(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It’s a great pleasure to speak with your group this evening, and we greet each of you.

As you have made your way to this dwelling, my friends, each of you has witnessed an unending series of miracles this evening, for you passed through many of the creations of the Father. And this evening we would like to say a few words about this creation.

Meditation is a technique whereby the seeker may become more aware of the creation as it truly is. And yet, when you go forth from meditation, it is the world to which you now open your eyes that is to inform your knowledge gained in meditation. For if you have knowledge and cannot apply it, then you have nothing.

But you see, whatever you may see is the creation of the Father. Of course, my friends, many times you have felt within your heart the beauty of many of the creations upon your planet, those things that grow from your Earth—the trees and the flowers—and those animals that are about you. Many times you have felt how beautiful and how wonderful these creations are. And we have said to you many times, note the service that each creation is to the rest; and you have thought this many times.

But my friends, let us go beyond these intellectual perceptions of the creation. We ask you, when you are ready, to take anything that is within your illusion, whether it be a tree or something that seems to be man-made, such as a wall or cloth or something that seems to be dead, such as stone. It does not matter, my friends, what you choose to focus your attention upon, for we say to you that all things are alive. There is nothing that is without creative power and consciousness. Pay attention to whatever you choose—total attention, focused attention—for out of meditation must come the knowledge that you may apply, that all things are truly one, that all is created of love, that all exists through the power of love.

When you can perceive trees and walls and stone as love, then you will have begun to perceive things as they are. We greatly encourage this in you, my friends. For those who are beginning to meditate, it is enough to suggest that meditation will enable them to have an enhanced perception. Yet for those who are seekers of some experience, it is necessary to point further along the path, for the total end of your seeking within this illusion is to perceive the reality behind and within the illusion. And you cannot do this simply by maintaining a reasonable amount of calm, although this is greatly desirable. Your perceptions of all that you see need to become transformed.

The most central creation of the Father within your attention is of course, my friends, yourselves. Each of you is a great treasure-trove that you can observe as a creation of the Father. You can learn much from yourself. In order to do this you must focus upon yourself as if you were a tree or a stone. Not something familiar but a strange and unusual object, to be looked at and understand from a distance, from a perspective gained in meditation.

You are alive, my friends, through the power of love, and your real nature is hidden in the folds of that mystery. As you examine your thoughts and your actions, try to see what you are doing from that perspective. You have much to learn from all that you can see.


We are sorry for the delay, but we were having difficulty transmitting a thought to this instrument. We will continue.

You are within the creation of the Father, a very small portion of which is your perceived environment. And like all natural objects that have a birth and a death, you yourself, in your spirit, are of this nature in this environment. There is a great, great deal to learn from the creations about you and within you. Picture yourself, my friends, as a seed. It is written in your holy works that the seed depends on the soil for whether it grows or not. Your spirit is a seed within you. All that it will become is already within it. But you must put it in the correct environment. It needs darkness, by which we mean meditation. It needs light and water. It needs space to grow, the space within your life that you make for your spirit.

You must tend it—you must give it the water and the sunlight of your attention. It is good to read books and hear words such as these. And yet, my friends, the sunlight that will truly ripen the seed of your spirit is the attention that you pay to that which is happening to you: the trees that you pass, the people that you meet, the first-hand experiences of your life as you live it. You may make these things, stony ground or well-watered and warm earth, depending on where you put your attention.

You may think it strange that we who are supposedly, shall we say, more advanced than you continue to use the language of simple farmers, shall we say. And yet, my friends, the simplest things are the things that never become foolish. The universe, the creation, operates on the basis of cycles. And the life of your spirit is a bed to be nurtured just as surely as any other garden. As far as we know, that garden never gets beyond the point where it needs tending.

I would leave this instrument at this time and will return after my brother has spoken. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Oxal. I also extend my greetings in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is unusual, you might say, to interrupt and interject a message in the middle of another. Yet I wish to speak this evening through this instrument and I have found that the moment of reception is best chosen at this time.

I simply wish to share with you that we of the Confederation, as your brothers, as co-creators with you and as servants to you, are desirous of achieving these types of communications with other entities such as yourselves. We speak of many things and you have heard many messages. It may seem to you that we revolve in circles with our information. Yet you may notice that each circle through which we revolve is expanded. Those who are familiar with the processes and the evolution of these communications can verify this. As those individuals within the structure of the meetings evolve, so does the material which is received.

Yet the day shall surely come, my friends, when many of the present instruments must, shall we say, journey into other fields of service. And there is to be a need for the additional services of instruments such as those present this evening.

We of the Confederation wish not only to utilize those aspiring instruments but we also wish to communicate with you on a more personalized basis. You may choose not to be an instrument in this form of verbalization. Yet you may choose to accept our information and, shall we say, personal guidance. We wish not to make decisions for you, yet if you request it, we are willing to give information which will enlighten and assist you, so that at times you may make proper decisions.

