An idea that brought them to the present state, which is in any terms, quite [inaudible].

We implore you to act with us to help those who seek our help. And yet, we realize that you yourself have limitations and barriers. We feel sad that these limitations must always be upon us. And yet, these limitations are the essence of our being here, for without them you would not exist. These limitations, my friends, are the essence of the creation. [Inaudible] for in His total understanding, He is creating a perfect balance, a perfect freedom of experience. For, my friends, even though that which you experience may seem to be far from what you desire, it is precisely what you desire. You would not be experiencing it, my friends, if you did not desire it. You desire it for purposes of growth. You desire it for other purposes. And yet, it is the essence of your life. Join with us to improve that essence at as fast a rate as you can possibly afford. This is our mission: to aid you on that path at an ever increasing rate and an ever increasing understanding. Give to us your time in meditation. We shall wait for all of your peoples as [inaudible] as yourselves to reach that which you desire: a state of understanding that lasts, a harmony, a love [inaudible].

It has been a great privilege speaking through this instrument, my friends. I will transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. My friends, as you endeavor to seek out those knowledges and truths which would assist you in your growth and in your ability to assist others in theirs, it is necessary that you recognize that that which you seek shall only come as quickly as you, shall we say, desire it. Yet, my friends, what we mean is that with the effort you put forth you determine the speed in which you receive the assistance which you seek. There are many upon your planet, and indeed you know many of them, who would wish to gain knowledge and assistance, yet who are, shall we say, unwilling to follow, shall we say, the divine bartering system. That which you receive, my friends, you are deserving of through the efforts that you put forth. And that which you receive is not to be hoarded, it is to be shared. Yet, it is only to be shared with those who are seeking that knowledge. You need not be concerned with seeking out those to who you may render your assistance for as you have seen, they have come to you.

And as you develop, and as you become, shall we say, the instrument of greater knowledge, then greater numbers shall seek from you that which you have attained. And we wish to stress that you make it clear to those who would come to you for assistance that you are indeed willing to share with them that which you have come to know, but that they also must be willing to share with others, put forth the efforts on their own to gain the knowledge that they seek. And as you are aware, the effort which is of greatest importance is that dedication to the practice and proper utilization of your daily meditation. As you have experienced, through your meditation you gain the unspoken words, the unwritten wisdoms. And through your meditations, you gain the strength to persevere [in addressing] those tests which befall you.

And as many of you have come to know, the greater your desire and your effort to attain the highest form of knowledge available, the greater the test. But all things, indeed, as you would recognize it, has a price, my friends. Even that which you seek of a spiritual nature. All things must be attained in a way that balance can be maintained in the universe. To seek knowledge is to ask to receive energies and if you draw forth from the universe any energy then you must be willing to send forth energy to replace it.

My friends, you can leave no voids in your life or in your efforts or in your attainments. You are the master of your existence. You are the co-creator of your universe. And that which you do must be done completely, for each, shall we say, error which you commit there is repercussion of a negative nature. And for each right that you perform there is the repercussion of a positive nature. So therefore, whatever energies come to you, they have come due to your projection of like energy. And as they flow throughout this universe, you must be, shall we say, open to allow the cycles of energies to continue flowing freely so that they may be shared by all.

As many of the teachers upon your Earth have told their students, the greatest step towards attaining that which they seek is to bring in focus the discipline of one’s own thoughts and actions. To think properly is to create properly. To think unrighteously is to create havoc within your universe. These laws you cannot transmute. These laws are those which you must live by throughout this existence and all others which you have experienced and shall experience. As those of you here have attained certain levels of knowledge, it is your responsibility to share them when given the opportunity. And it is your responsibility to seek out greater levels so that your assistance can be of more benefit. Yet, it is your choice whether to do so. There is no energy within the universe capable of overcoming, or controlling in any way, your actions. Only you are the creator. You may accept the influences of your co-creators. That is also your choice.

