(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is my pleasure, as always, to speak with you this evening. It is a special pleasure to greet those we have not meditated with in this group for a time. It is a great privilege to be with you and to share our thoughts.

We would like to begin by speaking with you about meditation. It is a technique that can be approached in endless ways. Tonight, we would like to say a few words about your physical body and its relation to meditation. Become aware, my friends, at this time of your symmetry as you sit comfortably in meditation. Your two legs, balanced. Each arm resting comfortably. Your eyes, my friends—the space between them, just balanced. That which you hear is being received symmetrically, stereophonically, by your ears. And you are in balance, each side in balance. You are a creature, in the body, of this duality—your right and your left. It is a symbol for all to see of the nature of the physical universe: that there are always two sides, two qualities, to be reconciled in balance.

As you rest in meditation now, my friends, become quite, quite reconciled to this two-sidedness of the physical. Begin to sense that point between your two sides, the point of balance, the point of stillness, the point that does not move. In between the two eyes is the point where your sight becomes one. Midway between your ears, you suddenly hear one whole sound.

You, my friends, are not creatures of duality. You simply reside in a physical body and in a physical universe which is of this nature. Therefore, you are under the illusion that you are of this nature. And it is in meditation that you seek knowledge of your true self, which is free from duality. You are not even that point of balance or stillness. You simply reside, in the physical, at that point of balance, if you have maintained a healthy awareness of who you are and that you are within your body but not of it. Many, many of your troubles in the physical arise from the fact that you’ve allowed that center of stillness to be moved by outward events, so that you seem to be unable to regain that balance.

Now—you find the balance of your body, and then release that connection. My friends, do not become so comfortable within your body that you forget that you are actually a stranger to this environment. Your essential being is unified. You not only know what this unity within yourself is, you are this unity. Coming into the knowledge of it is simply a matter of remaining still long enough to begin to know the true self. It is not a knowledge that must be pulled from far away: you are that knowing.


We are pleased, for we can see that this, shall we say, technique for understanding the way that the body may be relaxed and then moved away from has helped. I will transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. I wish to make it evident that we are at this point conditioning those who wish to become channels of this type. Each and every individual upon the path of spiritual growth, as you may call it, shall manifest from within themselves desires for service. That which you experience at these meetings, the actual, shall we say, relay of information, is one form of service which you can render. And it is your choice, if you so desire. For those who would not desire to become instruments of this manner, we are still, through the course of this meeting, attempting to make known our presence and attempting to channel to you the love and light through us from the Creator

We have touched upon that which you would call knowledge. We wish to make it evident that knowledge, my friends, is much more than the possession of the intellect. Knowledge in its true essence is a state of being, a form of existence. It is the spiritual manifestation of the divine intellect of the Creator. Knowledge comes about upon the physical plane through a long and tedious process of development, through many years of study of the ciriculum of your planet. Yet this knowledge which is accumulated upon the planet at this instant by the intellect is limited in the respect that it is contained and experienced within a limiting existence of the physical.

Your spiritual existence, my friends, is everlasting and is unlimited and from within the spiritual intellect, as you may choose to call it, there is instantaneous knowledge, there is contained all knowledge of the universe, all knowledge of the Creator. And the processes which you must utilize to bring you to the acceptance of this knowledge are simple. Yet to the inhabitants of your planet, they are quite difficult. The reason for the difficulty is because you have allowed yourself to identify with the physical form and the physical existence. Certainly it is a portion of your existence—that is true. It is but a portion. It is but a minute portion of your overall existence.

My friends, seek not identification with the world in which you exist. Seek to identify with the universe which you are and which you have experienced and which you shall remain experiencing. Seek to be one, and to be aware of it. And by one we mean the Creator and the universe. Know that it is your, shall we say, birthright to tap the knowledge of the universe, to contain the understandings and wisdoms of the great teachers that have come to demonstrate upon your planet the knowledge of which we speak. Each and every individual has the prerogative of experiencing the physical and the spiritual existence. But remember, when the physical experience is dissipated, as you all know it shall be, there remains that which you call the spiritual existence. For it, my friends, is the energy which comprises the physical. It is the energy which comprises all of existence. And as your scientists have stated, there is no possible means of destruction of energy forces. There can only be alterations in the form. But the essence is the same, my friends. The energy is omnipresent forever.