What I am saying is that we find that there is to be a need for additional instruments and in meetings to come we shall begin to work with those that would desire this ability. We allow you time to decide and shall always allow you the choice of whether to act as an instrument or not. We have never forced our contact upon any individual, but we have always given it upon request.

This is all that I wish to say. We would desire to contact you, if it is your desire to contact us. Consider these thoughts and make your decision, for we feel that there are people in this room who have previously attempted these communications and are still desirous of them. We recognize the ability within each person to achieve this communication and we recognize your choice of whether to do so or not.

There is a reason that we discuss this, yet we shall leave it unspoken at this time. I shall return this meeting to my brother through the other instruments and I leave you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. I am Oxal.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am again with this instrument and I thank my brother, Oxal, for being with us and for his thoughts.

It is a very timely thought, for, my friends, we are nearer to the time when many, many questions will be asked of those who have the ability to share those answers that we can give, so that the services of those instruments will be greatly appreciated by your peoples.

The life, my friends, that has power, the life that has begun to spring from the inside, from the core of your being, so that it is an enabling life, so that the person living it is able to give with love and with energy—this life is available to the seeker who has truly sought and found that which transforms his life. Within the religion with which many of you are familiar, this experience has been called “being saved.” And yet the Redeemer is your own consciousness. It is a closer thing to call it the Holy Spirit, as it is also known within the religion which has sprung up after the teachings of the master known as Jesus.

The Spirit, my friends, created all of the creations of the Father, you among them. So we say to you, yes, find the beauties and see the services but at the very core, after you have observed the laws of the Father, which are beauty and service, observe the true power—love itself—that has created all this in its perfection.

It is this spirit that can transform your life. You do not need to struggle from moment to moment, from thought to thought, from action to action. You only think you do, my friends, because you have not been taking your meditation into your life. If you cannot do it all the time, do it once. And then, do it again. Five seconds, one minute of focused concentration in the spirit to far more beneficial to you than you can imagine.

Before I leave you, my friends, I would open the meeting to questions. I would ask if there are any questions at this time?

What is the meaning of speaking in tongues?

Within your history, there was an experience whereby several of the so-called apostles were able to give words of truth and beauty to many of different lands who were gathered in one place. And so it was written that they spoke in many different tongues. Yet the Spirit enabled them to express their thoughts in such powerful ways that those present at that time understood within their minds, with no need for words. Therefore, the speaking of tongues, as such, is not as it is written within your holy works but is an example of that which is known among your peoples at this time as telepathy.

There is that which is known as speaking in tongues at this time. Normally, what has occurred during these modern experiences when an entity channels, as it were, a foreign tongue, is that it is an actual entity who is speaking through the person, just as the instrument at this time is speaking my thoughts.

My friends, although this is an entity rather than the Holy Spirit, it is not necessarily a bad thing. There are occasions when the being who is channeled is a highly spiritual being of your planet. And there are many other cases where that which is being channeled is a rather mischievous astral entity who is taking advantage of an offered opening, that is essentially harmless. In the third category of speaking in tongues is the person who is within himself in such a state that a portion of his own consciousness speaks.

In all three cases, it is important to the entity simply that he is able to experience a rather unusual event whereby he is, as it were, taken out of himself. This is sometimes an experience which leads a person onward on his spiritual path and although it is not the inspiration, shall we say, of the Holy Spirit itself, yet it is very helpful to the individual. If, within your modern times, someone would actually speak in tongues it would again be what is called telepathy, the force of which would be strong enough that it would seem that the person actually spoke out loud.

How soon will the mass landing occur?

We had hoped at one time to land in 1965. We had to give this plan up, due to the reluctance of many of your peoples to experience the possibility of our true mission. At this time, we are seeing the possibility of a landing next year. We are attempting to give this instrument the month. It begins with “A.” We cannot give a closer month to this instrument at this time. If she will relax we will attempt to condition her.


We will attempt a landing in August of 1977, as you know time.

How many craft?

Approximately three million, although this is highly dependent on the success of our current mission. At present, many portions of your planet are not acceptable for landing. We are attempting at this time to widen our potential landings.

What is your mission and purpose in landing?

I will have to use control. We have need of material within your atmosphere which enables us to store up, as it were, a power source. It is not in mineral form or any resource which your planet is lacking in abundance. We are unable to give this instrument the nature of the resource desired because she is not well-schooled in…

Is it a gas or a liquid or a solid?

It is invisible.

Is it in the Earth, in the water or in the atmosphere around the Earth?

It is atmospheric. We cannot say it is a gas. It is… this instrument would call it an element.

Will your landing be visible or invisible?

It depends upon who you are. Those who are within our vibration will see us.

Approximately what percentage of the planet will be able to see you?

