(Carla channeling)

I am with the instrument. I am Hatonn, and I greet each of you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is my privilege to be able to speak with you.

We will not speak at great length this evening, for it is the desire of some of those present this evening that we do not, as you may say, be long-winded. We are in great appreciation to each of those who desires that we speak, for if one of you seriously wishes that we not speak, we are not able to, for we do not wish to infringe upon the free will of anyone. Therefore, we thank each of you for the permission to speak at this time.

Perhaps it would be best to say a few words about our reasons for contacting you at all and our reasons for contacting you at this time. Our mission within your skies for many years was part of our plan to enable the people of your planet to make a choice, the choice towards a progress of seeking. However, my friends, during the early years of our contact with your group we were much more concerned with, shall we say, a negative aspect of the mission, which was in a sense a kind of warning. We needed to warn those of your peoples who wished to listen that there was a crisis within the cycles’ changing and that it was necessary to transform one’s thinking in order to meet this crisis.

Within the last of your decades before this time, there was a very delicate, shall we say, period for those of your planet when it would have been possible several times over for your leaders to have brought your peoples into a war which would be far more devastating than any you can imagine, for the devices which your peoples now have are capable of destroying your race.

Therefore, it was necessary for us to speak very strongly on the dangers of this. At that time it seemed to us that your peoples [were] very weak in their ability to give love from within their own strength to combat this desire among many of your peoples to do war and to destroy.

I am sure that you have noticed, my friends, that within the last—perhaps two of your years, perhaps a little longer—we have ceased to speak so strongly of the negative aspects of the coming changes. The reason for that is simple. The change is now with us and instead of the negative aspect of warning, it is now possible to inform you instead of the already changing vibrations of your planet, to simply say to you, “They are within your reach now and if you meditate and if you seek them and if you add your strength to them, you may aid your planet with your love and your light, and from within help to go into this new age.” You can now be full of strength, with no further need for the destructiveness.

It is a great blessing at this time that your peoples have begun to build the strength of love within themselves. You are much, much stronger as a people now than you were ten of your years ago. And with each year, your strength increases and the possibility of this destructiveness decreases. Now when we speak with you, we speak to encourage towards the positivity, as you would call them, towards the good vibrations. We speak to encourage you to help, by your love, to bring your planet into harmony with its new vibration. The new age is not coming, my friends—the new age is here.

You are all possessed of an earthly body, and within that vehicle, from the moment of your birth into this density, has been that force which you call death. Yet within you also is life and the death which you carry with you is only a minor transformation which frees the life within you to the next stage of development.

So it is with this particular cycle of your planet. Although during the cycle your planet, as it were, became ill, and called upon itself that which you would say is karma, yet you now are coming into a new cycle, where the body of your planet will be whole again. My friends, you still have the karma of your planet to alleviate, but you will find it easier and easier to do so within the new conditions of the new vibration. There has been much hatred and many things to unlearn upon your planet and with love and with light given from each of you, as individuals and as a group, you can work at this planetary karma. This is your privilege, and to a certain extent, ours. To a certain extent, it is why we are here.

At this time we will ask if there are any questions.

I have one. Is it right to be too passive? If pushed to the limit, is it right for a person to react to violence, if it was the only way that seems open to you, or should you allow passiveness to go beyond that?

To speak upon this subject is to speak beyond personality, to speak of the ideal. Beyond your heart, you know already the ideal that was given by the master known as Jesus. This master said that there was no end to what you call passivity. Yet it is to be remembered that the master accepted responsibility for his passivity, to the point of allowing his own death. Within your planetary sphere it is often very difficult to become a master capable of giving up one’s life in order to demonstrate total love. And so we say to you, we could never recommend this choice to any person, for this choice is a private choice.

We recommend one thing only: we recommend that, faced with a situation that has you, as you would call it, in a corner, that you mentally and forcefully remove yourself from the corner and realize that you have a great deal of space about you that no one can violate; that time and space are an illusion and you do not have one second [in] a crowded situation. You have an infinite amount of time and an infinite amount of space. And you are a creative consciousness, capable of bringing to bear on this situation a creative solution which neither causes you to show a lack of love, nor causes you to betray those who depend upon you. It is not a ready solution, always, to a person who allows himself to be put in the place that someone wishes him to be put in. Yet to the person who, within himself, insists on that moment of freedom of choice where he can see himself as a dancer upon a great wide plain, with the situation a step in the dance—to this person, a creative solution will often recommend itself.

It is a difficult question to answer, for your vibration is a very intense one, and although it is easy for us to say, it is hard for you to do many of the things which we suggest and we know this. We are with you and all of the forces of light are at your disposal. Rely upon this strength, as well as your own presence of mind. We are sorry we cannot tell you a yes or no answer.

Are there any more questions? I would like to leave you now. My brother Laitos wishes to speak with you briefly. I leave you in the love and the light of the One Who is All. His blessings and mine be with you. Adonai vasu.

(H channeling)

I am Laitos. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. I am here briefly to discuss another question which was brought about prior to this meeting.

As most are aware, my function with this brotherhood is to assist those who would desire it, of these types and similar types of communications. We wish to say that it is within each and every individual’s capabilities to achieve that which they would desire. It is within each person’s capabilities to develop whatever ability that they would choose, to whatever extent that they would choose. Yet it must be noted that these abilities have remained dormant within most of your inhabitants for many, many lifetimes. And it is a simple process of communication, yet it has become foreign to you.

The most difficult, shall we say, barrier to overcome is that barrier of accepting the fact that this communication in itself is a reality. Secondly, you must overcome those intellectual analyses of the information as it is received. And thirdly, you must have within your intellectual capacities, which is brought forth from your own personal programming, the knowledges to present the concepts which are received. The presentation of certain concepts is found to be more easily done through some instruments than through others, due to their own personal intellectual programmings and processes.

In order to attain anything which is desired, the realization that it is to become is the initial step that you must take. Yet, you must meet what comes before you time after time, and practice patience, knowing that that which you have desired is in the process of manifesting and in due time, it shall be. We cannot expect whatever we choose to desire to manifest immediately. Yet the more effort which we put forward in the proper areas, the swifter that manifestation shall come into being.

For those who would choose to achieve any of the abilities, remember this: you have within you the abilities. You do not need to look outward for the assistance. Assistance, indeed, is helpful, but the knowledge that it is within you to begin with is of utmost importance. We are all Creators. We have been told this time after time and it is time that we truly realize that we indeed create that which we wish to experience.

I am with you and shall always be so. It is my choice to be with you and I am pleased that you have accepted my presence. I leave you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Laitos. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am with this instrument. I do not identify myself except to say that I am of this planet and I come in love and peace for all mankind. I am very grateful for the opportunity to speak to this group and I use this time to ask you to send your light within your group at this time to that area known as California. I would ask you to do this at each of your meetings for the next few months of your time, as a great deal may be alleviated on the physical if harmony can be improved upon the inner planes. The inner planes function in advance of the physical and if it does not occur upon the inner planes, then it can be averted upon the physical.

I thank you very much and I send you love.