(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. It is a very great privilege to once more be with you. It is always a very great privilege to be able to communicate with those of the planet Earth who are receptive to our contact. We would very much appreciate contact with all of the peoples of this planet. However, this is not possible at this time.

Very shortly we will be contacting many more of the peoples on your surface than we have in the past. We will be doing this through various methods. We will create in the very near future what you would call an advertisement of our presence. This will alert very large numbers of the peoples of your planet as to our reality. At this time it will be necessary for those who believe that they know of our mission to come forth and speak of that, if they so desire. They will find, unfortunately, considerable frustrations in doing this since, as before, they will have no way of proving that which they have come to know as the truth about us. We would prefer to be able to give this understanding directly to the people of your planet. However, this is not possible. It is only possible to give to them the unproven truth of our presence and our mission. For this reason, we will maintain a continued aloofness from direct contact. However, our presence will be less aloof or less unknown. This is timed in such a way as to coincide with certain activities that have been carried out by numerous of the peoples of your planet. These activities have resulted in a partial dissemination, in a very limited fashion, of the actual purpose of our contact. We are at present planning to stimulate the seeking of knowledge about us by becoming somewhat more open in our activities. It has been thirty of your years since the activation of public contact in a very limited way. During this time, such information about us has been stored within your societies upon the surface of your planet.

The second phase, as you might call it, is now beginning. A phase that will include, as I have said, an advertisement of our presence to be followed by the dissemination of still unprovable information about us. This, my friends, is the second phase.

I will transfer this contact at this time to another instrument.

(N channeling)

Again it is a great privilege to speak to you. This second phase, as we have called it, will help many of your peoples on their way in search of truth. As I have said, it will… I will pause.

[Doorbell rings.]

We welcome the new member to the group this evening. As I was saying, this new phase will help more people in their search for the truth. They will be stimulated and will have new energy to pursue the truth. My brothers, there will be much more frustration and it will cause many to wonder deeply whether or not they are pursuing a worthwhile path. But I and my brothers will be [with] them and with you at all times if you desire it to give assistance as much as we can.

I will now transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We did not wish to come to this instrument earlier for we wish to use the talent and build up the confidence of each of our instruments. Also, each instrument has his own special talents and we wished to speak through this instrument on subjects which would be of interest to the new member.

Within your universe there is a local phenomenon which is known to you as time and a local set of conditions represented to you by mass and space and your so-called Euclidean geometry. And because of this we speak to you of cycles and of timing our campaign. We are dealing with a local set of parameters and it is in this way that we communicate with you that we bridge the gap between our way of thinking and your way of thinking. There is a level on which the talk of cycles and anything of campaigns is, if anything, only partially so for this is a level of which we are far more aware than you: that all things are truly one; that all cycles truly become circles; that all corners truly become rounded into one unending globe of unity—infinite, invisible, eternal and containing all that there is.

These concepts are not graspable by your peoples and so we deal with the local, understandable frame of reference and say that you are coming to the end of a cycle and that we are attempting to help those of you who wish to be helped at this time to make progress on your cycle so that you may spiral upward in the great dance along the spiritual path. To understand your place in the universe at this time is very, very critical. Because you are within a physical body, it is important that you deal in a balanced manner with your physical existence with the demands and the responsibilities of the physical life. It is very difficult, and purposely so, to balance the physical existence and spiritual seeking. It is to test your ability to do this that you have entered this sphere. It is a great mistake, my friends, to care too much for the physical body and its needs.

Yet, we say to you also, beware of the opposite. Do not care too little for your physical vehicle and its needs. You must look upon your physical vehicle as just that: it is a vehicle. It is functioning well for you and like a good fruit tree, it has grown, it has come into its youth, it has borne truth. Perhaps it has grown a little gnarled, a little bent, and as the years go on it will become increasingly gnarled and it will [have] served its time. All of its fruit will have been given up and it will be cut down. This is your physical body. You may accept it as a good and faithful servant. The circumstances of your being here, of the type and condition of your life, are intended and are offered to you so that you make take your conditions and learn. You may take your body and be of service to others. Your body has hands with which to reach out to others; a mouth with which to smile, my friends; a mind to function well for you and to think well of others. It is not you, but it is no stranger to you. It is yours for a time. Keep this in balance, neither rejecting or being overly fond of those portions of your identity which are only temporary.

In meditation, seek your permanent identity. Within you there is a perfect body. And that body is your spirit. It is not a body as you would think of a body. And yet it is the ultimate house of your soul. To penetrate upward through the various shells of being to the final center of yourself is the goal of meditation. For within that final center is your link with all that there is. We are urging you, shall we say, to do your homework at this time. The joy, the state of joy, my friends, that you left to come into the physical existence is very greatly needed among your peoples at this time. And how few there are that understand that joy is the natural state of existence for each of those who dwell upon the surface of your sphere.

