(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We greet you and extend to you our appreciation for asking us to join with you this evening. It is always our privilege to share with those who would request it that knowledge which we have attained through our experience.

We wish only to share with you that which we have come to know as the truth. Yet, we do not state to have within our grasp or within our consciousness the entire picture, shall we say, for we too remain upon that ladder of progression which we have come to accept to being infinite. We too are learning day by day as we travel throughout this experience as you term as life.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have, in what we consider to be recent times, experienced similar existence to that which you experience at the present time. And being aware of those lessons which can be learned and also those pitfalls which can be experienced, we have chosen to come forth and share with those who would accept them, informations and guidances that would be to their benefit. We of the Confederation do not wish to interfere with any individual who would choose not to listen. It is only our desire to be completely open and free with knowledge and love we have come to know. And freedom, my friends, can only be found in the recognition of the choice of others.

Generally, we address these groups and share with them philosophical viewpoints. And within these viewpoints there can be found in-depth meanings and clues to assist you as you journey through this life experience. And among these clues, shall we say, the most two important which we can stress is the practice of meditation and the practice of service unto your fellow man, which is in itself is the expression of love.

Service, my friends, comes in many various forms and it is your choice as to which you would choose to utilize. You need not lift a hand. You need not render physical assistance. All that is needed, my friends, is to truly love one another. A love which is not possessive. A love that is pure from the very existence from which it has come. Love, my friends, is much more than man upon planet Earth realizes at this time. For one who truly loves can look upon disease and one who truly loves can look upon all forms of decadence and view perfection and know that underneath or within that which is viewed lies the potentiality of perfect being, perfect expression. For, my friends, within you there are both portions which are vital to bringing forth the balance of being that you seek. There is that aspect that you would label negative and that which you would call positive. And yet if it were not for both poles’ existence, both sides, there would not be the knowledge of one or the other, and the true recognition of balance and the true knowledge of value. And that value, my friends, is knowing that all things are indeed balanced and in perfection. What seems to be imbalanced to you is but an experience through which you may learn.

All things are to be viewed as beneficial and it is your choice to recognize the benefits. You have entered into this life experience at a vital time in the history of your [mankind.] Lying before you is an opportunity which man has sought after for innumerable generations. You presently have the opportunity of bringing about that which you may term to be a golden era, a rebirth of the consciousness, a rebirth of the awareness, a rebirth of the knowledge of the divinity within each man.

And each individual upon your planet is important in the universal scheme, shall we call it. For, my friends, as you sit in your periods of meditation, as you love one another, and as you render service unto one another, from within your being is projected those energies which will flow throughout not only the sphere on which you live but throughout the universe. Energies of love attracting to itself like energies of love, each magnifying the other. Each blending those energy fields of all of the men upon this planet. With each little portion of love that you send out upon the ether waves, you have rendered service unto your fellow man. And you have brought unto yourself greater portions of love from those around you.

Seek not the discrepancies that you may find within each person that you view. Seek that divinity. Seek out that perfection that lies within each of us, and in doing this you have fulfilled your portion of the plan which you have assisted in bringing into manifestation of the evolution of planet Earth. There is not one person upon your planet that is not needed. All of God’s children are equal and important. Whatever your role be in life, accept it willingly and do it knowing that you are fulfilling that minute portion which is necessary to bring into existence the heaven that your peoples seek. It is within your grasp. Fail to attain and you fail none but yourself. Strive to succeed and you succeed for all.

I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument. I am Hatonn. And again I greet you in love and light. As we look down upon your peoples we cannot see you individually. We see only the shape of your sphere. It is a beautiful sphere. And yet we sense within our beings each individual who is seeking the Creator. We are sensitive to these seeking voices among your peoples for that is our mission to your world. We are to add our help to each of you who requests it.

We have in the past attempted various means of communicating with your peoples. We have attempted to describe through channels such as this one the blessings that can come from seeking through meditation the source of your existence. We have described our governmental structure, as you might call it, our peaceful society structure, all of the desirable components which lives in peace, lives in honesty, lives in order to be of service. Yet, we found that this message, while sounding very attractive, does not call many among your peoples to the practice of meditation. And so, we simply suggest meditation on a trial basis. We do not have to tell you that within your physical illusion at this time your society is not in a satisfactory state. We do not have to tell your peoples that war and hatred and what you would call bigotry and racism, what you would call greed and hunger for money are not the satisfactory goals to seek. Your peoples, to a great extent, are aware of this. We therefore suggest meditation as a means of, shall we say, getting in touch with what the alternatives are to those things which your society offers as goals which you may seek.