We do not know. As you would say, we are working on it. There is a range of one third of your planet’s population, a great, great range, which we are working on at this time. Approximately one third of your planet’s peoples are at this time vibrating in such a way that they know who we are, whence we come and why we are here. They will, whether or not our mission succeeds, not only see us but go with the planet into the next vibration. We are deeply afraid that approximately one third of your planet’s peoples, no matter what we do, will be lost and will have to repeat this experience. We do not know what percentage of that other third we will be able to alert in time. It is a highly tempestuous bunch of people, as you would say. Many of them are simply on the verge, just the merest shock or profound experience away from the basic realization that it is time for them to become seekers.

It is written that there will be those who go out into the harvest and it is highly, highly desirable at this time that there be as many harvesters as possible, for there are many that can be brought into the barn, as it were, at this time.

What will be the length of time in our years of the harvesting period?

We do not have the ability to say, for it is completely dependent upon the consciousness of your peoples. That which is natural, as you may call it, is already highly advanced and nearly completed within the cycle-changing. The natural cycle will have been completed within two of your decades. The experience of your peoples has been very ragged, as you well know, and with the friction of those of your peoples who are resisting the vibration of change it may continue on for some time. Therefore, we can give you no answer.

Do you see a possible delay past the approximate date of next August, 1977? Could there be a delay for any reason?

Oh, yes. We are at this time doubtful as to whether we will be able to complete our plan at this near date. We are simply working towards that with every thought of achieving it. But we would not be realistic if we did not say that there is every chance also that we will not be able to sway enough of your peoples by that date.

Do you have an optional date if that one doesn’t work out?

We have an infinite number of optional dates. We cannot land among your peoples if your peoples do not want us. We do have needs which your planet can help us with but we are also capable of supplying those needs in other ways. That which we need is available, though in far smaller quantities, in many different places. So we are never in a helpless position, or as you would call it, out of gas. We are always able to satisfy the present requirements of our dwelling-craft.

[Side one of tape ends.]

[While the tape was being changed, there was a question about Bigfoot.]

(Carla channeling)

…There is a contact but it is not our contact.

Whose contact is it?

There has been much talk about “dark forces.” And yet there are dark forces. Contact with these creatures is of a somewhat, shall we say, sinister nature although it is to be remembered that, like all dark forces, these are not powerful in an ultimate sense.

Would this be interpreted classically as a portion of the Battle of Armageddon?

Although we dislike that term, you may indeed think of darkness and light in a battle. We refrain from calling it the Battle of Armageddon due to the great fear which this term engenders, for it is a fearful story as it is written in your holy works.

Yet the forces of light and the forces of darkness have battled long and hard for this planet and, indeed, you may think of a disease entering the body. Those defenders of the body come, surrounding and destroying those diseases. In such a way may you consider those apparitions which are of the darkness, for the forces of light are many times the strength of these. And the battle is never in doubt as to its ultimate end but only as to individual, shall we say, skirmishes.

What is the nature of the Bigfoot type of creature?

We are having difficulty giving the concept to this instrument. We can give this instrument only the image of those things which are of light but have no substance. We do not call it astral because of the nature of these beings. They are of a more crystallized nature, whereas in the astral there is a partaking of a somewhat physical form of dense matter. Within this vibration from which these creatures emerge, the structure that makes up the body is of such a nature that it is far more light and in a way more fragile.

Can we expect an increase in the Bigfoot type of entity and possibly other entities of the same vibration or configuration in the future?

Yes. That which produces these creatures is the expectation in thought form of various peoples. That which they consider to be a menacing or frightening aspect is what they will see, if the conditions are correct. Therefore, there will be other entities, depending upon the expectation that each person has.

Am I correct in assuming, then, the effects that are normally found when one is operating in, shall we say, astral conditions will be more manifest on this planet in what we now call the physical as the vibrational range changes? We will slowly transition?

In general you are correct, but in fact this particular aspect of what you call the Battle of Armageddon does not partake of the normal astral abilities of each of your peoples, for within the abilities which are part of the normal transition to what you would call fourth density, each person would be able to control the thought forms that were desired by himself. Yet within these, as you call it, Bigfoot and other demonstration of thought form, these thought forms are involuntarily forced upon those who are witnessing it. This is due to the imbalance between the natural environment and the minds of your peoples, making it a potential battleground for the forces of darkness.

Where do the UFOs come from that are linked with the Bigfoot phenomenon?

You are already correct in your assumptions. We are not able to give [to] this instrument, because she doubts what we have to say, due to the fact that she has heard it from you. Yet you are correct.

Is the instrument fatigued?


I will leave this instrument, who is indeed fatigued. We are sorry for the amount of control we have had to use, yet we are very pleased to be able to answer your questions as best we can. I leave you in His love and His light. Never fear, my friends, for those who seek will never be left without the Comforter. Adonai vasu. I am Hatonn.