And within that energy is found the intellect, the knowledge of which we speak. The knowledge of all things. The link with the Creator. But, my friends, we could tell you not, in all truth, of the Creator. But we can tell you that He is the energy that is within all things. For from Him we have come, yet within Him we lie. It is His intellect that manifests the energies in which we flow. Flow freely with these forces and the simplicity of universal knowledge shall dawn upon you as your evolutionary processes continue.

I shall transfer this communication. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with you. And I greet you always in His love. I will pause a moment with this instrument so that we may establish what we feel to be a unity of thought. We are pleased in each who chooses to serve as they feel the need. It has been our privilege in the past to experience such oneness in establishing contact with this instrument. And once again it is our privilege to greet you in this manner. We wish to leave our contact with all those who may desire it, who desire to serve within the capacity of their own being. We always extend our gratification for being of service to you. We wish to say we are with you at your moment of desire and always wish to share with you our love. It has been a privilege to once again speak with you through this instrument. I shall continue through another. I am Hatonn.

(H channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am once again with this instrument. We wish to express our satisfaction in having achieved contact with an instrument from whom we have been, shall we say, severed for quite some time. We wish to make it evident that we of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator desire not to contact those who do not request it. It is each and every individual’s freedom of choice—each person must walk upon the path which they must choose and it is not within our right to sway that choice. We only acknowledge requests and fulfill them in whatever manner is possible. Our gratitude is indeed expressed, in that we feel once again the unity of our beings. It has been our extreme privilege to speak with this group at this time and, in leaving, we ask that you seek from within yourself that which you desire. Manifest from within your consciousness that which you choose to experience. Sway not from the desires for the sought-after experiences. Be only certain that they are contained within the energies which are positive, of service not only to oneself but to all of mankind and all of the universe. Harmony with the laws of creation is your stronghold. You shall know when you are in violation if you truly seek only within yourself. In this thought I leave you and in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and the light of the One Who is All. I am Nona. It is my privilege to ask you if there are any questions that you have at this time?


There is one questions on which I would speak at this time that has been requested without words. It is a subject which is shrouded in a great deal of confusion. Nor can we unravel this confusion. Yet it is my privilege to give what thoughts I can to ease the condition.

We speak at this time of the question of divorce. This is a phenomenon that is known only within certain tiny illusions. Entirely within your society it is an artificial word, for it describes what happens when one piece of paper is replaced within your society’s paper records with another piece of paper. Yet this happenstance causes a great deal of pain and difficulty among your peoples.

What we wish to speak on, with compassion, is the subject of karma. You must understand, my friends, that when, within your holy works, it is recommended that marriage, as it is called among your peoples, be obtained throughout one lifetime, it is recommended for the reason that it is likelier that you will correctly apply yourself to your karma if you have a controlled circumstance throughout one experience. It is likelier, if you engage in several karmic relationships within one experience, that there will be unsatisfied karma.

Now, my friends, it is in no way necessary that because you have had an experience with more than one karmic partner, that you have in any way failed to satisfy the karma with that partner. It is simply more difficult to treat more people rightly than it is to treat one person rightly. This in a recommendation that has been chiseled upon your planet into what is known as law. Behind the “law” is the compassion of an all-loving Father.

In any experience with any karmic relationship, it is necessary within that relationship that your actions be founded in love. If an action which is founded in love results in the termination of that relationship, your karma has in no way been dissatisfied. If you remain with one person and yet your actions are not founded in love, then your karma won’t be satisfied.

So you see, my friends, although the word “divorce” has great traumatic impression to give your peoples, the reality behind that word is what you make of it: you yourself, an individual upon your own path, learning through experiences with other souls. Think not of the paper but of the love. Think not of past mistakes but of your present chances to give love. We have said this before, my friends, but we will say it again. If you have gone through many years thinking that two plus two are five and then you discover that two plus two are four, you have corrected an error. Now, two plus two are no longer five in your mind. Reality—and love—and correctness—are what you make of it now. Right now.

I am Nona. I leave you in that love. Adonai.