We can say to you, that whatever you may seek you will find. So your choice of what you are going to seek within this physical experience is all-important. If what you seek lies within the illusion, you shall have some measure of success, yet how poor you will be in those ways that even now you know exist. For in spirit, poor in the sense of peace we pass from this brief experience leaving your, shall we say, bank account behind and yet facing the spiritual banker. It is often the case when one begins to meditate on a regular basis, that one’s physical problems straighten themselves out gradually, so that it looks as though meditation brings prosperity. If this is so, my friends, this is not inevitable. It is only a simple demonstration of harmony. There is no reason why one who is spiritually rich cannot also be in good health and living in comfort. The point is to seek those things of the spirit and all else will follow as is needed.

We do not promise heaven in the sense that meditation offers an easy street. For we have in our brotherhood worked upon the spiritual path for yet many more eons than you, yet within our ranks, because there always lies more than one path from one point to another, we have dissension and disagreement. We have discussion and argument. We are not without imperfections. We often do not see the total picture. It is simply that at least we are being honest in a way that we have gained by virtue of continued seeking. We are a little more in touch [with] who we are than your peoples. We have begun to see that we are all truly one in the Creator. Meditate, my friends.

At this time I would like to open the meeting to questions

[M asks a question about a UFO sighting.]


Could you say any more about what their purpose was?

This type of experiment, shall we say, is the product of a research project, as you would call it. Although the entities were not abducted by Confederation people, they are not negative in their orientation but their purpose is benign.


Kindly. They wish to prevent the people of Earth from having ill effects during the transition periods which is to come, when they will be using Earth plane energy for their needs.

Does this mean that they are themselves trying to help with the transition?

They are not helping in the transition, but they will be a part of it. The help that they will be giving will be simply to avoid harming the entities upon this planet’s surface. It is difficult to explain. We are sorry that we cannot be more specific.

Thank you.

Some information on the Second Coming?

This instrument has been aware of that question and therefore we would like to pause for just a moment to strengthen the contact.


I am with the instrument. Although the concept of the Second Coming is grossly in error in that the consciousness of the one known as Christ has come many times, there is an incarnation of the master in consciousness at this time among your peoples. This master is at this time a young boy. He will be among your peoples and will aid them.

Is this information of help?

Yes. But I need more.

What do you wish to know?

Where is he?

Don, I see a dry land. I don’t know—like the Mideast or something, but I’ve never been there.

How old is he?

I get fourteen. Fifteen. Fifteen.

Can you do any better on where he is located.

Arabia? No, no better than that.

How soon will he be recognized?

I get twenty-five. Within ten years.

Any other information?

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. As you may be aware from the atmosphere within your meeting at this time, to deal with information such as this is [a] somewhat solemn responsibility.

Can you tell us [inaudible] to do?

Due to the fact that this consciousness is at this time incarnate and is subject to total free will we can only watch. This entity will attempt to be of service. But his method will be peculiar to the time and the place. As he is a teacher, he will teach. We would say at this time that it is very important that each who is tempted to follow the leader, listen always for the words of the master who leads not to himself but to the Father. Who speaks not of heavenly kingdoms—we correct this instrument—who speaks not of the kingdoms of Earth but of the Kingdom of Heaven. It has already begun that there are leaders among your peoples that are of a negative vibration. It is difficult perhaps to understand but because of the ways of power within the spiritual planes those who are negative in a strong sense have a great deal of power just as those who are positive have a great deal power. And although the light will always defeat the dark, it is very difficult for those who are not themselves sensitized to the light to easily distinguish between those who are of light and those who are of darkness. Yet, always discrimination can occur for the powers of light seek far beyond themselves and far beyond this illusion. To be true to your own light, depend ultimately on no leader, but upon the Creator that is revealed by any true leader.

Is there another question?

I have a question. Do you know what is meant by the Tree of Life?

We will speak through this channel, although we do not need to speak at great length, for it is within this channel’s mind. But we will give through this instrument our own estimate of this body of knowledge.

That which is known as the Kabbala is an extremely appropriate and accurate physiological description of the spiritual paths within this illusion. Using symbol for that which is positive or active and that which is negative or passive, that which is male and that which is female, describes in very understandable terms the process of seeking the Creator. It has been much misunderstood among philosophers. Its truths are very simple. If one is drawn to this study, we certainly encourage it—this or any other philosophical or religious study. However, we always request that above all else, dependence be placed upon communion with the Creator in meditation.

That which is known as the Kabbala is a structure made of words. Words are fallible and will break down, but communion with the Creator is without words and is beyond thought and it will preserve and sustain when nothing else will.

Does this answer your question?


Is there another question?

Are there UFO bases on Earth?


Could you give me a little more information?

Some of our craft are based under what you would call ocean in various locations.

Do you know anything about the disappearances in the area we call the Bermuda Triangle?

We are sorry, but this instrument is tired. We would conclude through another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. Again I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I will leave through this instrument. I encourage you all upon spending more time in meditation. In the love and light I leave you now. I am Hatonn.