As this group proceeds to grow and to learn, it shall become evident, step-by-step, to each individual, their, shall we say, mission within this organization. Indeed, my friends, you are of great importance to those around you. And this position which you have requested, in one form or another, is one which shall bring upon you from time to time the scorn of your fellow man. For you must recognize, my friends, there shall continually be that, shall we call it, balance, between those energies of the positive nature and those of the negative. And if you are recognized by an individual as being the opposite of what they feel that they are, they shall fear you through their lack of understanding and attempt to bring upon you an air of nonacceptance through their reflections upon you. Bless these individuals, seek not to retaliate. But seek, shall we say, to remain segregated from those influences as much as possible.

As you endeavor to do that which you feel is of importance to you and to your universe, recognize that you are the individual and that you are the whole. Seek not to know the fallacies of your universe for indeed they are not existent if you do not recognize them. The plane of existence on which you are presently living, as many times we have stated, is strictly an illusion projected by the thought patterns of its inhabitants. It is your, shall we say, birthright to create it in whatever way, shape or form that you desire. It is within you to accept or reject the outer manifestations upon this plane of existence. Recognize that which is of benefit to you, and accept not that which is of detriment to you. This is indeed difficult, yet it can be attained. As you seek out the Creator within you and join with Him and use your [inaudible].

I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am once again with this instrument. We are unable to achieve contact with either of the instruments that we have attempted to communicate through due to different circumstances within each. And, as always, we recognize the freedom of choice in each individual. We would ask that you would allow our energies to flow and our love to [inaudible]. As we leave you, know that we shall remain with you at all times. We are aware of the difficulties and we shall work upon our plane of existence to assist you, each of you in your hour of need. Yet, it is you, as we have stated, who have manifested the difficulties that are experienced. It is you, as the creator of your universe, that contains the power [inaudible] through conscious projection of your creative ability.

I leave you now in the light and in the light of our infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

[A question was asked but not recorded.]

[Inaudible]… is of a somewhat unpredictable nature, although we feel that it is still highly probable that there will be what you call earthquake activity in the area of California and the sea on the date we have mentioned, because the Earth, as you might say, is angry and violence is very probable. It is possible, due to the increase of what you would call consciousness-raising activity directed toward alleviation of this difficulty, that it may either be put off or its intensity diminished. We do expect this activity, but nothing is ever hopeless. And your efforts to send light can and will help.

Have you further questions?


The area around Los Angeles has a very high probability, in the area of 85 to 100%. This probability remains high. It is at this point at about 65% and climbs steadily to 85% during the next two years. It reaches 90% within one day and remains at that level for a period of seven of your days.


It reaches 90% on the date which we have given you, which is the September [3 or 30.] It remains at the level of 90% for seven of your days. From that point on it is gradually more difficult to judge the percentage of the possibility for it is a high probability that it will already have happened by that time.

What magnitude [inaudible] on the Richter Scale?

We are aware of your measurements, but we are wary of giving you these measurements due to the fact that depending upon the consciousness of light groups such as yours, the intensity may be [inaudible]. Your scales may indicate as high as between a 7 and an 8.


We are sorry that this instrument’s understanding of geography is [inaudible]. There is a probability that extends in sort of a triangle shape from a line somewhat north of Los Angeles extending inward, cutting a long wedge of the south and out to sea south of Los Angeles and cutting upwards through the ocean to form the third side of the triangle. This is the area of greatest tension. Precisely where it will happen, we cannot state. Again there are probabilities. The highest probability, which ranks perhaps 60%, is that the worst shocks will occur somewhat south. There is probability of perhaps 30% that it will occur to the greatest extent on the northern line and there is perhaps a 10% chance that the activity will be at its most intense at sea.

How many days before the event will we be able to [inaudible]?

We are having difficulty for we have difficulty with your time. Our accuracy varies. To be able to state at any time before an event actually occurs upon your plane, it will simply be a matter of chance, for we are constantly adjusting our understanding to your local time system. Therefore, we cannot state as gospel, as you might say, ahead of time. Although it is possible that we might be accurate ahead of time, our predictions are just that. And our predictions—much like your weather reports based upon fact. For us to be able to intercept in actuality in advance of this happening on your plane, it would be necessary for us to be in perfect coordination with those planes which are immediately adjacent to your physical plane. And we have the same problems with those planes of your system which are not bound as we do with the physical plane, in that they are local and dependent upon their time systems. Within those planes of your system which are not bound by time, this event is not also bound by time and therein lies the difficulty.