You see, my brothers, you are not on the same order of the apple tree. You are not out in the weather. You do not grow, wither and die. You are a consciousness that is not born and does not die. You are joy. To touch this place within yourself is all-important at this time, for if you can but make contact with your higher self, you can be of great comfort and of great service to many in the days to come. For in the days to come, as we have said many times, there will be many who are afraid, and many who have put off their voyage of self-discovery until the very last minute and who, when they finally realize that they must now decide who they are, will be absolutely terrified. One person, who is sure of who he and is radiating the joy of that knowledge and who can reach out with his light will be of infinite service, as people always have been when they are able to shine with the light and the love of the Creator.

Before I leave this instrument, I would like to open this meeting to questions.

Last week you briefly discussed the Bermuda Triangle. Can you give any more explanation on what is causing it, where people are going—disappearing in that area and in other areas that are similar?

I have no objection to sharing certain descriptions with you through this instrument as to the supposed location of people who disappear under the circumstances. However, the descriptions are very, very rough and bear little resemblance to the full truth due to the limitations of the instrument’s understanding and the limits of your present technology.

In the first place, many of those who supposedly disappeared are merely on the bottom of the ocean. However, there have been some anomalistic cases where beings, and in some cases inanimate objects were, shall we say, bent through a dimension of space/time which is not space/time, but which is an analogous substance which interacts with your space/time to form, shall we say, interpenetrating spheres. These are local shunts, or time displacement tunnels, as you might call them, developed and/or discovered many centuries ago. Or in some cases, they are simply anomalistic occurrences of a natural type but of the same order. In some cases, the objects are simply crushed by the excessive power of the transformation. But in most instances, the objects are transformed into another type of vibration which, while not at all equal to your higher planes, are none the less congruent or tangent to these planes in such a way that beings can no longer exist in this local time and space, but instead exist in what you might call an alternate reality, though we do not like this term.

It is as though you take a maypole with many colors of ribbon and plaited the ribbon in an infinitely yet completely regular complexity so that many realities interpenetrate. Each of these realities have many planes. The only difference, my friends, is that there is no maypole and this we cannot explain to you. Our reluctance was in talking about the precise structure or methodology of constructing such areas because this type of power would again be wasted by your peoples if at this time if it were rediscovered. There has been enough waste already.

Does this answer your question?


I have a question. When I channel, it seems that I can usually pick up the contact fairly easy and then after a short period of time—most of the time it is a short period of time—I just seem to lose it. I get the basic contact, or thoughts, but I can’t seem to carry it for any length, but I’d like to. Do you know why I do this or have any suggestions to help me with channeling?

I am aware of your question. When an instrument such as yourself reaches the level of ability of which you speak, he has two choices. He can either remain at that level or he can consciously work to extend or to enlarge his ability to sustain an image. Basically, those who succeed in becoming a more extended type of channel are those who are willing to build up their confidence enough to continue sustaining an image beyond the first completed thought or image.

There are several ways in which to encourage yourself in this service to others. Perhaps one of the best ways is to encourage within yourself any tendency to do spiritual reading or meditation upon a spiritual thought. This, shall we say, stimulates your own higher self and provides our contact with more fuel, if you would call it that, for our own thoughts to mesh and work with.

This type of channeling that we are using with your group is not pure channeling. Very seldom do we achieve anything like a pure contact. It is a joint effort between the channel and our thought wave. The more open the channel is to being used to saying things without regard to their sense or what will come next, the more confidence the channel has that something will work out in the end, the more extended our contact through anyone channel can be. There is a delicate balance, of course, between being confident enough to sustain a contact and being so confident that you lose a contact while attempting to speak your own thoughts. However, we do not feel that you would ever have this problem due to your temperament and nature which is not prone to this type of energy.

Therefore, we simply urge you, in addition to silent meditation, [to] put aside a few minutes as often as possible for spiritual reading or meditation upon a thought or an image of a spiritual nature. Then we simply suggest that as you pray that you may be of service to others you then relax and have a quiet confidence that this prayer will be answered. It will take a while for you to build up to longer messages, yet, as you seek so shall you find. And this is true of this desire to serve as well as any other desire that you might have. We are at all times with you and encourage you in any way that we can. And above all, we wish to express our gratitude that you wish to be of service in this way.

Thank you.

I am with the instrument. Is there another question? I am with you. I and my brothers at all times are with. It has been said that we are a voice of love. And let me tell you, my friends, our voice is millions strong. And our voice is heard by more and more of your peoples. We thank you for letting us speak among you and share with [you] our thoughts. We ask you to lift up your voice also, for each voice that speaks of love and light to your peoples is a voice of great worth and of great beauty. Seek that love and light within yourself, my friends, and then share it. I leave you in His light and in His love. I am one of Hatonn. Adonai.