15 October, 1976

Friday meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here with you at this time to share with the people of your planet a very simple thought, a very simple concept. That concept is love. We have been here before, and we are here now, to share this concept with you. And yet, we have had our difficulties with your peoples. For the concept, my friends, is too simple. Love, among your peoples, has become very complicated, very devious. Yet the very essence of love as we share it with you is that all things are one, that you and I are one, and that you and your brother are one. In love you were created, and your original vibration is pure and identical to the original vibration of all that is around you. And as you share this original vibration, your brotherhood becomes apparent.

10 October, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: You, as brothers and sisters on the planet Earth, have an obligation to one another, and that is to love one another. And you may ask, “How is it that I am able to learn to love those who would not return that love?” It is, my friends, to be known that love is something that is contained within you, in infinite abundance, and it is replenished and multiplied by sharing with others that love that is within you. Love is not of a selfish nature. Love possesses nothing. Love asks nothing in return. Love is a state of, shall we say, consciousness which is pure and unaffected by its surroundings. Once you truly understand this, then you can truly begin to know the concept of love.

3 October, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Our message to you has always been simple, and yet because, my friends, your spirits are encased in flesh, our message is never understood in a simple manner, for it filters into your ears in such a way that the simplicity is lost. We tell you that all things are love, that you are love, and that your entire existence is a process whereby your whole purpose is to become aware of your true nature; that is, to become aware of the oneness of all things and of the nature of that one thing as love. It is a simple message.

26 September, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We offer you our love. What we offer you, my friends, O men of Earth, what we offer you is more precious than any treasure you can imagine. And yet we mourn that so few know of the treasure of love. O men of Earth, we speak to you now in sorrow, that so many of your peoples value only those things which cost what you would call money. O men of Earth, you spend your time seeking after so many things that do not advance you on your spiritual path. How long will you sleep?

19 September, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We say to you that it is you, my friends, each one of you on an individual basis has within you the ability to achieve all that you would desire. You have within you the ability to create that which you desire to experience. You are an extension of that which we call the Creator. You are His thought patterns projected throughout the infinite universe. You cannot be separated from Him, nor can you be separated from one another. Yet, you have been given the opportunity to express that creating force through your personality and individuality upon this physical plane of existence, in order that you might come to the realization that, indeed, all things are divine and unified.

5 September, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: As I was saying, my friends, to attain mastery on the physical planet a great deal—sometimes it may seem an infinite amount—of knowledge must be gained. It is, of course, an aspect of your physical illusion that it does seem as though a certain quantity of intellectual information will constitute the knowledge that you do need to attain understanding.

29 August, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: Man must learn all that he can in the time that he has, for this is his purpose for being here at this time. The purpose for the existence of all things is the unfoldment of consciousness, or to simply state, it is for the experience of love. My friends, as you are well aware, throughout your life love is a continually growing and learning process. If you allow yourself to become stagnant in that which you have discovered, you shall find yourself becoming, shall we say, eventually ill at ease with your position. So allow yourself to be continually seeking greater and greater portions of the immeasurable love which is available to you. Seek this through all of your actions, through all your thoughts. Allow this to be your goal.

22 August, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: We of the Confederation consider man, upon the planet Earth, to be of great importance. We consider him to be our brother. For throughout our experiences and what you might call our travels, we have come to realize that there is a greater unification between all things within this universe or creation than one can realize through the processes of the intellect. Many of the philosophies which are shared among your people speak of the concept of oneness, oneness of creation. And, indeed, we have found that this concept expresses most easily the truth of the existence of our creation.

15 August, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, as you travel along that which you consider to be your path, you shall share with many the knowledges you have gained through all the avenues you have traveled and studied. You shall carry with you the accumulation of all the knowledge—not only gained through this experience of life, but through all experiences prior to this life. This knowledge is continually attained within you and is constantly available for your usage.

8 August, 1976

Sunday meditation

Hatonn: My friends, I would speak with you tonight on the subject of progression. For, my friends, since you have started on the path, so far away now, you have sought after that knowledge which is accompanied by progression. My friends, in fact you have done well. As you know, you were all brought together in order to teach, and learn from, each other of the knowledge of love.