(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. And I greet you, my brothers and my sisters, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with this group this evening. My brother Laitos is with me and will be, throughout the meeting, within the group in which you now dwell, attempting to make our vibrations available to you at your most receptive level. We are very grateful for this opportunity to share with you.

Although it is not normally our custom to open with a request for questions, we would like to do so this evening. Does anyone have a question for us at this time?


We are contented to refrain from answering questions which are not, shall we say, at the surface of the mind yet. There are those present who have questions upon their mind. And so we say to you: in time, with patience, the questions that are troubling you will become very clear. Questions and problems are a result of the illusion in which you are now experiencing your existence, so that what is actually a unity seems to be a process and things seem to take time. In actuality, my friends, from your birth to your death and long before your birth and long after your death, to infinity, all is one time, and one creation. Yet within the illusion, as you call your physical existence, things seem to take time and seem to unfold and develop. And because of this, it often seems that that which should be, is not, and that which should not be, is.

Yet it is the process which is the illusion. And the illusion is for the purpose of instructing you on one subject. And that subject is love. The problem that is facing you at the moment is the problem of learning how to love. Love, as it is known upon your planet, has produced many serious side effects, such as hatred, war and other negative results. We speak, as you may well imagine, of a love that is without these side effects.

Love, my brothers, is a most misunderstood term. The one known as Jesus said to you, “Not as the world gives, give I unto you.” And this is very true. As what you call human love expresses itself, it is, like the illusion, a process. It has a beginning and an end and from its creation to the destruction it may take down those who feel that this is love with it, so that they become indifferent and feel that love is not all that there is, is not “it.”

There is a love that is beautiful. It is not the human love, it is the love of the Creator. This love does not have limitation. It is not a process. It is simply the power that created you, the source from whence you came and the ending to which you are irresistibly drawn. And yet the end is the endless beginning. This is love. With this love in your life you do not go down to destruction in your relationships. You do not find an end to your patience. You do not become sad. You do not become downhearted. For this love is within you and if you can allow it to flow through you, you will be able to be what you wish to be.

Such a simple thing, my friends, and yet so very difficult. And that is why you are here, to learn how to tap in to that love, even in the face of the illusion of your physical body and your physical life and the physical processes that offer you again and again a chance to show what you know—that love is infinite.

I will transfer the contact at this point. I am known to [be] Hatonn.


I am again with this instrument. I will continue through this instrument.

It is impossible, and in no way expected, that you can tap into this love by pretending to on the human level. We have stressed meditation each time we have ever spoken with your group and this is because the source by which you can tap into that love is within you in a spot which is reached by stilling that process of your body and your mind which is occupying your attention. When your attention has been centered not on the outer or on the mental but on the inner planes, then the door may open and love may come to you. To touch base, as it were, like this, it is not necessary to take a great deal of time. It is necessary to do it only with regularity. With regularity, that pipeline will be opened and in your life you will see the results.

There are people who do this without knowing that they are doing it. There are people who say many different things about what they are doing and believe they are doing many different things from each other. And this is a great problem within your religions, for they believe that they are different from each other. Yet the sign of one who has tapped into love, one who knows the Creator, the one Creator, this sign within your physical life is the sign of joy. That person who is joyful, no matter what he says about his joy, the person who is patient, these, my friends, are the fruits of the love that does not destroy.

If you are not at this moment experiencing the joy that is of a burning, steady nature that will not die, but will burn on, then, my friends, meditate more. Take yourself away from your humanity and get in touch with love. It has gotten a very bad name upon this planet and yet in love you were created and all that is powerful within you is of love.

I am going to leave you, and yet we will remain with you as you complete your meditation. There is healing and peace in that contact with love. Your future, my friends, not in the physical sense but in the spiritual, lies completely in your attempts to seek that love. It is a simple quest. And we are with you, to help you in any way. I leave you now. I am Hatonn. Adonai.