Have I by any chance made myself clear enough for your understanding?

Yes. I would like to ask one more question. You have indicated that these cataclysmic effects are not completely desired. Can’t this be viewed as a beneficial catalyst in the ultimate advancement of the Earth’s population?

That which is necessary and that which is desirable are not necessarily the same. That your peoples must go through an inharmonious adjustment to their environment may be necessary. Yet, harmony is a desirable fact and one which is more natural to spiritual growth.

My question is, is it not possible that the desired harmony be achieved more rapidly [inaudible]?

Are you speaking of this particular instance?


My brother, what is happening upon your planet now is what is necessary and therefore it is desirable. However, the physical plane is most effective when the catalyst of the physical problems is worked out entirely within the individual consciousness of each who dwells within the planet. When each who dwells within the physical plane is dealing with and coping with his path in terms of physical problems and difficulties, the harmony of the planetary sphere is maintained. This is indeed the most rapid and the most desirable rate of growth when the individual is growing at the same rate as the natural environment is growing. These cataclysms are simply evidence that the personal growth of those who dwell upon the planet have not kept pace with the natural environment’s growth. Therefore, the entry into the next vibration has become difficult, making it necessary for the inharmony between consciousness and environmental consciousness to be alleviated by catastrophes such as the one you are experiencing.

Certainly, these drastic difficulties will cause some consciousnesses to open at last and thereby graduate, for drastic circumstances do encourage rapid growth. However, growth would have been much more rapid if it had been chosen on the personal level in harmony with the environment in the first place. This is why we feel that it is not particularly desirous that these difficult conditions prevail. However, we accept the necessity of it at this time due to the consciousness of your people.

[Inaudible]… seems to me that the only hope for a relatively large percentage [inaudible]… is to experience the cataclysmic transition. Am I correct in that [inaudible].

There is always a chance that those who are lost will find their way home. And this is why great efforts are being made by the Confederation and others to encourage shepherds to go out among the lost and do what they can to brief those, as you put it, on the fence into the light. Your question is difficult for us to respond to in your language, but we will attempt with this answer.

Those who dwell upon your planet have, whether they will or not, come to a time which is irrevocable. This is the time that they will either graduate or not. Your environmental difficulties are inevitable. They occur whether or not they do any good. They do not occur in order to give lessons, although they will certainly do some good. This is simply an adjustment period. For the most part, those who will graduate are already awake, for, you see, this is very late. We have been speaking to peoples for many years now. Most of those who we could collect have been collected. We understand the thrust of your question and we do assure that the catastrophes that your peoples will experience are at the most basic level part of harmony and part of a goodness and not to be feared. For…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

Does this answer this question?

What can people like us do in light of this transition to best aid the master plan?

As you know, we cannot guide you in your day-to-day choices of activity. We can only encourage you to meditate and seek guidance from your higher selves, for each of you was sent by your higher selves with a job to do. You have the means to do it. And you certainly have our appreciation for your desire to help us help you. The answers will come in meditation. You know that you do have help from those upon the higher planes of your planet. We have long encouraged you to think of yourselves as shepherds and channels. And certainly we can say this is the key as service is always the key. But beyond that we cannot guide you, for that would be an infringement upon your free will. This is, above all things, your planet. You have incarnated here specifically to take that responsibility upon yourselves and to make choices for yourselves, to render your personal service.

We say only to you that we are completely with you and send our light and our love to you. You must be aware that our basic desire is to tell this planet that love is all that there is; to let this planet know that the creation is the Creator’s and that many, many within its infinity praise His name. An earlier voice than ours, that of the master known as Jesus, instructed his followers to go to the ends of the Earth and tell all that they met about the Truth. This is the time honored [so] and we subscribe to it. We are instruments of the Creator and so are you. We have our limitations and so do you. But your limits are far, far more capacious than ours for you have chosen to incarnate and this gives you greater scope and greater responsibilities.

May we assist you further through this instrument?


I leave you. I am privileged to be using this instrument and we do thank the one known as Carla. We are with you. We are your brothers. Adonai vasu. I am Hatonn.